And the winner is the CamBRA Boys!

Joe Canberran 29 March 2008 19

Last night (with the repeat shown at lunch today) Stateline showed the winning entry in the Lights! Canberra! Action! short film competition being “CamBRA Boys”. If you saw it you would have had a good chuckle, if you didn’t you should get the joke just from the name. Nice lame cameo from Simon Corbell at the end.

Nothing found yet but I’d expect to see it on Youtube soon (and when it is can someone post a link/embed it here).

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19 Responses to And the winner is the CamBRA Boys!
Ozhair Ozhair 9:07 am 31 Mar 08

Fair enough, ant. We’re all entitled to our opinions 🙂

Just out of interest, I’ll put myself out there for comment as well. Here’s a link to my LCA film for this year. I posted this a while back, but don’t know if anybody bothered looking:

And a link to the trailer for our low/no budget feature. This is something I have been spending a bit of time on:


Thumper Thumper 8:12 am 31 Mar 08

It was crap, no doubt. But full points for trying.

Personally I’d rather listen to live fishing on the radio….

ant ant 12:40 am 31 Mar 08

It was still crap, that had me wandering off to make dinner. If it’s that bad, they ought not inflict it on us. There is much better film being made here, including the Tropfest offerings. We should be seeing those, rather than this amateurish, boring tripe.

Thumper Thumper 5:48 pm 30 Mar 08

Fair call ozhair.

Ozhair Ozhair 4:11 pm 30 Mar 08

Hmmm, in CamBRA Boys defence, it must be pointed out that, under the rules of Lights! Canberra! Action!, the films must be produced within a ten day window. This means that you aren’t likely to get as polished a product as, say, somebody’s Tropfest film that they spent six months putting together. There’s also the requirement to squeeze ten random items into the film in some way, which usually results in last minute script re-working.

So, yes, there are better films being made in Canberra, but CamBRA Boys was a product of the very specific requirements of this particular competition.

Stateline screens the winning film as part of its sponsorship of the competition.

And, no, I’ve got nothing to do with CamBRA Boys, but I was one of the other filmmakers in LCA 🙂

I-filed I-filed 3:52 pm 30 Mar 08

Canberra had its own 10-minute news window at the end of the bulletin till about 1988. Then there was a much fanfared first half-hour Canberra News bulletin, which was axed I think five years later, to be brought back in what, five years ago? They do keep toing and froing. My gripe with Stateline is that I want to see the Friday 7.30 Report out of NSW as well as – definitely not instead of – our one! Is it repeated any time that Canberrans can see? Better start lobbying for Stateline, but they’d better stop running crap like the Cambra boys and stick to their gorgeous vignettes and articles.

Meconium Meconium 2:23 pm 30 Mar 08

For a second, Thumper, I thought you were correcting your spelling of “embarrassing” – in which case you were right the first time!

I double-checked in the OED – FYI it comes via some middle Latin word through Italian, via Spanish (which loses one of the Rs) then via French (which replaces the missing R) to English.

ant ant 12:40 pm 30 Mar 08

That would be a real shame, Stateline ACT just about sparkles, it’s so well done. And sometimes very hard-hitting too, like their following the story of the Canberra Fires some years back. They really waded in to that one. But most of their stuff is just very high quality, well shot/recorded/written and produced. It really stands out.

Why must our taxes be taken away from such things for all people, and be given on non-means-tested handouts to people who don’t need them?

simplesimon simplesimon 12:36 pm 30 Mar 08

Is it warning about shit tv productions in future?
stateline is expected to suffer when A.B.C starts to automate its studios and sack production staff A mate inside says at least 10 will go from Canberra A.B.C.

Thumper Thumper 10:49 am 30 Mar 08

Let’s try that again…

It was quite embarassing….

Thumper Thumper 10:49 am 30 Mar 08

I r was quite embarrassing to be frank.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 10:41 am 30 Mar 08

I saw Stateline. It was embarrassingly bad. The fancy font for the headings was outdated rubbish, the voice-over guy sounded bloody awful and I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying, and I’ve seen better camera-work from an 11 year old kid. When people say they have a “passion” for film-making, one would expect a pretty good effort, but what I saw on Friday night was woeful.

C’moooooon Canberra, show us something worth watching …oh, and yes, I could do better …

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:26 am 30 Mar 08

unfortunately australians are terrible at comedy. really bad. So i wouldn’t be suprised if this is bad. But that said i willn’t pass judgement until i see it.

Joe Canberran Joe Canberran 11:35 pm 29 Mar 08

I must admit it was a one line joke and at most times poorly delivered. I did like the animation and old footage with the voice over. I think the satire would have been funnier and more cutting if the “doco” subject was treated more seriously and less like the actors knew it was a joke.

Meconium Meconium 11:26 pm 29 Mar 08
ant ant 11:05 pm 29 Mar 08

I saw most of it and it was crap. And wandered off to make dinner.

pelican pelican 7:42 pm 29 Mar 08

Yeah…I turned onto Stateline late and got a bit of the Cambra Boys story and thought maybe ABC had changed the program without prior warning. But as I said I came in late and maybe you had to see the whole piece to appreciate it.

ant ant 4:09 pm 29 Mar 08

I’m glad I’m not the only one. At one point, I thought it must be a badly-made doco about the film that’d won a prize, and wandered off to make dinner. I *know* there are better short films being made in Canberra.

The fly-fishing thing was up to Stateline’s usual high standards, I think I recognised some of the spots!

I-filed I-filed 2:20 pm 29 Mar 08

It was bad, sorry … and on Stateline it was utterly outshone by the beautiful understated piece on Prof Riek and fly-fishing around Canberra in the 60s …

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