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Andrew Barr wants your thoughts on modernising pay parking

By johnboy 27 July 2013 25

Andrew Barr has noted the plight of the little people and wants some ideas of how to free you from the bags of change needed to park around Canberra:

Businesses are invited to put forward ideas for the procurement of pay parking machines for the Territory including innovative ideas for paying by smartphone or MyWay cards.

The ACT Government is today releasing its draft specifications for the procurement of 300 offUstreet pay parking machines, prior to the official tender process.

Prior to the official tender process the Government is keen to work with industry and hear their views on the draft specifications.

By releasing the draft specifications to industry we are keen to benefit from their knowledge and skills. The Government wants to examine innovative ideas and see what solutions are possible before formally starting the tender process. .

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Andrew Barr wants your thoughts on modernising pay parking
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Ryoma 6:24 am 30 Jul 13

kea said :

Ryoma said :

It’s not exactly what Mr. Barr is looking for, but I wish that the ACT Government would have a good look at the type of vertical car parking solutions that exist in Japan (and presumably elsewhere).

They are not necessarily the huge monsters that exist next to/on top of shopping centres, but rather often just three or so car spaces wide, and up to 10 stories tall. The beauty of them is that they use the space efficiently, allowing land to be freed up for other uses.

You simply drive your car in, put coins (or credit card) in to pay for an amount of time, and then when you come back,you type in a pin number, and drive your car away.

It looks like this:

We had this system in an apartment complex in Newtown, Sydney. Worked fine if you commute, and don’t need to take your car out every day, but if you did drive to work, it would take around 4-7 minutes for each car to return to ground level. There would be queues every morning. Except on the mornings when the system was broken and you couldn’t get your car out at all. Approximately 3 or 4 times a month. And usually around the time of new tenants moving in8, pushing wrong buttons and breaking the whole thing.
*I may or may not have once been responsible for such actions

Kea, it’s interesting to hear that such systems do in fact exist in Australia….and sad to hear what your experience of them was. I agree with you that 4-7 minutes does indeed suck, and getting the car stuck altogether 3-4 times a month would be just horrible.

My experience was that it would take about 2 minutes for a car to arrive, and in Japan, the machines always worked well. Maybe another large part of it had to do with many Japanese people being patient enough to wait for their car to arrive, instead of pushing all the buttons while swearing loudly? 😀
I am, of course, sure that you never did such things, as you have said so 😛

But actually, I wonder if it’s both this, and a maintenance issue; i.e developer puts this thing, but there is no after-sales service. Landlord doesn’t care, after all, they’re getting rent, and nobody knows who to call to fix the thing. The 8th wonder of the world, Australian customer service,strikes again….sigh…

astrojax 3:12 pm 29 Jul 13

just make everybody ride a bicycle…

magiccar9 12:22 pm 29 Jul 13

How about they stop dicking around the issue and do something. Instead of this long winded useless ‘consultation’ where they never implement anything we want/need anyway.
Put in a system that has the ability to take eftpos, myway, NFC/mobile payments and the ability for software updates in the future.
Let’s face it, if we get them to think long term in the upgrade ability of the machines they will sit on their hands trying to workout what they want and we’ll fall even further behind.
Just put something in that’s remotely modern and move on to the bigger issues at hand.

tim_c 11:15 am 29 Jul 13

How about “pay on exit” so we don’t have to try and guess how long the meeting will go, and then worry all through second-half of the meeting that it’s dragging on longer than you thought…. it’s like trying to guess how much electricity you’ll use in the quarter, and getting fined if you guess it wrong!

ShanePeart 11:10 am 29 Jul 13

I think we should all get Barr codes on our wrists. Whenever we go anywhere we can just swipe our wrist and hey presto. Parking, banking, food, beer, taxes. It could all be covered by the Barr code. Better still we could all get microchipped. This would have the added advantage of being able to track down people that call in sick or stay too long at the Kingo. It would make life a lot easier till we find out how to get out of this matrix.

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