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Anzac Park West

By Pandy - 15 July 2008 55

Sorry guys but I asked this question tonight in an other post.

Anzac Park West that was refurbished for the AFP until they pulled the pin: who occupied it before?

I have heard that it had a “secure area” in the basement. So was it part of the intelligence community in the past or what? Was it linked to ASIO?

BTW is the new ASIO building not being built alongside it?

Why am I asking this question? mmmm you don’t need to know OK?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Anzac Park West
peterh 2:22 pm 15 Jul 08


why the interest? I know a bit about anzac park west, but it seems that you are a bit cagey re telling us why you want to know….

wishuwell 12:51 pm 15 Jul 08

Pesty, the “tunnels” would of stuck out like dogs balls especially as they would have to of been laid prior to the filling of the lake!

captainwhorebags 12:28 pm 15 Jul 08

Pesty: there is a tunnel under the lake! I don’t really think you can call it major though, it goes from the pumping bunker at Regatta Point out to the fountain. Apparently it’s full of rubbish/rubble so you can’t walk through it.

johnboy 12:25 pm 15 Jul 08

I always suspected the tunnel theories came from the pneumatic document tube system they installed between the printers in Kingston and parliament house.

Snazzy bit of design completely superseded by email.

Pesty 12:18 pm 15 Jul 08

Tunnels are a major engineering project, there is no way one of considerable length could be constructed without it becoming common knowledge IMO, particularly under the lake!.

wishuwell 12:08 pm 15 Jul 08

ASIO was one of the users of the building among others but that was a d-notice time ago.

peterh 11:56 am 15 Jul 08

PBO said :

Dont tell em about the bunny tower aerial! Oh shit, now i have to kill myself.

so, i won’t mention the secret bunker in mt ainslie, the tunnels under the lake, etc, etc. Conspiracy theories, you gotta love em…

peterh 11:54 am 15 Jul 08

anzac park east was the Bureau of mineral resources, I had heard there was a connecting tunnel between the 2 buildings, and one to DOFA.

RandomGit 11:47 am 15 Jul 08

I meant to say ‘his stash’ but ‘hit stash’ works just as well.

RandomGit 11:46 am 15 Jul 08

Alexander Downer stored hit stash there.

PBO 11:30 am 15 Jul 08

Dont tell em about the bunny tower aerial! Oh shit, now i have to kill myself.

peterh 11:11 am 15 Jul 08

or I would have to shoot you. suffice to say that it has featured in the bugs bunny is an aerial conspiracy theory.

peterh 10:59 am 15 Jul 08



PBO 10:43 am 15 Jul 08

“used” i should say. Nothing cryptic about that, it really was a file storage area.

PBO 10:42 am 15 Jul 08

It was use as a storage area for old files in the 90’s.

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