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Art, but not as we know it.

By Special G - 20 January 2008 43

I have driven past this a bunch of times and have been meaning to take a picture to post. Finally got around to it.

The ‘sculpture’ is at the intersection of Gungahlin Drive and the Barton Hwy. You know the one. How much did this thing cost?

Nicely off set on the other side by the power lines.

GDE art

GDE art 2

GDE powerline

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43 Responses to
Art, but not as we know it.
Growling Ferret 4:42 pm 20 Jan 08

Its a $10 attempt at a talking point.

Citylink Melbourne has the Cheesestick, the Ribcage bridge, and the Bolte Bridge.
M7 has the Pyramid of dirt, and the Lighthorse Interchange

Canberra gets the September 11 ‘Steel Fallen From Sky’ attempt….

Felix the Cat 4:41 pm 20 Jan 08

The other ‘artwork’ on GDE near Belco Way is supposed to represent Bogong Moths I believe. I can’t see it myself but hey that’s what art is supposed to be about – interpretation.

The ‘native grass’ one above is reportedly supposed to cost $250K. I can’t see the money in that either. I reckon, over estimating to the max, the steel would cost $10K, maybe $10K for concrete and site preparation and $30K for misc stuff (bending the steel, painting it, crane hire to install etc). Not sure where the other $200K is.

David MacCormack 4:07 pm 20 Jan 08

Presumably, nyssa76, a fair bit of native grass was dug up to install this mighty edifice. At least it thus achieves irony if no other artistic effect.

Headbone 4:07 pm 20 Jan 08

A typically ignorant and puerile comment Ingee, well done. You never dissappoint. Judging by your input you may be that whinging A-hole in need of brain surgery I’d suggest. Special G, you are right the “Artwork” is crap and a waste of public monies typical of crap Labor Governments.

Ingeegoodbee 3:39 pm 20 Jan 08

As long as the cost of it is depriving some whinging a-hole of a hospital bed somewhere then more of it is say!

nyssa76 3:15 pm 20 Jan 08

Apparently it’s meant to represent the native grasses of the area.

What a waste of money.

bighead 2:19 pm 20 Jan 08

It was designed to be an accurate representation of what the glenloch interchange will look like once finished.

threeze 2:17 pm 20 Jan 08

you can tell someone is going to drive straight into that thing.

gooterz 2:08 pm 20 Jan 08

It almost looks like a craahed helicopter

Adza 12:53 pm 20 Jan 08

It’s for revenue raising.

Drivers travel along the GDE, gaze upon this strange art and end up crashing.

The end result is more police statistics = more funding, more work for local panel beaters and truck drivers.

It’s a win for the economy.

TAD 12:18 pm 20 Jan 08

Its Richard Goodwins “Rhizome”, a tribute to the native grasses in the region (or of you listened to Brendan Syth’s critisism, Stanhope’s monument to his own hairstyle).

I’ve heard a quote of its cost being $750K, scary for this crap when I could have blown up one of the substations for the same result.

hingo 12:16 pm 20 Jan 08

It is supposed to represent “indigenous grasses” whatever the **** that is. The GDE is so busy already that they need 2 more lanes. Why they didn’t build them already is beyond my understanding.

David MacCormack 11:45 am 20 Jan 08

To which flamboyant political crook is that a tribute, I wonder.

Frankly I much prefer the elegant combination of form and function found in the power line tower – its harsh minimalist lines counterpointed by its allusion to giants striding across a landscape at once dwarved by its size and rendered mythic by its internal poetry. ACTEW-AGL should immediately apply for an Australia Council grant.

Swaggie 10:52 am 20 Jan 08

and what’s the story with the ‘artwork’ further south near Bruce that looks like 4 totem poles and some sleepers arranged in pretty patterns? Phenomenal waste of time/money/effort

Kramer 10:32 am 20 Jan 08

The effective cost of the GDE artwork was $0, as they managed to cut costs by doing things like removing one lane in each direction. Afterall, who needs a dual carriage way arterial road when you can have artwork instead?!?

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