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asp 18 July 2007 60

Is there a new manager responsible for running Australia Post’s delivery operations in our city? That would seem to be a logical explaination for the recent failiures in service from Australia Post.

Over the last three months, I have had several bills, two sets of replacement VISA cards and multiple documents (some confidential) not arrive. Given that our letterbox is locked, these items likely never arrived. Further to these problems, following the destruction of our letterbox after the Queens Birthday Longweekend, items of mail were left by the postie in the garden. Leaving mail like this is in breech of Australia Post’s own regulations. Tonight, Aust Post has taken incompetence to a new level, leaving a package of expensive coffee beans which should have been diverted to a PO Box (a diversion I payed for weeks ago) under my door mat in the sun and then the rain. The contents is ruined.

Are my problems unique? Anyone else having problems with Australia Post.

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60 Responses to Australia Post: Get your act togeather
asp asp 9:07 pm 20 Jul 07

el, rest assured I do voice my complaints outside of RiotACT. To date, I have contacted the area manager for Australia Post in the ACT (a very helpful gentleman I might add) and have submitted three complaints to Aus Post HQ. These complaints are “being investigated by [their] internal investigations unit”.

With regards to the person who delivers Amazon items with no uniform, in an unmarked van and without requiring a signature. Every Aus Post contactor I have met (dozens over the past couple of years for both personal and business reasons) have had three things:
1. An Aus Post Id on belt of clipboard
2. An Aus Post Contractor Magnetic Label on front and/or side of Van
and If I am not there to collect
3. An Australia Post or AAE branded “we missed you” ticket for my letterbox.

These guys have none of these.

I must admit, I do not recall the xmas cards in the cistern incident. But I do recall a case in Victoria where a postie was smart and targetted the mail of a small number of people. Just enough to obtain financial documents. There was also a case a year ago where the postie doing a run in Woden dumped 20 mailbags in his study. He apparently “forgot them after having lunch at home” or so he says.

el el 7:22 pm 20 Jul 07

Just as a follow-up, I’d suggest you make your complaints in writing to the manager of the AP delivery centre that services your suburb – if you don’t mind my asking, what area do you live in? From memory the delivery centres are in Belconnen, Phillip and Tuggeranong. This is where the postie does his/her sorting and loading up before hitting the road, and is also where his/her boss works.

Security cameras won’t catch everything (as per the ‘Christmas cards in the toilet cistern’ incident a few years back out at the Belco DC) but if there *is* a dodgy operator, chances are you’re not the only one with missing items. One or two complaints later and you never know…

el el 6:54 pm 20 Jul 07

Didn’t have to sign, he didn’t have a uniform and the white van had no id on it.

Yes….sounds rather a lot like an Australia Post contractor.

asp asp 3:05 pm 20 Jul 07

Perhaps some things are. But in the last five months, I have had 9 parcels delivered from Amazon. None were delivered by Aus Post, UPS or DHL. On a few occassions, the delivery guy has come to my home while I am home, so I was able to collect it. Didn’t have to sign, he didn’t have a uniform and the white van had no id on it. On other occassions, the item was left at the Post Office and a non-Australia post/ non AAE note left in the letter box saying it is available from the Local PO. All I’m saying is that whoever I have dealt with in having stuff delivered from Amazon does a damn fine job. Never had a problem!

As for Australia Post. I don’t have a grudge as you suggested el. For the past ten years at my current address, up until February this year, I have had only 5-6 items go missing o arrive very late. 5-6 in TEN YEARS. But very suddenly this February, I have had around 12 things go missing in just 6 months, as well as a parcel not diverted and items left in my garden in clear violation of Australia Post regulations.

My problem is not a grudge with Aus Post. I have received excellent service from staff at my local PO, the district PO and the ACT manager. However, given that the mail that has been going missing is relatively sensitive, especially credit cards. I think Aus Post should take a look and make sure there isn’t someone within the ranks letting the whole team down. Afterall, two postal workers have been arrested in Sydney this year for stealing mail. It could easily happen here.

el el 11:12 am 20 Jul 07

el, I don’t think parcels from Amazon are delivered by Australia Post.

asp – Having worked in the industry (and no, not for Australia Post, but for a mailroom servicing 16000 people) as recently as February this year, I *know* that Australia Post definitely carries Amazon freight. They’re one of several carriers that do. It’s also carried by UPS and DHL Express, among others. If it’s being left at your door, chances are it’s an Australia Post parcel contractor (I know this might be hard for you to believe given you obviously bear a strong grudge against AP) – UPS and DHL require a signed POD (proof of delivery) sheet before releasing the parcel.

Hope this helps.

caf caf 10:33 am 20 Jul 07

My last TransACT bill seems to have gone missing in the post.

JC JC 8:51 am 20 Jul 07

If they are leaving it at the post office then they would probably be Australian Air Express which is part owned by Aus Post and Qantas.

asp asp 3:14 am 20 Jul 07

el, I don’t think parcels from Amazon are delivered by Australia Post.

I have ordered several things from Amazon using all three shipping methods (Express, standard and the really slow 14+ days) and they all come by courier for all three methods.

Strange thing though, the courier normally drops the item in my letter box (if small enough) or leaves it at the local PO for pick up. Most couriers don’t do this. Furthermore, I’ve had things delivered from Amazon on Saturdays. No courier and normally not AP does this. Whoever delivers stuff from Amazon, does a very good job.

el el 11:14 pm 19 Jul 07

Nothing but good things to say about AP myself.

I ordered some tech books from Amazon in the US and they were here a week later (just sent by the cheap post method). In the past month I’ve had stuff come overnight or the day after from Sydney, Melbourne and Wagga.

Anything important/valuable gets sent Registered Post. Pretty simple really.

bigred bigred 9:42 pm 19 Jul 07

I have a po box at Lyneham. Everything works well because I never give my home address if I don’t have to. Can’t speak too highly of the service I get from the PO staff. Aust Post is a real jewel as far as I am concerned.

ant ant 9:36 pm 19 Jul 07

My postal deliveries have become pathetic in the past few months, but I’m out in Palerang Shire! Mail that is correctly addrssed has been turning up at places kilometres away, and I’m pretty sure that someone saves up my mail and only puts stuff in my mailbox when there’s more than one thing. We used to get the Bungdore papers weekly, too, and now they only seem to come if other mail is to be delivered.

I don’t know what’s not being delivered, of course.

asp asp 6:36 pm 19 Jul 07

As some have suggested, perhaps all of us have had an item go astray in the mail. For me, it has been less than one a year up until Feburary this year. My name and address are the same. And yet since February this year, several important articles of mail have gone astray. These items all have one thing in common, they are bills, financial documents (including a confidential report) and bank cards. Items which can be used for identity theft. To date, all my mgazine subscriptions, personal correspondence and “useless” mail has been delivered fine. My concern is not so much that mail is going missing, but rather the type of mail that has gone missing.

JC, with regards to clause 4.2.3, that clause comes under Section 4.2 which relates to articles being redirected overseas.

4.2 reads:
4.2 Australia Post will not be obliged to redirect an article from Australia to an overseas destination and may deem an article undeliverable and may return an article to the sender :
4.2.1 unless the necessary customs documentation is affixed; or
4.2.2 if the original carriage of the article included the Domestic Registered Services or the Cash on Delivery service; or
4.2.3 if the article is a parcel or an express post article.

I take this to mean that the exclusion on express post and parcel items applies only where the redirection is to an overseas address.

Further to this, the T&C state “Australia Post may in accordance with the application made for the service, redirect articles temporarily or permanently…” The T&C define ” articles as “means letter mail and parcel post articles.”

If this is the correct interpretation, then Aus Post was wrong to not redirect that parcel which was left on my door step.

betty betty 3:35 pm 19 Jul 07

The reason that Australia Post can quote such high success percentages on their delivery standards is because the mail is tracked through an outside source, Australia Post has nothing to do with it.

For example, people are recruited to post articles to each other, all around Australia, keeping specific records of when items are sent and received, and this information is collated to reach these percentages.

Observing Observing 12:47 pm 19 Jul 07

The reason Aus Post quotes such high delivery success percentages is because they never care or check if a letter or parcel has gone to the right place. “I’ve dumped in in some random letterbox, another successful delivery”. I wouldn’t believe all stats quoted by the very company that wants to report and benefits from reporting postive results.

I had to hunt for a package once that Aus Post said was successfully delivered to its address. It wasn’t. Thankfully after lots of effort and cost on my part, I did find it again. I’ve had other people tell me of similar experiences they had with Australia Post. The experiences I’ve had while living overseas with their postal service doesn’t come near to the poor service here in Australia. It has gotten worse though over the years, but that may be because I’ve moved to a unit rather than a house address.

Other businesses try to use common sense when dealing with customers. Australia Post seems to lack any sense of customer needs.

And yes, I would pay more for quality service so if competition means higher cost but more sensible customer service, then I’d be happy for that to happen.

teddy bear teddy bear 11:30 am 19 Jul 07

I’m with Thumper on this one. I have only had a few problems with Aust Post and the people who deliver on their motorbikes have been friendly and co-operative.

Thumper Thumper 10:16 am 19 Jul 07

I would suggest that everyone has had something go missing at some stage.

And yet, how much mail do you get that actually gets through?

The percentages tell us that Australia post is probably doing a very good job.

betty betty 9:58 am 19 Jul 07

JC, as a previous employee of Australia Post, I know that parcels are excluded from redirections because of the extra costs in transport etc, if a parcel is being redirected out of a local delivery area or overseas. If for example a parcel is simply being redirected from your house to a local PO box, they will do it (no extra handling costs involved).

Posties should not have to deliver mail to your door if you do not have a letterbox. It’s an OH&S issue, not to mention a massive waste of time.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 8:59 am 19 Jul 07

I find it hard to believe that people are whinging about postal services. Man I will just never understand the brains of the mundane (i would much rather whinge about people whinging).

JC JC 8:31 am 19 Jul 07

Betty, check condition 4.2.3 of the mail redirection and you will see that parcels are excluded from redirection.

MRB MRB 11:32 pm 18 Jul 07

coelacanth – you must be so upset, you know, waiting an extra 15 minutes to come back, and then another amount of time to get your photo.

God help you if something really terrible happened – believe it or not, shit happens in life. What you’ve described is a drop in a massive ocean. Are you the type of person who would also whinge when their meal is 5 minutes late, the plane didn’t take off in time, or you had to wait at a red light for more than you felt was reasonable?? Get a life. If this is the worst thing you’ve experienced, then you’re doing just fine!

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