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Australia Post in Canberra – what’s the point?

By allyroger - 23 March 2011 39

Was working from home a few days ago, looked out the window and saw the postman putting my mail in the letterbox (outside), i briefly nodded to him as we made eye contact. 

Thought nothing of it until I went to collect my mail and found a “sorry we’ve missed you” card in the box. 

He couldn’t be arsed getting off his motor bike to give me the package even though he saw me through the window and my car was outside. 

Why do they even bother delivering?, perhaps they should just drop me an email so i can go pick up my post and save them the bother.

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
Australia Post in Canberra – what’s the point?
parle 9:29 pm 23 Mar 11

I’ve had a motorbike postie come to the door to sign for something small. He was wearing a helmet and one of those bright yellow fluoro jackets, I asked him if a shovel had come with that jacket to which he responded that it did not. I signed a page on a clipboard.

The parcel contractor I used to have did the ‘knock and run’ and would then leave my package three post offices away for collection. Current fellow is awesome, he comes at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings, even takes the risk and leaves it at the door w/o signature.

On the back of your collection notification does it indicate that it is your second notice? Contactors only attempt package delivery once and the motorbike posties deliver the second notification to remind you to pick up your package.

Perhaps the contractor tried to deliver previously but ran out of slips or maybe somebody further up the distribution chain messed up, delaying the delivery or maybe the package requires that you attend a post office for collection or maybe there’s a problem with the pda gizmos he uses to capture signatures or maybe the postmaster said ‘deliver this’ to him and he’s doing what he’s told… point is it might have nothing to do with the motorcycle postie as you don’t have all the facts.

TP 3000 8:34 pm 23 Mar 11

Now I live up on a hill with a slight slope (not as bad as Bugden Avenue FADDEN), the Postie is quite happy to ride his bike to the bottom of my steps & walk the 2m to my front door to grab a signature. Or if nobody is home, he’ll just sneak it under the doormat. However NO delivery van will do this, be it Australia Post of Australian Air Express. They are happy to drop off parcels to my neighbors across the road, but not me. It could have to do with walking up a hill, or the fact that they can’t hear their car radios blaring from my front door. Nobody knows & I never get the chance to catch them.

AaronT 8:10 pm 23 Mar 11

I have been carded in the past without an attempt to verify if somone was home.

I would like the ability to tell Australia Post not to bother attempting to deliver items requiring a signature, and to just email or sms to say an item is available at the nearest collection point.

It seems they offer this service for deliveries to postboxes, at an extra cost though.

Although these days i have a Postbox but even that is not without frustrations.
Such as:
– Sometime they ‘forget’ to put a card in the box to say a package is available for collection.
– Most couriers and some online retailers (which may even use australia post) refuse to deliver to Postboxes

dvaey 7:54 pm 23 Mar 11

Youre lucky, Ive often been waiting for parcels to be delivered, after a week of no parcel I goto the post office and they find my parcel out the back waiting to be picked up. I cant remember the last time I got a card, often the contractor cant even be bothered leaving one if they cant deliver the item they just drop it at the PO and move onto then next hundred deliveries.

dks00k 7:51 pm 23 Mar 11

joy18 said :

Don’t blame the postman on the motorbike, he only delivers your letters. He wouldn’t have even known you had a package. Packages are delivered by Australia Post contractors in vans.

Apologies in advance but that is rubbish.

Our postie regularly delivers A5 sized padded envelopes and, on one occassion, registered mail requiring a signature. Even signed an old fashioned book rather than those impossible to sign on electronic gadgets contractors carry.

Besides, irrespective of who put the card in the letterbox, why was no attempt made to deliver the parcel? I have had numerous arguments with the Post Office at Woden wrt a lazy parcel contractor who refused to even attempt to deliver parcels at an un-named apartment complex in Woden.

By the way I no longer live in Woden and am more than happy with our postie.

deye 7:51 pm 23 Mar 11

allyroger said :

the point is, since every one seems to have missed it, I was home all day (for once) and they made no attempt to deliver it, they just decided to deliver a card saying “sorry we missed you, we attempted to deliver it, you can pick it up from 4pm”.

Practically every time I have had a parcel delivered in the last 5 years this has occurred, for the first 3 years I would often come out of home and check my letterbox on the way to work only to find the card. Once I came out as the delivery driver was putting it in, he said “oh, no one is ever home” as his reason for doing so. It’s very annoying particularly when the parcel is big enough, or heavy enough, or awkwardly shaped enough that it’s a pain in the butt to carry home from the post office.

The last two years they have often been delivering later so I am not always at home, but instead they have been doing another annoying thing, instead of being able to pick it up at 4pm that day, you have to wait till midday or later of the next day.

allyroger 7:40 pm 23 Mar 11

the point is, since every one seems to have missed it, I was home all day (for once) and they made no attempt to deliver it, they just decided to deliver a card saying “sorry we missed you, we attempted to deliver it, you can pick it up from 4pm”. Since according to you all, the postie never delivers these cards, I guess he m-biked up to my postbox to inspect the empty contents?

Also its a pain in the arse getting to to a post office 30 mins away when you work and finally Australia post won’t even deliver letters to my office for some god forsaken reason, courier companies have no such issue.

Innovation 7:15 pm 23 Mar 11

I have noticed this too. We have regularly had parcels delivered to our house and even though someone has been at home all day each time the door bell has never been rung and we have been “carded”. I think the delivery drivers drop the cards rather than spend time waiting for people to sometimes open the door. AP might as well have just posted the card and left the package at the post office and saved the cost of the delivery driver.

But this does bring me to another point. In this electronic era, why are taxpayer monies being spent on daily deliveries? People should pay the true cost for urgent “next day” delivery mail. Why not do regular deliveries every second day (Í thought I read somewhere that this is what NZ does) or even once a week (like some outback areas)? Perhaps the ACT could set an example for others (he/she writes naively…)

chris820 7:02 pm 23 Mar 11

I’ve had a parcel post delivery guy do the same. Out of his van just long enough to slip the ‘we missed you’ note in my letter box without even checking to see if I was home (I was).

I thought they were meant to knock at least once?

Grail 6:50 pm 23 Mar 11

Did that one piece of paper arrive in an envelope that carried the words, “do not bend”? Were there other markings on the envelope such as “important document” or “private and personal” that suggested the postie shouldn’t be folding the document and leaving half the envelope sticking out of the letter box for J Random Stranger to pull out, rain to spoil or other calamity to arrive?

gospeedygo 6:34 pm 23 Mar 11

Somebodies a grump Gus today.

joy18 6:31 pm 23 Mar 11

If it required a signature, it was the contractor, not the postie, regardless of the size of the letter.

allyroger 6:28 pm 23 Mar 11

sorry when i said package, I should of said “a4 certificate” ie 1 piece of paper that required a signature – and I definatley saw him put the card in my box – there was nothing else there.

joy18 5:59 pm 23 Mar 11

Don’t blame the postman on the motorbike, he only delivers your letters. He wouldn’t have even known you had a package. Packages are delivered by Australia Post contractors in vans.

m_ratt 5:56 pm 23 Mar 11

Packages are normally delivered by Parcel Post contractors in vans, not posties on bikes. Are you sure the postie you saw placed the card in your letterbox?

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