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Awkward Noises… What to do when you don’t want to listen?

By Exception 2 April 2012 88

too loud

After spending a lovely Friday evening out with some friends, I came home this weekend in the hope of getting some much needed sleep.

Unfortunately the minute I walked into the stairwell of my Braddon apartment complex I was faced with this sound. While I tried to get to sleep for several hours, feeling extremely awkward and slightly pissed off, this amazingly loud female continued to channel her inner porn star. Now don’t get me wrong, I more than appreciate the activity at hand, however I am not sure noises of that level are really necessary in any occasion nor are they appealing.

As it is now becoming quite a regular occurrence and the sound clip from within my own apartment (her enjoyment made it’s way through her door, the stairwell and my door), I feel yelling is probably not going to cut it considering we run into each other almost every day.

Can anyone offer some advice?

[Photo by timparkinson CC BY 2.0 and chosen from stock not to sexualise children but to note that if what you’re doing can be heard outside your home anyone could be listening]

UPDATE 02/04/12 15:42: And now with SoundCloud:

What’s Your opinion?

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88 Responses to
Awkward Noises… What to do when you don’t want to listen?
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geetee 2:41 am 04 Apr 12

cantdance said :

Must say it worked a treat.

Thanks for persuading her to move from Sydney to Braddon…

Blingiton 10:45 pm 03 Apr 12

Sorry Prime Possums…it was me! No USB stick required…just a BIG, BAD piece of…. toast while killing myself laughing over the RIOT I’ve caused. Looks like I’ve been caught in THE Act. You can go to sleep now. Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah baby! There it is…my, my, my oh my…cone of silence! I’ve been looking for it everywhere:P

Postalgeek 9:02 pm 03 Apr 12

hollowboners said :

were you literally sitting at home making a list of the absolute WORST possible ways of dealing with this “problem”? just a list of like 200 things that could help the LEAST amount and posting about it on the riot act was #2 after eating ice cream?

Au contraire. Had they not posted, CSRI would not have revealed the future communication of choice for passive aggressives in the 21st century.

cantdance 8:59 pm 03 Apr 12

I had the displeasure of living next door to some rather vocal folk in Sydney a number of years ago. I quite enjoyed borrowing a ladder from the local shop and taping a sign over the main door to the building asking for the residents of apartment 5 to STFU, we cant hear the tv over your own porn sounds. I wish I had seen their faces when they saw it. Must say it worked a treat.

MJay 8:32 pm 03 Apr 12

p1 said :

Mr Evil said :

Send Mr Gillespie over to tell her all about the evils of the plastic bag ban, and she move out in a jiffy.

Now that is a creepy suggestion.

And I am not sure it would solve the noise problems, she’d be screaming but for different reasons…


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