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johnboy 13 August 2013 10

Elise Andrews of I f***ing love science* was at ANU on Friday night.

For reasons passing understanding this prompted one Casey Hamilton to generate a storify from the tweets and today it was posted onto the ANU website.

Shortly after a grownup appears to have looked at it and it was swiftly removed.

But on the basis that news is something that someone somewhere wishes to repress we are lucky enough to have a pdf print of the embarrassing result (or at least the first page).

One can only hope the actual event was more edifying.

* Maddox’s thoughts on the subject of IFLS bear consideration, if not agreement.

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10 Responses to Behold the global cream of science communications
Diggety Diggety 2:13 am 19 Aug 13

I think if Australia were to step up into the 21st century in any kind of success, then we do need good science communication, education and participation.

Unfortunately, the ‘science communication’ establishment now are quite unscientific – politically motivated and immaturely conceived.

We are however, aware of these problems and it has been a focus of much discussion recently, what we do about it is another challenge entirely. But what I would invite those who are concerned enough to communicate science is that we teach – to our youth, and adults – the importance of the concept of the scientific method.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 10:29 pm 18 Aug 13

There’s a difference between science communication and funny factoids with pretty pictures. Why the confusion?

Grail Grail 1:06 pm 18 Aug 13

I have news for you Maddox, your site is not the best page in the Universe. Would you like to ship you a few tonnes of cheese to go with your whine?

I can understand why the page full of twitter nonsense was removed: it’s poorly formatted and is easily accessible through Twitter anyway. If it’s going on an ANU web site, you’d at least want to edit the messages into a document, if not produce a proper report of the proceedings. Twitter feeds are not a substitute for journalism.

But Maddox getting all uppity about IFLS making light of a subject? Maddox has no leg to stand on in that fight. His site is crap. Poorly formatted, poorly written, entirely based on emotive argument instead of facts: great for entertainment when you’re in a foul mood, but otherwise worthless.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 8:55 am 18 Aug 13

I tried to read it but its just garbage and nonsense, what the F do all you twits do on twitter, do you think someone else gives a crap what you think

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 8:15 am 18 Aug 13

IFLS is just another silly fb page that has some good stuff on it sometimes.

Maddox uses the absolute worst and unintelligent kind of satire, and he is not even very good at it.

Diggety Diggety 11:43 pm 17 Aug 13

poetix said :

Hear that noise? That’s Darwin’s ghost groaning as he sees what depths ‘science communication’ now plumbs.


I could write a book on this – ‘science communication’ has become a terrible, and not very scientific in it’s communication. And, it is getting worse.

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 1:49 pm 14 Aug 13

Wat U talkin abut? Sciense is well wkd!!

nsn nsn 12:19 pm 14 Aug 13

I don’t understand – what’s so embarrassing about that? It’s not very interesting, I grant you. But embarrassing?

Deref Deref 11:07 am 14 Aug 13

Gods! Who TF is Casey Hamilton? What a pity that idiocy isn’t a crime.

poetix poetix 10:01 am 14 Aug 13

Hear that noise? That’s Darwin’s ghost groaning as he sees what depths ‘science communication’ now plumbs.

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