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Bill Stefaniak – Internet Enforcer

By johnboy 29 November 2005 28

Old ladies who can’t beat their way onto talkback radio call up local MLA’s to whinge. Which I suspect prompted this media release from Wild Bill Stefaniak warning that *SHOCK HORROR* people should beware of email scams following reports to his office of an email disguised as an advertisement for several positions.

Let’s hope Bill can keep up a consistent and accurate account of internet threats.

Because if he can’t, or doesn’t, then an isolated warning is worse than useless.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Bill Stefaniak – Internet Enforcer
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bonfire 3:21 pm 02 Dec 05

my work here is done. off to the durham.

Maelinar 3:05 pm 02 Dec 05

bonfire, welcome to my ignore list. You join the Limey champion of all things monkey bike, ufu*kface.

What that means is I no longer give a shit about anything you say. I won’t respond to you, and any comments I make will most certainly not be in relation to any of your posts.

I’m guessing that you’ll most certainly not be bothered, as the holder of the best actor in a musical award for your portrayal of Billy Flynn in Chicago, I’m sure you’re above all that.

You’re most welcome to come and discuss the situation with me anytime, I’m sure you’re familiar with the time and place.

adios, assbandit.

bonfire 2:48 pm 02 Dec 05

perhaps if you tore yourself away from the task at hand for a moment you may like to know that i was implying your mouth was close to a source of shit. i see know that it is in fact the source.

i dont think ive ever stated or implied i was a homosexual. because i wont denounce perversions, does not mean i partake in them.

youre a gobshite.

Maelinar 2:37 pm 02 Dec 05

umm bonfire, I hate to point out the obvious, but it was you that implied that you are the homosexual. All I did was call you an assbandit for being infatuated with my ass, then your ass, then denying you’re a homo, not interested in other peoples perversions, accusing me of being a masturbater, and then accusing me of being a homosexual.

self-inflicted assbandit.

bonfire 2:31 pm 02 Dec 05

well its a friday arvo.

Spitfire3 2:23 pm 02 Dec 05

This is going well.

bonfire 2:14 pm 02 Dec 05

if you imply i am a homosexual, and im not then its not much of an insult. if you imply that i am one and i am one, then again, its not much of an insult. so im confused.

should i be offended by being described by you as a homosexual ? just thought i’d clear that up. cos apparently im a tard as well.

maybe youre a homosexual having difficulty coming to terms with your own sexuality. you may be in a world of mental turmoil.

in which case, i’ll misquote jesus of nazareth ‘forgive him father, he knows not what he does’.

Maelinar 1:51 pm 02 Dec 05

Bonfire, you are a tard.

I hope that this shard of advice does not come as a surprise to you, because I have witnessed many other posters on this website tell you the same.

My advice to you is to get your own head out of your own ass, as the foot in your mouth is causing me no end of dilemma trying to work out which part is where.


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