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Bill Stefaniak – Internet Enforcer

By johnboy - 29 November 2005 28

Old ladies who can’t beat their way onto talkback radio call up local MLA’s to whinge. Which I suspect prompted this media release from Wild Bill Stefaniak warning that *SHOCK HORROR* people should beware of email scams following reports to his office of an email disguised as an advertisement for several positions.

Let’s hope Bill can keep up a consistent and accurate account of internet threats.

Because if he can’t, or doesn’t, then an isolated warning is worse than useless.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Bill Stefaniak – Internet Enforcer
Spitfire3 5:03 pm 01 Dec 05

Just to clarify, I don’t mean mainly in this thread in particular. This is a view built principally on past threads.

Spitfire3 4:58 pm 01 Dec 05

I know it’s only sometimes that you are the first stone-thrower. And I agree that often other views are unoriginal. But often you dismiss and rudely criticise people for holding other views without much discussion to further explore that person’s views or why they hold them. You tend to generalise instead, and then attack that generalisation.

bonfire 1:11 pm 01 Dec 05

i cant edit the previous post, so replace the word ‘lack’ with ‘contain any’.

bonfire 1:09 pm 01 Dec 05

i think you will find it was not i that cast the first stone in this instance.

i am happy to listen to others points of view. its just that im so often right and so rarely wrong that their views are often amusingly irrelevant and rarely lack substance. often they are just views they have adopted from someone else as their own. they have very little original analysis and rely on glib throwaways.

throw a new idea up and lets assess it.

Spitfire3 12:02 pm 01 Dec 05

Bonfire, stop insulting people who have differing opinions to yours. You seem unable or unwilling to try to see an issue from someone else’s point of view.

bonfire 5:21 pm 30 Nov 05

stefaniak hasnt committed or admitted to a crime. the firework zealot did. he arranged teh stunt, had himself photographed, turned himself in and then got all shitty when he was charged with a crime he provided all the evidence that proved he had committed!

theres a big difference. one person alerts others to a possibel crime, anotehr actually committs a crime.

if stefaniak had spammed everyone with a scam and suckered some unfortunates in ‘just to prove it could be done’ do you think you softhead hand wringing idiots would be happy with justice softsentence letting him off – amazed that such a naif should have been charged in the first place ?

Spitfire3 4:42 pm 30 Nov 05

bonfire said: “good intentions, however misguided and odd, should be applauded.”

Wow, that seems like kind of a turnaround from your position in the recent thread about the fireworks crusader’s acquittal.

ssanta 1:29 pm 30 Nov 05

I didn’t realise the ACT was a socialist despot environment. A better solution than looking after people is to ensure that it cant happen in first place hence the removal of technology. Then your socialist friends can keeps the stupid and malleable in the dark making it much easier for you to confuse and manipulate them with your dribble.

Secondly, rather than report these incidents to a politician who if for all intensive purposes hamstrung in these issues, it is a far wiser idea for individuals who confront these issues to report the sapm to their ISP and to also contact the institution in question, and ask them for the appropriate course of action. If it is e-fraud, the institution then can contact the relevant body to investigate, track the perpertrators and then do something about it.

Or contact the ACT ombudsman, send in copy of the email in question adn let them go into bat for you. Far better than asking a pollie who sits in the opposistion to beat their chests. Idiot.

bonfire 1:12 pm 30 Nov 05

ssanta ssanta surely these people need their fellow man to watch over them. a society has an obligation to look after those that are unable to. i thought thats what socialism was all about, state control for the better good. bill is part of the ruling class, so surely his action in this instance conforms with your softhead ideology.

ssanta 12:37 pm 30 Nov 05

I was double posting because the site was taking too long to update, so i went berzerk. Save your tech-devoid comments to those that run this site.

As for Bonfore comments, even those who watch today tonight would know about these scams, so as cold hearted as it sounds I stand by my comments. Bonfire, drop on your head.

colsim 10:42 am 30 Nov 05

Nice to see our elected officials hard at work.

(And no offence ssanta as we’ve all done it but am I the only one to see a certain amount of irony in a double posting talking about technological silliness 🙂

bonfire 10:28 am 30 Nov 05

yes ssanta, let the weak and feeble minded bear the brunt of these predators. i mean their downtrodden anyway.

good intentions, however misguided and odd, should be applauded.

ssanta 9:38 am 30 Nov 05

Anyone who is silly enough to fall prey to such schemes ought forfeit all technology in their house, and their fingers with which they use said technology

ssanta 9:38 am 30 Nov 05

Anyone who is silly enough to fall prey to such schemes ought forfeit all technology in their house, and their fingers with which they use said technology

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:26 am 30 Nov 05

gee, have been on about fake job adverts for ages…

I almost choked when I misread the title as “Bill Stefaniak – Internet Explorer”. Nearly coughed up scary blue “e” icons.

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