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Bizarre threats from the Queanbeyan Show

By johnboy - 3 January 2006 61

I’ve just had a peculiar email:

From: Kim Holden
Subject: Show Girl
Date: 3 January 2006 1:00:26 PM

1. The Prestigious Showgirl Competition is conducted throughout NSW at some 116 agricultural and Pastoral shows and is one of the many highlighted events conducted at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The comments some postive [sic] are welcomed and appreciated, others are not. We request that the image and comments be removed from this site within 24hrs. Action Pending

President Mr Michael Harriden

Kim Holden
Publicity Officer
Showgirl Coordinator
Web Page Adminastrator [sic]
Send instant messages to your online friends

I suspect it’s related to this story from a few days ago which bears a similar comment.

I was referring to a story on the front page of the Queanbeyan Chronicle and, just so no-one gets confused I’ve reproduced the text of the story below.

Now, just what is going on here? I’m guessing that President Mr Michael Harriden is some relation of the lovely Leah Harriden. His relation to “Web Page Adminastrator” [sic] Kim Holden is unclear, as is her exact authority to pass on legal sounding threats on his behalf.

Regardless, I consider our use of the Queanbeyan Chronicle’s image to be fair as it was both attributed and the original was linked to. As that article refers to Ms Harriden’s family links to the show in the first and second paragraphs I am bewildered as to how my own comments can be thought to be unfair.

This new development does, however, make me wonder more about this paragraph from the article which appears to me to advance her family’s commercial interests, from my extremely limited understanding of the recent fracas over the Queanbeyan Showground:

‘‘It’s a great place to live and the recent controversy about the showground’s future shows how important it is to keep it in the heart of the city,’’

If anyone could please explain an error or inaccuracy in my comments I would be delighted to clear it up. I have offered Mr. Harriden, via Kim, a complete right of reply. But as it took her several days to sort out a legitimate logon and start commenting on the site I’m not holding my breathe.

Show success

By Kate Filor

THIS year’s Queanbeyan Showgirl put her family knowledge to good use — wearing flat shoes to the show and slipping into her heals for the official announcements.

Leah Harriden’s family has been involved with the show for generations and the one concern the 2005 showgirl had was that people would not think she won the honour fair and square.

She said the judges were impartial and that she won the competition on merit.

The registered nurse said she nominated as a show girl contestant because she wanted to have the opportunity to be an ambassador for the show society and for the city.

‘‘It’s a great place to live and the recent controversy about the showground’s future shows how important it is to keep it in the heart of the city,’’ Ms Harriden said.

This year’s show looked set to break last year’s visitor numbers, with about 6000 people estimated to have passed through the gates.

Show secretary Dawn Mayne said the increase in patronage could be due to the good weather and the renewed interest in the show ground and what it had to offer.

More Queanbeyan Show pictures page 8.

What’s Your opinion?

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61 Responses to
Bizarre threats from the Queanbeyan Show
jr 1:57 am 04 Jan 06

I wonder if this fracas will be deemed newsworthy for a follow up story in the Queanbeyan Chronicle.

MTK 1:23 am 04 Jan 06

Whilst I’m not sure that the email sent was necessarily done appropriately, I do think some of the comments made in the original thread, in relation to the Showgirl’s attractiveness were inappropriate.

I think we should have perhaps used a little discretion in comments made.

johnboy 10:38 pm 03 Jan 06

Thanks for that Nyssa

nyssa76 10:35 pm 03 Jan 06

Kerces, don’t forget Kim Harriden Holden – who sent the e-mail to johnboy.

Kerces 9:35 pm 03 Jan 06

Hang on… Michael Harriden and Leah Harriden.

I didn’t notice that on my first reading of the whole lot.

Mr Evil 9:14 pm 03 Jan 06

Maybe they’re concerned that RiotACT is going to uncover a Queanbeyan Showgirl racket of some sort????

This is all very seriously weird.

terubo 7:45 pm 03 Jan 06

Er, on the original strand the Michael Harridan vomit is actually posted by “pink lady”…make of that what you will.

nyssa76 7:20 pm 03 Jan 06

Michael Harriden was a bully in school and it looks like he still is.

nyssa76 7:18 pm 03 Jan 06

I thought that girl looked familiar…..

I knew Leah Harriden when I was at school (Hacket Primary) and was in the same class as her sister Kim. She also had brothers named Michael and Edward.

According to this website –

As you will see, Kim Harriden is now Kim Holden.

I hope that my info helps johnboy.

Jey 7:16 pm 03 Jan 06

indeed they do

johnboy 7:13 pm 03 Jan 06

well then they’ve got a problem.

Jey 7:10 pm 03 Jan 06

no it says “we request that the image and comments be removed from this site”

I’m not arguing against The RiotAct just saying I don’t think it’s ur comments they have a prob with

johnboy 6:55 pm 03 Jan 06

They’re asking for the picture, not the comments down.

I don’t think their approach is anywhere near so carefully calibrated.

They were playing a PR game and appear not to understand that game.

Jey 6:49 pm 03 Jan 06

JB I think they may have a problem with others’ comments more than yours.

andrewbt 6:32 pm 03 Jan 06

“The comments some postive [sic] are welcomed and appreciated, others are not.”

Welcome to the internet…

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