Busy Mt Taylor car park to get another safety revamp

Ian Bushnell 16 May 2020 20
Mt Taylor car park

An aerial shot of the Mt Taylor car park and the intersection of Sulwood Drive and Mannheim Street, Kambah. Photo: ACT Government.

The recently upgraded Mt Taylor car park in Kambah is to be extended, including a new gravel section and pedestrian and cycle links, according to an ACT Government tender for a feasibility study and design options.

The project will also include a feasibility study for a safe dedicated right turn into the car park on Sulwood Drive and a new shared path along Sulwood Drive between Drakeford Drive and Athllon Drive.

Major Projects Canberra is also seeking design options for turning and slip lanes on the southern verge, widening the pavement on the southern side of Sulwood Drive at the two-access point to the car park area near Mannheim Street to improve safe turning exits, and potential construction of a median traffic island to provide a two-stage pedestrian crossing of Sulwood Drive near the intersection with Mannheim Street.

The 4 km shared path would provide an east-west connection between two existing cycle routes following Drakeford Drive and Athllon Drive.

It was originally proposed as part of a $5.8 million joint Labor package during last year’s Federal election campaign.

Proposed path map

A map of the proposed path, provided during last year’s election campaign. Image: ACT Government.

The successful tenderer will be required to investigate and assess the condition of the intersections, undertake a traffic analysis, recommend development options, and develop and finalise designs.

The Mt Taylor Nature Reserve is an increasingly popular walking and cycling destination, attracting 4,000 visitors a month, and the car park has been a safety concern for years, particularly as traffic increased on Sulwood Drive.

In 2017, Liberal MLA Mark Parton, a regular visitor, called for government action to make it safer. Local Labor MLAs Chris Steel and Bec Cody also sponsored petitions to the Legislative Assembly.

Last year, the ACT Government spent $200,000 formalising the ad hoc parking arrangement on the verge, providing a marked asphalt source, defined entry and exit points, and new kerb barriers.

The government said at the time it would continue to monitor traffic conditions at the car park and flagged further works to make it even safer.

This year it also installed a solar-powered CCTV camera in the car park in response to reports of car theft and vandalism.

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20 Responses to Busy Mt Taylor car park to get another safety revamp
Jane Kim Jane Kim 6:52 pm 21 May 20

Given they built this “car park” on land we always thought was set aside for duplication of Sulwood Drive, more changes seem a bit strange. What will happen to it when they decide this is needed?

This is still a dangerous area, with most drivers ignoring all the road signs, and turning wherever they like.

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 4:35 pm 21 May 20

Had a walk at Mt Taylor today. Yep definitely needs some attention, cars were going everywhere and it’s an accident waiting to happen.

I reckon there were a minimum of 50 cars parked there.

Gary Hatcliffe Gary Hatcliffe 6:52 pm 18 May 20

An area down the bottom would be great for stretching....maybe a large concrete slab where you can do sit-ups, too.

Silins Kris Silins Kris 5:13 pm 18 May 20

Should of just left it how it was from the start been a dirt patch for years and never any issues until they decided to build the first stupid car park

bj_ACT bj_ACT 12:28 pm 18 May 20

A very popular area in much need of safer infrastructure.

A AAMI crash report had Sulwood as one of the most dangerous roads in Canberra. It is very busy single lane main road and it winds around a fair bit with some very poor intersections.

I’ve always wondered why it doesn’t have a roundabout at Mannheim. That would have been the easiest and cheapest solution for the road and car park.

gooterz gooterz 8:04 am 18 May 20

Turning right shouldn’t be done up hill

Jess Lang Jess Lang 7:37 am 18 May 20

Eugenie Hickey Jt Fisher Amanda Daniel about time!

    Amanda Daniel Amanda Daniel 7:40 am 18 May 20

    Jess Lang finally!

    Jt Fisher Jt Fisher 7:59 am 18 May 20

    Jess Lang this is soooo good! But I was hoping this post was about opening nail salons 😂🤦‍♀️

Magarac Singh Magarac Singh 10:20 pm 17 May 20

The car park was poorly thought out by the government and in my opinion very unsafe. I don’t feel any safer driving in or driving out of there (let alone sitting behind a car that decides to dart over last minute).

Ask the people what needs to be done.

Stevie Wonder can see it’s an unsafe design.

    Robyn Holder Robyn Holder 11:56 pm 17 May 20

    Magarac Singh what do you want, traffic lights? It's a long car park opening onto a single road used just for access to Mt Taylor. Exit left and find a roundabout.

    Magarac Singh Magarac Singh 11:59 pm 17 May 20

    Robyn Holder no, not traffic lights but the design is unsafe as it is.

    Cath Louise Cath Louise 9:17 pm 18 May 20

    Robyn Holder maybe just a baracade / fence that means you can only enter or exit at certain points, not the whole way along

    Jane Kim Jane Kim 6:56 pm 21 May 20

    Magarac Singh the people who use this car park still drive just as dangerously as they did before it was built. I still hate driving by. We don’t need to use it, however some consideration from those who do would be appreciated. Please OBEY the traffic signs people!!

    Jane Kim Jane Kim 6:59 pm 21 May 20

    Robyn Holder it was badly designed in our opinion and is no safer for users of Sulwood Drive than it was before. The users of this car park scared us then and they scare us now.

    People obeying the signs would be good as you suggest: exit left and use the roundabout down the road.

scouserdog scouserdog 10:08 pm 17 May 20

It would be much safer if they put traffic lights at the intersection with Mannheim St.

Po Oh Baer Po Oh Baer 9:43 pm 17 May 20

Needs a tram stop 😆😆

Kerrie Buitendam Kerrie Buitendam 9:38 pm 17 May 20

It extremely dangerous car just cutting across in front of others to get there. The only safe way is for the cars to enter from Drakeford Drive end.

Amanda Brown Amanda Brown 9:19 pm 17 May 20

Please include turning lanes from Sulwood drive

    Taryn Langdon Taryn Langdon 9:42 pm 17 May 20

    Amanda Brown that looks like it’s included in the scope and the main point of this stage work 👍🏻

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