Calvary Private Hospital in new building from 2012

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you would have heard that the ACT Government and Calvary have done a bit of a hospital/hospice deal. ACT Government buys Calvary Hospital from the Little Company of Mary for $77m, and sells them Clare Holland House (a palliative care hospice) for $9m. Little Company of Mary have now announced plans to spend $45m building a new 75-bed Calvary Private hospital in Bruce. Story in The Canberra Times. Nothing on ABC News yet.

The new hospital will open the doors to its first stage, a day surgery centre, in 2012. When complete, the hospital will have four to six operating theatres, a 15-bed maternity unit, and up to 60 hospital beds. The final stage, an oncology unit, will be complete by 2018.

While the new private hospital is being built, Calvary Private will continue to provide services in the existing hospital building, by leasing space back from ACT Government for the existing private hospital beds.

Management at Calvary’s public and private maternity units have no further advice yet about how this might affect services in coming years – there are lots of planning approvals etc to be done before the new hospital plans can progress much further. But Maternity Coalition have written to the Calvary CEO to find out more.

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8 Responses to Calvary Private Hospital in new building from 2012
housebound housebound 5:22 pm 23 Dec 09

So the story with Calvary must be that LCM won’t invest in Calvary because they don’t own it in the long run. The ALP won’t invest in it because LCM lease it.

So LCM take the money from the ACT government and use it to build a new private hospital, saying no doubt that this miantains a public Catholic presence in the ACT?

I know LCM is non-government, but that’s not really the point.

Why can’t the ALP government renegotiate the Calvary lease with LCM to have some ROI for anything they spend on upgrades/maintenance.

The whole deal still sounds very silly and paper-driven (get the number in the right place on the balance sheet), and all because Kate (Carnell not Gallagher) ‘lost’ a public hosiptal when she imploded RCH.

caf caf 4:01 pm 23 Dec 09

So long as LCM are putting their money into it, I reckon it’s up to them whether or not they think they can make a go of it.

housebound housebound 1:40 pm 23 Dec 09

Do we really need another private hospital? The one behind Woden public hospital has been half empty when we’ve had to go visit patients there.

Really, the ACT government should rethink this whole thing.

gun street girl gun street girl 11:30 am 23 Dec 09

jasmine said :

Close to building parking really has to be an option for those who are ill or caring/transporting sick patients needing treatment.

…Not to mention those who work every day in said building. 😉

Mothy Mothy 11:14 am 23 Dec 09

Actually had the same thought as Grump yesterday afternoon as I passed Calvary on the GDE, though my first thought wasn’t that it was going to land on the car park.

From the GDE, what you see the most of around the current Calvary site is trees.

jasmine jasmine 11:01 am 23 Dec 09

Grump makes a good point. Canberra planning is great at coming up with new buildings but never considers parking arrangements which can adversely affect people needing to go to hospital with sick loved ones on a regular basis. We went through this with the hospital not just for hospital visits, but scans and treatment. It really made life a bit more difficult in trying times.

Close to building parking really has to be an option for those who are ill or caring/transporting sick patients needing treatment.

grump grump 9:23 am 23 Dec 09

and where will this building go? It’s hard enough now finding parking when visiting patients or getting scans.

gun street girl gun street girl 8:04 am 23 Dec 09

“Build it, and they will come.”

It will be interesting to see where the LCM will find the staff to run these facilities. Calvary public currently relies on the secondment of a significant amount of ACT Health employees in order to deliver services. In order to get these ideas off the ground, they’ll need to either cooperate with ACT Health to procure a similar deal, or go it alone and recruit independently (which may prove to be an over-ambitious and optimistic goal).

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