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Canberra Follies

By rosebud 20 November 2008 23

What are we going to do with the Feds porked up money for jam, err I mean economic stimulus? My top five follies de-jour for Canberra are:

  1. Large indoor wave pool with attached self sustaining rainforest
  2. Seasonal open air bars on the shores of the lake
  3. A canal estate
  4. Autobahn between Canberra and Sydney and Canberra and Melbourne
  5. Many many more sheep sculptures, everywhere

Any other suggestions?

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra Follies
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farnarkler 8:47 am 21 Nov 08

Will it be holding an everlasting spliff?

Thumper 8:34 am 21 Nov 08

Is there where I bring up the 50 ft Jim Morrison statue?

farnarkler 7:05 am 21 Nov 08

I’d like a Mount Rushmore type arrangement on Mount Majura (Black Mountain has the tower and Mount Ainslie has the revolving light whereas Mount Majura has an inaccessible revolving radar). Then, with the change, have a referendum for whose faces would be carved into the rock.

Feathergirl 1:13 pm 20 Nov 08

I suggest giant zip lines connecting random city locations. People could get issued with a helmet and harness at their starting location – say the War Memorial. They climb to the top of a giant pole (that has lovely hanging baskets on them to make it all pretty) and whoosh it’s down to Blundel’s cottage, then the sky’s the limit. Zipping to the Carillion, across to the High Court etc. Then at their destination they could emerse the helmet and harness in lake water to overpower any other germy things that are on the equipment fresh for the next user.

I was going to suggest zip lines to connect the major town centres but realised that might sound silly…

captainwhorebags 11:49 am 20 Nov 08

caf: the $2 million will be used to stage an assault on the Royal Australian Mint.

The rest of the follies will be paid for with dumptrucks full of $2 coins.

caf 11:33 am 20 Nov 08

This all sounds a bit grand for only $2 million worth of loot. You might be able to do it all in minature at Cockington Green, though (even a minature Leonard Nimoy).

NoAddedMSG 11:23 am 20 Nov 08

We could also build a moat around the city and stock it with pirahnas, which would compliment the canal estate plan nicely, prevent people from being able to enter the city by stealth to reclaim the stolen giant objects lining Northbourne, and allow Canberra to feature prominantly on all those shows dedicated to fishing which are shown around the world at 3pm on Sunday afternoons.

rosebud 11:14 am 20 Nov 08

What brilliant ideas! I love combining eco thrill tourism with middle class suburbia (crocodiles in the canal estates). It would create no end of work for people. It would really stimulate the economy here. What with all the engineers needed to design it, builders to build it, wild life warrriors to capture the crocs, companies to bus tourist in, and funeral directors to look after the rest. Brilliant!

Nambucco Deliria 11:09 am 20 Nov 08

What about an A-League team for Canberra!

justbands 10:16 am 20 Nov 08

> I like the canal estate.

Wasn’t the area where Fyshwick is supposed to be exactly that? At least a lake/riverside garden suburb? (In Griffins plan that is…& I’m no expert)

monomania 10:16 am 20 Nov 08

We could start to line the entering highways with full size replicas of all the Australian big objects such as the Big Bicycle at Chullora or Hexham’s Big Mosquito in the same way that the NLA collects Australian books. Wikipedia lists 150.

scootergal 10:10 am 20 Nov 08

I only want the monrail if Leonard Nimoy can come and open it.

ant 9:40 am 20 Nov 08

You could combine the canal estate with the crockodile thing, sort-of adventure tourism and real estate.

Plenty more sheep sculptures are sorely needed, and yes, a raid on Goulburn to drag Raaaaambo to Canberra would be good.

However, the bulk of the money should be used to arm up, and finally fulfill our destiny and declare war on Queanbeyan.

Thumper 9:31 am 20 Nov 08

I like the canal estate.

Think Venice on the Molonglo

Jim Jones 9:31 am 20 Nov 08


Thumper 9:28 am 20 Nov 08

We could steal the Goulburn merino….

New Yeah 9:23 am 20 Nov 08

A giant sheep sculpture that straddles the entry to Canberra at Northbourne Ave would be bewediful.

wishuwell 8:44 am 20 Nov 08

Johnboy I don’t think SpringCanberra is ready for a monorail. Its more of a ShelbyQbn thingy.

Igglepiggle 8:28 am 20 Nov 08

Tinsel. For everywhere.

shanefos 8:25 am 20 Nov 08

johnboy said :

How can we go past a monorail?

I hear those things are mighty loud…

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