Canberra Physiotherapists?

cranky 22 September 2010 9

Getting older, and the knees are not painless. Fed up with the GP giving me a script for Panadol Something and telling me to get used to it.

Asking for recommendations for a physio, preferably Southside, who may specialise (?) in knee muscles. I know zilch about the trade, so be kind to me.

Pretty sure it’s not bone related.

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9 Responses to Canberra Physiotherapists?
zllauh zllauh 2:11 pm 28 Jul 15

Hi cranky,

Surely would recommend to stay away from Panadol or any other pain killers as much as you can.

There was this massage place in Philip where my nana use to go and use to love it as well. – is their web address. Hope you get rid of the pain soon !

My 2 cents.

Lokita Lokita 7:34 pm 05 Oct 10

It’s Panadol Osteo!
I recommend Hands On in Southlands shopping centre 🙂 I take my gran all the way southside because service and care is much higher there. They are thorough and provide a lot more hands on time (massaging etc), they don’t just talk, have a quick look and give you more exercises. Oh, and they sell this all herb cream that is great for muscles and joints 🙂 They massage and rub it in during sessions and you can buy some for relief while at home.
Hope all goes well with your knees!

ThisIsAName ThisIsAName 9:36 am 23 Sep 10

mp2615 said :

and for what it’s worth, Adrian Rumore at Kaleen is very good

I’ll second Adrian Rumore. He is a sports specialist, and I’ve seen people there getting knees, ankles etc seen to. Rather than treat symptoms, he’s one of the decent physiotherapists who makes an effort to find the root cause(s) of problems. He was knowledgeable about muscular-skeletal things, so maybe give him a call?

Me no fry Me no fry 3:12 pm 22 Sep 10

What sports have you played? Playing squash when I was younger did wonders (not) for my knees.

When you say you’re pretty sure it’s not bone-related, do you mean you’ve been checked for osteoarthritis?

trix trix 2:24 pm 22 Sep 10

“Pretty sure” it’s not bone-related?

Go back to your so-called GP and ask for a referral for an MRI. I had a torn knee meniscus that was painful in the extreme, and none of the physio in the world would have helped.

If you don’t have a proper diagnosis, there is no point wasting your time on someone to give it a bit of a massage and wiggle around.

Grrrr Grrrr 1:57 pm 22 Sep 10

How far south are you? There’s Berg physio at Erindale shops, who weren’t mentioned in the previous discussions. Can’t tell you whether any of the staff there specialise in knees.

realityskin realityskin 12:42 pm 22 Sep 10
mp2615 mp2615 11:59 am 22 Sep 10

How old are your shoes ? It may be that your favourites have worn out. and for what it’s worth, Adrian Rumore at Kaleen is very good

carnardly carnardly 10:56 am 22 Sep 10

Gordon Waddington – in the Brindabella Specialist Centre – ie near the hospital.

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