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Canberra Times bedwetting over kangaroo cull

By johnboy - 13 May 2007 40

Idiot media hysteria comes no better than the Canberra Times devoting three stories to a proposed roo cull on defence land in the ACT.

Firstly we lament three days of death, the girls follow it up with Action an attempt to ‘drive eastern greys to extinction’, and then we have, finally, a more measured Shooting plan being ‘considered’.

Take a deep breathe. It’s a plan to halve the population in one area, of a verminously common kangaroo species.

The real question is what environmental atrocity are they planning to ram through while the activists are out on Majura Range dressed as skippy?

Last time we went through this saga they bulldozed O’Connor ridge while moronic activists staked out Googong.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Canberra Times bedwetting over kangaroo cull
Mr Evil 1:36 pm 14 May 07

Cull a few million people: we’re all going to starve in the next 30 years if we don’t do something right away.

I nominated the Japanese for culling – because of the amount of damage they have done to the world.

James-T-Kirk 12:58 pm 14 May 07

On another point, has anybody else noticed that Mr Watts from the canberra times must also be using WordPress for his stories. He clearly isn’t going back and editing them, as they are full of poor gramar – Just like mine.

Wo Hoo! My next carreer – Canberra Times Journalist.

I wonder if I am sensational enough to make the grade?

James-T-Kirk 12:56 pm 14 May 07

Ant – You have an oportunity to improve the herd using natural selection (lead loaded) to remove the ones that don’t eat clover – Then you can leave the usefull ones to breed.

Ari 12:44 pm 14 May 07

You can quite easily get hold of tenderised roo meat … as long as your vehicle has bullbars.

ant 12:32 pm 14 May 07

Does the meat stew well? Moist cooking. I haven’t tried to cook with roo meat. If I was tougher and could butcher, I’d eat out here for free. yesterday I could see a bunch of them guzzling grass out behind the Stone Pines, but when I went out, the whole paddock was alive with them, as far as the eye could see. There’s craploads of them east of the ACT. They munch away at my lawns in the night, you can hear them ripping the grass and chewing it. So they mow the lawns, and leave roo poo in return. But they won’t eat the clover.

Mr_Shab 12:02 pm 14 May 07

‘Roo is just like any other game meat – too easily dried out in untrained hands due to the virtual absence of fat to keep it moist. Though it has a nice, strong gamey flavour if correctly prepared.

Did you, perchance, eat the Kangaroo fillet with native pepper sauce at Rocksalt too, bonfire? A pretty damned tasty dish, IMO.

bonfire 11:53 am 14 May 07

i disagree.

kanga meat has a distinctive gamey flavour.

however – it has to be cooked properly. its easy to overcook it and it becomes dry and tough. undercook it and its not pleasant.

also, a nice pepper sauce suits roo.

johnboy 11:53 am 14 May 07

It takes a marinade well though (essentially putting some fat in I guess).

BBQing one of those long fillets and then slicing it up thin crossways before dumping into a big salad and it makes an excellent meal.

But agreed it’s arse on top of beetroot mash.

shauno 11:49 am 14 May 07

Kangaroo meat is highly overrated as far as I’m concerned. One of the things that makes a steak tasty and nice to eat is a curtain amount of fat content. Which is what makes a Wagyu or Kobe steak so nice. Kangaroo is so lean that its quiet boring especially when they serve it up with Beetroot mash which seems to be the default way of serving it.

hk0reduck 9:32 am 14 May 07

^^The same could be said about human-kind. I’m pretty sure there is not enough water to sustain the growth expectations of Canberra.

Woolworths has a tasty selection of Kangaroo, I reccomend the marinated meat logs, the kanga banga’s and the marinated steaks. They’re all quite delicious and full of protein.

“The preslaughter handling of meat animals is one of the intrinsic factors influencing meat colour appearance and quality. When animals are herded together, stress involved with mixing with strange animals, transportation , being held without food prior to slaughter and movement to the stunning pen can cause abnormal conditions in meat such as pale soft and exudative or dark, firm and dry conditions, both of which have poor eating and keeping quality. All kangaroos harvested for human consumption are head shot in the field which eliminates all of the negative effects of preslaughter handling on meat quality.”

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:57 am 14 May 07

I don’t know how happy I’d be eating wild roo – I believe they get quite wormy. That said, I really like the kangaroo I’ve had in restaurants (wild? who knows?).

Kangaroos are in no danger of extinction at this point. If they need to be removed, do it as quickly and humanely as possible, and be done with it.

roccon 8:55 am 14 May 07

Whether we eat beef, chicken or roo, if the meat isn’t wasted ie. turned into pet food or blood and bone does it really matter what animal we kill as such as long as it is not an endagered species ??

Pandy 8:15 am 14 May 07

Oh, thanks for pointing that out: did not realise there ws a choice.

Does it matter?

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:06 am 14 May 07

The activists, or the kangaroos, Pandy?

Pandy 10:43 pm 13 May 07

Give me gun: I will shoot. Ha Ha

Really, are they starving or are there just too many of them? If the starve, let them.

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