Canberra Times bedwetting over kangaroo cull

johnboy 13 May 2007 40

Idiot media hysteria comes no better than the Canberra Times devoting three stories to a proposed roo cull on defence land in the ACT.

Firstly we lament three days of death, the girls follow it up with Action an attempt to ‘drive eastern greys to extinction’, and then we have, finally, a more measured Shooting plan being ‘considered’.

Take a deep breathe. It’s a plan to halve the population in one area, of a verminously common kangaroo species.

The real question is what environmental atrocity are they planning to ram through while the activists are out on Majura Range dressed as skippy?

Last time we went through this saga they bulldozed O’Connor ridge while moronic activists staked out Googong.

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40 Responses to Canberra Times bedwetting over kangaroo cull
ant ant 10:20 pm 26 Nov 07

Illegal, so far as I know. But only if you get caught.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 7:56 pm 26 Nov 07

I thinking of drying it – like the South African biltong. That needs game meat with as little fat as possible. We may be moving rural soon and i’ll probably be flamed silly by the roo-huggers (especially if i provoke a flame by using terms like roo-huggers :-)) but is it legal to kill roo’s on your own property for your own consumption? Obviously as humanely as possible and with no human risk (i’m not really that cruel!)?

ant ant 10:30 pm 25 Nov 07

I must say, I’m a bit puzzled too, it’s good meat, and when they mix it up with some fat, like in sausages or mince, it’s very user-friendly.
There are hundreds on my 10 acres daily.

I suspect you can make the meat moister by brining it, too.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 5:26 pm 25 Nov 07

Considering the number bouncing around i am really suprised Roo-meat isnt more popular. Maybe teebee was right and it is a culture thing – Brits and their meat n two veg (Cow, Pig or Lamb) and all that…

Only Roo i can find is in plastic wrappers and costs a fortune. Are there no spotlighters out there who wanna sell some roo?

Thumper Thumper 8:25 am 13 Nov 07

A roo stole one of my garden gnomes last night. Don’t believe all this stuff about them being cute and furry and lazy.

Some are obviously hard core….

And on the other hand, Blue Fish at Darling Harbour serves the most deliciously moist and rich flavoured roo I have ever tasted.

ex-vectis ex-vectis 10:32 pm 12 Nov 07

Does anyone know where i can buy cheap edible roo meat (worried now about ‘wormy’ stuff)? I cant believe it is SO expensive in the shops. Looked in Fyshwick market and Woolies etc…. I wanna make biltong (like jerky but tastier i think) with it.

johnboy johnboy 5:26 pm 15 May 07

Only because they’re too lazy and stupid.

FC FC 3:40 pm 15 May 07

Yeah, but at least the kangaroos are cute and don’t break into cars, drain as much of our tax dollars.

johnboy johnboy 12:58 pm 15 May 07

How do you know the kangaroos aren’t junkies?

They’re just adicted to grass!

They sit around all day rooting and consuming their grass and crapping all over their homes!

They neglect their children after just a few months!

Bloody junky scum!

FC FC 12:46 pm 15 May 07

If we hadn’t built houses everywhere and forced them into the small amounts of grassland remaining then things would be fine.
Just leave them the hell alone.
I would give more value to the life of a roo than I would some of the dero junkies with kids in tow that wonder around Canberra. Maybe we should cull them first and give a Kangaroo family the ACt Housing land instead. Thats my opinion anyway.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 10:21 am 15 May 07

I’d say the professional shooters who undertake this kind of work are fairly mindful of what is sitting behind their targets before pulling the trigger.

You’re quite right in saying that Belco is lousy with them. Before that last bit of rain, there was a constant line of dead roos up Bindubi street. They were eating the last remaining grass on the verges and straying onto the road.

bonfire bonfire 9:38 am 15 May 07

sorry mr shab havent tried rocksalts roo, but its an easy recipe for the home chef.

i have walked past the belco roos on the weekends occasionally and i think that a cull is needed. there are too many there. i think the easy access to permanent water keeps them in that area.

i sent a few photos to johnboy of roos lolling about.

id be happy to go in and take a few out. my only worry is that on all sides there are residential areas. i think careful selction of shooter is required.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 8:48 am 15 May 07

For clarification – I’m not sure they’ve got roo on the menu any more. I haven’t been to Rocksalt in a while, so the menu has almost certainly changed.

Danman Danman 8:13 am 15 May 07

Kangaroo fillet with native pepper sauce at Rocksalt too, bonfire?

Damn – I took Mrs Danman there last thursday night – and I had the twice roasted duck w/ duck sausage.

If I knew they had kanga there I would have had it – but duck always steals the limelite for me.

Kangaroo – like any fat free meat (i.e. chicken breast, whole long filet of steak) is easy to cook – just needs some pre treatment – and to NOT be cooked through.

Slow cooking a’la crockpot would be ideal as VY pointed out through his own personal experiences.

shauno shauno 7:47 am 15 May 07

“Raise the fences a few feet, introduce a pride of lions and sit back…”

Tigers are better for that sort of thing saw a show on foxtel when they released two tigers on a big fenced off farm in South Africa as part of a breeding program. And they just went apeshit killed 15 to 20 gazelles in an ambush in one go All so attacked a guy on a horse. And they reckon the fences around the property need to be much higher then ones used for Lions to keep the two tigers in.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:30 am 15 May 07

But we’d have to speak French.

teebee teebee 10:41 pm 14 May 07

All of this just brings me back to my sometime lament that in someways it is unfortunate the French did not colonise Australia: kangaroo would be a national delicacy, and there’d be no need for culling; our wine industry would be som much more mature; the Darling and Murray Rivers would be dotted with great hotels to stay at; everyone would drive a ute with 25cm of suspension travel; and we would have had a 300kph train service between Brsibane – Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne 20 years ago!

Myrmecia Myrmecia 10:19 pm 14 May 07

Just had some kangaroo tail stew tonight. There is quite a bit of fat on the tail. You don’t need to add any to the stew. I’ll re-heat the remainder for the next three evenings. Cooked over 3 hours at a low temp it’s a top stew. I have also eaten the meat raw. The grey kangas have a more gamey flavour than the red ones. If you buy roo meat from the shops, you may like to know that the Macro brand are reds and the brand sold in red and blue packs are greys. Buy a pack of each and do a test.

It’s crazy that a cull of over a thousand kangaroos cannot be organized so that the meat is used usefully, preferably as food for people who don’t mind it.

It suited the original Australians; no reason why it shouldn’t suit us – apart from preciousness.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:24 pm 14 May 07

Raise the fences a few feet, introduce a pride of lions and sit back…

ant ant 8:37 pm 14 May 07

WRT stretching out and lazing. It looks like they are having a nice relax, but in fact I wonder if they are not a bit malnourished and conserving energy? I’ve noticed that it’s mainly the very large roos here that do it, and it was very prevalant during the spring/early summer months, when I had bugger-all grass. I haven’t seen any of them doing it lately, when there’s still good feed around.

And as for that not breeding during hard times thing, again I’ve not noticed it here. during the past few years, when my paddocks were down to just dry, short bush grass, and the roos were infesting my garden and lawns desperate for food, they all had joeys. Maybe it takes more hardship to stop them gestating joeys, I’m not sure.

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