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Canberra too provincial for Come Fly With Me

By johnboy - 16 May 2011 36

News has a story on the decision by our 9 affiliate WIN to not broadcast “Come Fly With Me” the camp airline comedy from the Little Britain team.

Channel Nine’s regional affiliates, WIN and NBN Television, have decided that David Walliams and Matt Lucas’s airport-based satire Come Fly With Me is is inappropriate for their regional audience in NSW.

Instead we’re getting more Big Bang Theory. Oh bliss.

UPDATE: It should be noted the show will be available on GO! at 10pm.

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36 Responses to
Canberra too provincial for Come Fly With Me
cmdwedge 2:45 pm 16 May 11

Pick your server, download, enjoy. Ad-free, too.

miz 2:44 pm 16 May 11

What a stupid decision by WIN. They’ve been promoting it on their channel, and I was intending to watch it.

Keijidosha 2:20 pm 16 May 11

I’ll be damned if I let a television network dictate the height of my brow. To the internet!

davo101 2:04 pm 16 May 11

Odd, according to the WIN web-site it’s on tonight at 10:04pm on GO. Maybe someone forgot to tell the web-master?

Pommy bastard 1:57 pm 16 May 11

Well if 2 1/2 men can be the top ranked “comedy” show in Aus, we only have ourselves to blame for being seen as somewhat less than suffistikatud.

thatsnotme 1:52 pm 16 May 11

I’m with you Mysteryman – I’ll watch it at my leisure, ad free. One of these days TV executives will realise that in a digital age, it’s impossible to withold content like this.

pierce 1:46 pm 16 May 11

At least we’re still sophisticated enough for The Footy Show

Erg0 1:38 pm 16 May 11

Not that I had any plans to watch the show (having seldom despaired of the state of humanity as much I did when watching a co-worker descend into paroxysms of laughter at a broad Asian stereotype on Little Britain), but the decision to divide the viewing audience into bumpkin/non-bumpkin categories doesn’t seem like a great PR move on WIN’s part.

Pommy bastard 1:22 pm 16 May 11

That sucks donkey balls.

Mister Evil Breakfas 1:21 pm 16 May 11

It’s about time we were told what we can and can’t watch. I’m sick of having to make decisions and form opinions about what I find funny.

Is it strange that they’re putting on a tv show about a group of scientist nerds who explain string theory and play online games because we’re too “regional” to understand the workings of an airport and the fact that there might be “multicultural” characters?

Canberra – it’s the capital, but it sure doesn’t A.C.T. like it.

Kayellar 1:20 pm 16 May 11

For the love of crap!

Mysteryman 1:15 pm 16 May 11

I have the internet. I’ll watch the show regardless of what the buffoons at WIN think. Ever since I discovered how to access TV shows via the internet some years ago, I’ve become my own programming director. I watch what I want, when I want, free from ads. Let’s be honest, the regional stations/affiliates are a joke anyway. Their news is terrible and their ads worse.

gospeedygo 1:15 pm 16 May 11

Wait, wasn’t the camp airline steward schtick done already by Full Frontal….or was that Fast Forward? One of the two. Anyways, expect the characters to get old by the third episode. Yawn! Not missing much.

Holden Caulfield 1:13 pm 16 May 11

What a bunch of arse!

The Frots 1:05 pm 16 May 11

WHAT??????????? You have to kidding me…………………….

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