25 October 2007

Canberra woman accused of sex with 15 year old

| Cameron
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NEWS.com.au has a story about a 41yo woman alledgedly having sex with a 15yo boy in 2005.

She will appear in the ACT magistrates court today.

The article isn’t clear as to whether the boy is 15 now (in which case he was 13 when it happened) or 15 in ’05.

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Sorry p1, I was googling on the age of consent in NSW and some how I ended up in here lol I didn’t even know it was a forum, so I’ll let you people carry on with what ever you do 😀

btw, i still dig mature women, if any here and want youth power lol

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy1:00 pm 14 Sep 09

Older chicks are often better at keeping the whole sex thing in perspective. Personally, I can’t wait for my wife’s forties!

Yes well…I guess it takes all types to make the world go around doesn’t it…how boring it would be if we all had something intelligent to say all of the time…

Wow, that’s gotta be some kind of record for a obscure rant + thread resurrection combination.

Pommy bastard said :

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I truely apprciated the older woman.

Women in their forties are at a sexual peak.

…well then…only a few more years to go…and all you single men (note: I said ‘men’ not ‘boys’) out there had better watch out 😀

I’m 24 now, but at the age of 17 I had sex with a women who was 33 at the time and to me it was the best sex I have ever had. I always longed for a experienced girlfriend since I first hit puberty, my friends fantasized with mature ladies at the mall, and it’s true, some teens like mature women… trying to get the approval of my friends, this lead me to pursue an experienced woman and so it happened. She had so much experience, she was my ‘teacher’ if you want to call her. She was a tiger, a lioness and hot as hell, I would do anything to meet her again. Sadly, she moved to Europe and raised a family with some guy. I always wondered why she was always insisting on not using condoms, telling me how great it felt blah blah, then after months of talking to her after she left, i found out she wanted to get pregnant at all costs. Well, luckily I always used condoms, just because I felt that I couldn’t trust her 100%, that saved me the child support!~ So I guess, sometimes, young teens search for experience rather than youth. But, that’s, just, like totally, my own opinion, man.

sorry must correct myself, he wasnt a plactic surgeon, was just a rumour going round.

#69 posted by KJB

you would know my brother 😀

and i agree, she was my yr co and all the boys in my yr hung around her office there were girls too but sooo many guys.

i say she was an alright teacher cos she gave me good marks and let us cook skittles on the bunsen burners.

yo, barking toad, she hasnt got saggy tits, she was like a real life babie doll cos her husband is a plastic surgeon, well hes her 2nd husband her first was a really nice guy, anyways yeah she has that much crap done to her she ain’t real any more, and she wore the skimpiest supre` clothes to school and all the guys in my sci class sat up the front and they always went on bout how hot she is, so she wasnt ugly, just like a pedo or something, and that kid she was doing was having problems at home and she was councelling him then she made the first move and told him how she felt then they had a relationship then he told his female friends who knew it was wrong and they had a talk to mrs tominac and she denied everything then she spoke to the kid and was like keep this a secret so he told all his friends it was a joke and she paid him like $5000 to keep his mouth shut.

#69 – KJB is right about everything.
And i don’t understand whats wrong with people, most teenagers i know would dream to get it on with their teacher. This particular teenager just had the blind, stupid and brave personality to actually go for it, mixed with the stupidity of his teacher it was a perfect match, good on them, problem is it was illegal. There was no ‘rape’, the teacher seduced the boy, the boy seduced the teacher, they both wanted it but the teacher should have known better. So from the boys perspective it makes sense.. he enjoyed it then, bragged about it, who wouldn’t but now hes either pissed at catching an STD or he wants money. In my view he shouldn’t get it, but as for punishment to the teacher i cant say anything really i’m not a judge, but ill be happy if they want to lock her up in my place.

I’m just tired of the media making a big deal about it, if it wasn’t illegal there would be cases of this all the time, sorry to those people who think its crazy older people get attracted to younger people. Seriously consider this, this is a freak case where the male involved turned around and abused his relationship(although illegal still) with the woman, there will likely not be many other boys so cold hearted in the future to do this. For the note i’m just speaking from an angle that people who are shocked from this story need to realize is true.

After reading my post there will be lots of parents changing to home schooling.

lavenderfields4:31 pm 21 May 09

my son went to SFX and TT was his pastoral care teacher [or whatever]. in my meetings with her, she was certainly neither efficient nor effective as a teacher. The words hopeless and tramp both spring to mind. I am absolutely certain she was grooming my son for s#x. Sad to say it took me a couple of years to wake up and put my son into a different school. I think the principal,is also a tosser who should be put out to pasture. It’s sad that the talents of so many students are indirectly affected by this pair of twits.

I attended that perticular school, and was in the same grade as the boy. he is now 18. and i think it should be known that both the teacher and the student were as bad as each other, she would prance around that school in inappriote clothing to teach teenage boys and it was a common thought between us students that she was cheap looking. i remember on many occasions passing her office in the middle of class to get a drink or whatever and her office would be full of students, boys AND girls. it seemed to me that she was trying to be their friend more then be their teacher.
the boy, who ended up in rehab before high school ended, i later learned from an ex-girlfriend would openly brag to his mates in front of her about what had happened with the teacher. i truely think although what happened is wrong that he is trying to get nothing more then a money settlement out of this and wouldn’t be surprised if he started blaming her for the issues he clearly already had before the relationship began. but now the way he used to walk around the school like he owned it and some of the things he did now make sense considering what he had over her.

however, its neither of these people i have sympathetic thoughts about, its her children who were still attending the school when it all came out, that we should consider in this. she may now have no chance of a career but she gave that up when she consented to what happened. her son still attends the school and i couldn’t imagine what it would be like to know that my mother had done that and know my friends knew aswell. her daughter was a year above me and friends with several people in my grade and it would have killed her to find that out.

Sorry poptop, rape isn’t something I particularly want to read up on.

#65 – WTF!

Pommy bastard4:55 pm 24 Dec 08

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I truely apprciated the older woman.

Women in their forties are at a sexual peak.

Those who look after themselves can continue to peak for many years.

sigh. and at christmas, too. been abused and raped, twice. once by a father and daughter combination, once by a sicko in ainslie village. I am going home now.

good luck to you all.

Retro_x, rapist nearly always blame the victim. Your comments make me ill. Raped children are messed up. That is an indicator of sexual abuse.

Farnmarkler, its rape when an adult has sex with a child. That’s the law. As for males being raped you are playing into a male myth. An erection is a mechanical reaction as much as anything else. It can lead to much confusion and shame for the victim. Rape is so much more than sex. Being told by an adult that sex is ok is a breach of trust. Being expected to keep the lie is another. Rape is rape when you say no. As a child you can not give consent, so its against the law. I know a few adults with really messed up sexuality and they still hang on to the thought that the older women was ok. It isn’t. Male or female.

Willo, you where lucky they were not around. Life would be a lot more F###up for you now.

Poor Dawn.

If you need to ask about how males can get raped you have led a very sheltered life. Wikipedia is quite informative on the topic.

Research suggests the difference between the reality and fantasy of adolescent [child] males having sex with older women is pretty extreme. Again, the issue is about power and its misuse, rather than the naked romping part.

Paedophilia is paedophilia, regardless of the gender of the perpetrator or victim.

I’m curious. Firstly, how does a bloke get raped by a woman??? Does she just jump on his hard-on?? Secondly at age 15, how many males would have said no to sex??? When I was that age the crack of dawn wasn’t safe.

Ingeegoodbee said :

I blame Rod Stewart…

“wake up maggie I think I’ve got something in my pants for you, it’s late at night and i really should be ####ing you.”

where were all these kind of sheilas when i was 15?????

has anyone been following this case? has it appeared before a court as of yet or is it still awaiting trial? does anyone have any news of the alleged victim and his current status?

No, I believe a deceipt is a receipt for a pizza charged at above the website advertised price.

Isn’t that where you lie, but ask for a receipt ?

Neither is deceiptful, despite what retro may think.

Deceipt is not a word, despite what News.com.au may think.

Rather than wait for justice to prevail, I think we should make comments about pedantic little points of the case and completely pre-judge the outcome.

Hopefully it’ll draw some more rockspiders out of their lairs, so we can also poke fun at their txt inspired grammar and lack of comprehensible sentence structure skills.

Retro_x – whether or not the kid is a liar, the legal system is fair and won’t sentence someone based on what a 17 year old kid says, they’ll look at the evidence that supports it.

I’m sure all the information and evidence the police have on this case will come to light at the committal hearing in March.

So let’s sit back and patiently watch this space… Justice will prevail.

Whatever happened to shutting up and wearing a grin for at least a month ?

Oh yeah, YouTube.

Holden Caulfield12:03 pm 17 Dec 07

How come nobody has asked if retro_x is the “alleged”. Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it. 😉

It’s doesn’t seem to be illegal if you’re in Arakun!

hey wondering. you suck.
& the kid is a coward. a lying deceiptful coward. what goes around comes around, and karma is going to bite him hard on the ass soon enough.
and also, you obviously know this kid, but for how long have you known him.? Did you go to his school… im guessing the answer is no.

If that kid was a drugged up fool retro during the time of the incident… do you think that maybe as ‘Cameron’ stated ‘teenagers are not mature enough to make decisions of that magnitude’…the teachers demands and pressure that she put on the teenager made him the way he was…. and if you really know him…as you say you do…. you would also be aware that once he was out of the reach and influence of the teacher he cleaned up his act and has turned back into a ‘normal’ teenager….
Does that not say something to you???? Maybe you don’t know both sides… sometimes in life we only see what people allow us to see… sometimes we need to step back and be a bit objective and opened minded. If the child is lying then why wait for so long to come forward?? Maybe he needed to grow up and realise that what was happening to him was not his fault and that what was going on between himself and the teacher was not only wrong but illegal… In my opinion he has guts to come forward now… the truth has to be told so that other children will not be caught up in the web of lies and deceit and maybe be taken down a path that will ruin their lives….

Deadmandrinking3:59 pm 20 Nov 07

You sound like one, to be honest, retro_x. If you have information regarding this case, then you should give that to the police.

Im just saying the kid is a liar.

Knowing both sides of the story doesn’t make you objective.

I’d be interested to know HOW you know both sides of the story, and what your relationship is with each of the parties. THAT will determine whether you are objective. From your writing style I would hazard a guess that you are/were a fellow student of the alleged victim.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that the kid is a drugged up loser and does deserve to die – that is no excuse for Ms Tominac to sleep with him. She’s supposed to be the adult – all the laws about child sexual abuse exist because it is commonly accepted that children (whether they’re drugged f*cked oxygen thieves or not) lack the maturity to make decisions of that magnitude. Ms Tominac allegedly took advantage of that immaturity.

hmm no i dont look like a fool. whether or not it is true, the kid is a drugged up loser. and deserves to die.
plus i am objective. i know both sides of the story. hmm you all know nothing.

r_x – then it is obvious that the courts will throw the case out then isn’t it ?

Unless something actually happened, then you look like a bit of a tool in that case don’t you ?

Sure, that sounds like an objective and well sourced opinion…

i think that none of you know any of the facts.
the guy accusing, at the time was a drugged up little asshole who was probably having a wet dream when he was high over the teacher.
he doesnt deserve to live. all he wants is money since he dad wont give him any.

I thought it was spelt “faygat” in parts of the US? 🙂

Duh. It was a joke, joyce.

I’m happy for you. You made a funny.

I figured it was a joke, but couldn’t be certain, so threw in my previous comment for the sake of it – fully expecting that sort of response if it was a joke.

Maelinar – apparently 1xG = US spelling, 2xG = older or British spelling.

Lord Mælinar8:17 am 31 Oct 07

I thought there was a spelling difference

Fagot = bundle of sticks
Faggot = nancy boy

But I’m prepared to be wrong.

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best9:41 pm 30 Oct 07

Duh. It was a joke, joyce.

Faggots = bundle of sticks.
Stake + bundle of sticks + fire = burned at stake.

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best3:17 pm 30 Oct 07

I thought she was female and he was male. What have faggots got to do with anything?

(sorry, I’m in an immature mood this year)

Aren’t faggots the cause of all evil in this world; after speed cameras, that is?

Wow, that’s really creepy – she can reverse her age too.

She must be a witch! Quick prepare the stake and faggots!

Different one i’d assume….

Tania Tominac F 52 ACT

Yeah, I’d done the Google thing too. No surprise to see that this person regularly works with kids.

Some Google references:

1998 Canberra Marathon/5km Fun Run
71st place Time — 24:44 Tania Tominac ACT

2002 Wests Magpies Basketball Club

Wests Magpies Basketball Club has also established a strong commitment to coaching…and Tania Tominac…has been involved with ACT junior representative teams.

Canberra Nationals 2002

Women can also be classed as a Paedophile. God, what would possess an adult to sleep with a kid. It’s so off.

BeyondThought5:09 pm 26 Oct 07

What is Rudd’s policy on pirate apprentices

That’s easy, it’s whatever John Howards is!

Lord Mælinar12:27 pm 26 Oct 07

I like the Gormsby take on this situation.

“Better make that 1,000 lines for you A’fionga”.

All the comments along the lines of “high fives”, “only once he started bangin hot 17 year olds did he complain” etc. You idiots. Just ’cause it’s a boy & not a girl, it doesn’t make it funny. I’ve known a guy that was in this situation & it was a very real, very genuine problem for him, the woman involved, their families, etc. Don’t let your ignorance belittle this guys case against this woman who has abused him.

Ah, I see – thanks.

Police will alleged Tania Tominac, from Nicholls in northern Canberra, had sex with the teenager on five occasions in 2005.

The ABC Article

Oh sorry, I was looking at the ABC news online. Not the news.com.au site.

The story has been updated? Where?

Quoting anything from a story that has been published is not inappropriate.

Is it inappropriate to mention her full name and suburb where she lives?

Lord Mælinar11:13 am 26 Oct 07

That’s because it is inappropriate to mention the relationship between a criminal and a victim, other than the relationship is (alleged) criminal and victim.

I salute whoever the reporter is, that has not gone and made assumptions or leap of faith decisions on behalf of the baying public.

Well, I guess by the law he probably was ‘raped’. Since he was a minor and under the age of consent. The story has been updated, apparently it happened on 5 occasions. Her name and suburb she resides in is there too if anyone is interested. But no mention of the relationship between the two still, sorry TAD.

Was the boy raped?

Ingeegoodbee9:13 am 26 Oct 07

We have two budding pirate apprentices at our place, but with the Government once again failing to deliver decent pirate education programmes in our schools – it seems that they will end up following other vocations.

TAD – yes, so I believe.

I hear that school has had two recent departures.

The name of the school and first teacher are the subject of a supression order.

I’m guessing this ties in with the sudden departure of a woman teacher from a high school in Belconnen, name starting with St.

el ......VNBerlinaV86:16 pm 25 Oct 07

I blame global warming, as a direct result of there not being enough pirates.

What no mention in the story of the most important bit, the relationship between the defendant and the boy?

The journalist should go back to SCHOOL.

The above is in reference to the below.

Police became aware of the alleged relationship in August after the boy made a statement.

Further, this story is worthless without pics.

I bet his statement was something along the lines of “Woo, i’m banging your mum!”

Ingeegoodbee3:28 pm 25 Oct 07

I blame Rod Stewart…

VYBerlinaV8...the_original_and_best3:26 pm 25 Oct 07

I bet there were some high fives at the local highschool..

The article says that she is being charged with ‘maintaning a relationship’ with a 15 year old. So likely this wasn’t a one night stand kind of thing.

Never mind what’s wrong with the Youth. What the hell is wrong with this woman that she has to go for a boy??

Ingeegoodbee2:24 pm 25 Oct 07

Apparently the game was up when his parents saw the bite marks on his shoulder where he’d trying to chew his own arm off in an attempt to sneak away in the night!

barking toad2:08 pm 25 Oct 07

What is wrong with the youth of today?

Maybe he thought, on reflection, after having hotter exploits with 17 yr old spunks, that his standards had been digustingly lowered by a saggy titted oldie so he dobbed her in.

Like the disgust that hits a lad as he wakes in the sober light of day to see the midnight princess he let take him home.

No doubt the vagina monologue lasses will stridently condemn this sexual assault.

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