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Car servicing

By jay 13 March 2010 27

Just got myself a new Toyota Camry Hybrid in Sydney and finding that I’m doing 1,072km on one tank of fuel – honest truth! Amazing.

Need to know if anyone has a strong recommendation about any of the (few) Toyota dealerships in Canberra for their service ability.

That is, I want service with a smile and the knowledge to do the job right.

Prefer a Toyota dealership whilst the car is under warranty, then happy to consider the quality generic mechanics in town.

Thanks for your advice.

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Car servicing
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Holden Caulfield 11:04 am 17 Mar 10

…or manufacturers thinking we don’t have the market to bring in the full complement of their cars, possibly not helped by our sometimes spurious ADRs.

Anyway, using the Golf as an example, then, plenty of anecdotal evidence tells me you should reasonably expect a 2.0 TDI to get 150-200km more from its 55 litre tank in city traffic when compared to a 2.0 turbo petrol GTI (which is already a very efficient engine for its market segment and power). That’s quite a bit better than “marginal”.

JC 4:42 am 17 Mar 10

Holden, what I said is spot on. Around town a modern diesel car is only marginally better on fuel than a petrol equivalent. On the open road the diesel shits on petrol cards. That is not a criticism of diesel technology, just a simple fact. And of course there are car models like the mini which have adopted other methods of saving fuel, though of course stop start doesn’t apply to diesels. The same can and does apply to petrol cars too.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for diesels, when I lived in the UK a few years back I used to hire cars about once a fortnight and often got a diesel. I really liked the the VW Golf and Ford Focus in particular, but also got cars such as Skoda’s and even Kia’s that were good on the juice too. It really surprised me that we in Australia don’t have as much choice as Europe. But you know I reckon that is down to our insurance companies equating turbo cars to high performance cars and whacking a premium on them, when for a diesel it is almost an essential thing.

Holden Caulfield 9:33 pm 16 Mar 10

JC, time you went and did some research on the efficieny of diesel cars. The MINI Diesel, for example, like an increasing number of cars now, uses stop-start technology to reduce the burden on wasting fuel while idling in city traffic.

Okay, if you’re talking a huge arse SUV then maybe you have a point. But, then, any engine lugging around close to (or over) 2 tonnes in city traffic is going to be working hard.

Diesel engines and the gunk they emit from their exhausts aren’t perfect, by any means (few cars are), but they are a damn sight better than they were 10 years ago. To the point that they are genuinely viable options for fuel conscious buyers.

The Prius and its brethren are a good start, but Honda’s Clarity and its ilk are more likely to be the saviour of the car as we know it.

jay 8:29 pm 16 Mar 10

JC said :

Hybrids on the open road are not going to be all that efficient, but in suburbia tend to be the most efficient of the lot, not by much though. Hence why I personally wouldn’t be in a rush to get one.

I thought the same JC, but my trips (every week) to and from Lake Macquarie (north of Gosford, south of Newcastle) and Canberra (586km return) has so far shown I can do about 1.75 trips on the one tank of fuel. That is, fill up in Lake Macquarie, I can drive to Canberra, and back to Lake Macquarie on that on tank of fuel, needing to fill up again near Goulburn on the return trip.

The fuel economy read out gives me 5.1 litres per 100km on that trip. For the statisticians out there, I’m sure you’ll note a hole or two in those figures so allow me to state that they are indicative.

johnny_the_knife 4:14 pm 16 Mar 10

I’ve had nothing but negative experiances with Canberra’s car dealers when it comes to after sales ‘serviceing’. I reccomend you call CWC Auto Services in Ainslie. They advertise on here, I personally use and reccomend them to my friends. Also, they’ll give you a free car to use for the day.

JC 6:24 pm 15 Mar 10

Even the car manufacturers know hybrids are an interim solution. Fuel cell cars are the future, but are some way off being released as mass production vehicles.

Now with hybrids one thing to remember, they work best in stop start traffic. So it is a tad unfair to compare fuel efficiency figures in the traditional way, especially to diesel vehicles as Holden Caufield did. Diesels are great on the open road for sure, around town they tend to be just a bit better than a conventional petrol car. Hybrids on the open road are not going to be all that efficient, but in suburbia tend to be the most efficient of the lot, not by much though. Hence why I personally wouldn’t be in a rush to get one.

sloppery 4:32 pm 15 Mar 10

It’s a good thing that manufacturers are developing hybrid vehicles, but I must admit I wouldn’t buy one.

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