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Suzanne Kiraly 29 June 2018 21
Ursula Jamieson

Ursula Jamieson, Principal, St Thomas the Apostle school. Photos: Supplied.

Ursula Jamieson is Principal of St Thomas the Apostle school and immediately impresses with her warmth and nurturing personality. I note at the time of our meeting that there is a ‘quiet corner’, located in her office for children who need some time out – now that’s a caring principal! She is just in the second year of her first principalship and perhaps that’s why she oozes positivity, enthusiasm and a definite affection for her school. Whatever the reason, it’s an endearing quality in a world where we often don’t have as much love/caring as we’d like it to have.

Ursula commenced her teaching career in Gladstone in the 80s and progressed through several schools in the Catholic system in Canberra, such as St Thomas Moore’s at Campbell, St John the Apostle at Florey and Good Shepherd at Amaroo, before arriving here at St Thomas the Apostle two years ago as the new principal.

“It’s a steep learning curve, to step up to a principalship,” she tells me. Luckily she has landed on her feet, with excellent staff who are a mix of old and new, young and mature, and who work together well as a cohesive unit. Ursula considers that to be a true gift to a new principal.

So when we dig into what it takes to do such a crucial job, leading the education of future leaders, we find that Ursula is guided by certain principles. First and foremost, she has an open-door policy and believes in the link between home and school.

“I enrol a family, not a child,” Ursula tells me.

The school encourages participation in the life of the school, and in the library, they offer a community corner which is open all the time and offers tea and coffee facilities. It’s a friendly connection space. Friday mornings are typically popular for social networking. And this school is truly community-based, with parents collaborating for 40 years. Ursula noted that recently, on an open night with many grandparents in attendance, it was fun to go through just how many of them had gone to school here; and on Mothers’ Day recently, it was a delight to see the dads swarm in too.

As for the students, “the school is small and intimate, with only 300 students, and we know them all”, Ursula says. In fact, both she and the Assistant Principal still have a small teaching load, which helps to keep up with what is happening in the children’s lives. There are twelve classes, twenty-five staff members and this year they are fortunate enough to have appointed their ‘well-being’ counsellor. Every child has a story and sometimes there are life’s traumas when a child’s life can get complicated. St Thomas the Apostle is prepared to meet those challenges head-on. The school recently received special training as a trauma-informed school, right down to the office staff. They were fortunate to have psychologists, Nicola Paffrey and Velissa Aplen, in to train the staff in handling trauma. So, the children are in good hands as far as pastoral care is concerned, simply because the staff are truly well-equipped.

As for a well-rounded education, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun and build skills beyond the traditional curriculum. There is a chess game for students from year 2 up, which runs on a Thursday and a Friday. There are a variety of lunchtime clubs for such diverse interests as gardening (which includes seasonal planting), and even raising chooks. There are clubs for coding, for construction and board/card games, table tennis, and even shipping containers for play equipment and dress-ups. There is also a recess program called ‘Monday Fun day’, where engaging games are introduced to teach social skills in connecting.

One feature that Ursula introduced which I personally thought was just brilliant and innovative, was that there is music from the 70s (which I could certainly relate to) booming across the playground in the mornings before school, simply to set the mood for the day and aid in setting the children up for positive learning experiences. And we all know the power of music in mood-setting!

But it’s not just all about fun. There is some serious pedagogy happening in the school too and the school is based around Inquiry Learning through the latest theories of John Hattie and James Nottingham, in adopting the Learning Pit, which empowers children to take charge of their own learning. ‘James Nottingham talks about why challenge leads to enhanced learning. By developing metacognitive skills students are able to recognise when learning is hard, similar to being in the pit. More importantly, they can articulate what skills and strategies they need to use to get out of it. Click here to read the analogy of the learning pit.’ It’s fascinating.

The school also recently employed consultant, Leonie Anstey, who specialises in instructional leadership, and according to her website, ‘Taking your school from good to great through the targeted approach of Instructional leadership’, with a focus on Mathematics.

To say that the school is a busy, thriving, positive community is an understatement. There is a lot of passion from the Principal trickling down and the individual student and his/her needs are prioritised. It’s lovely to see that students, our next generation, are being nurtured in such a rich environment.

Just goes to show that big things can still come from small schools.

St Thomas the Apostle Primary School

39 Boddington Crescent, Kambah ACT 2902
Phone: 02 6231 4144

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21 Responses to Celebrating Canberra Schools – St Thomas the Apostle
Lisa Jane Lisa Jane 7:44 pm 04 Jul 18

Amaroo's loss....but congrats

bj_ACT bj_ACT 10:53 am 04 Jul 18

Great story!!! St Thomas had to pick up the pieces of broken and disenchanted students and families following Andrew Barr’s closure of two Neighbouring Primary Schools on the Western side of Kambah.

These closures definitely had an impact on St Thomas and on local students and residents. Looks like the school has a great Principal and Teaching group.

Keep up the good work! It’s also worth this Kambah School may be for students in Private schooling, but these kids are often not from the usual Canberra socio economic levels who attend private schools. This is the old style Catholic schooling not the newer money making machines of some private schools.

Phillip Simmons Phillip Simmons 8:37 am 04 Jul 18

This Lady was a Teacher at Good Shepard whilst my three daughters attended. An amazing woman whose love for everything she does shines through her on to the children.

Jennifer Burke Jennifer Burke 5:21 pm 03 Jul 18

Fantastic Ursula😀👏👍

Moira Mackenzie Moira Mackenzie 3:15 pm 03 Jul 18

Sounds wonderful.

Janet Oxwell Janet Oxwell 8:24 am 03 Jul 18

Well done Ursula and all the staff who make it a great school and community. Great article.

Shannon Thurlow Shannon Thurlow 11:52 pm 02 Jul 18


Deborah Winkler Deborah Winkler 10:23 pm 02 Jul 18

Yes ver impressive

Claire Maree Frazer Claire Maree Frazer 10:13 pm 02 Jul 18

Leonie Anstey you get a mention too.

Andrea de Carvalho Andrea de Carvalho 9:38 pm 02 Jul 18

Great work Ursula! 😍

Marg Watt Marg Watt 9:38 pm 02 Jul 18


Madeline Makeham Madeline Makeham 9:31 pm 02 Jul 18

Always great at her job!

Amanda Mackenzie Amanda Mackenzie 9:16 pm 02 Jul 18

That’s great Ursula Jamieson 💫

Sally Cameron Sally Cameron 8:31 pm 02 Jul 18

Oh wow! Fantastic article about our school Catherine Hoskinson, Liz Grellman, Sally Adams, Deborah Tkalcevic, Zoe Kate, Ashleigh Darcy 😃

    Zoe Kate Zoe Kate 8:32 pm 02 Jul 18

    And written by one of my old high school teachers!!

Vicki Dwyer Vicki Dwyer 8:27 pm 02 Jul 18

Well done Urs xx

Reets Wood Reets Wood 7:26 pm 02 Jul 18

Ahhhhhh how we miss you Urs 💕. Love that you are shining though 😍

Sara Henden Sara Henden 7:17 pm 02 Jul 18

Ursula is amazing. A truly warm and compassionate person and nurturing teacher.

Lisa Donnellan Lisa Donnellan 6:38 pm 02 Jul 18

Can fully attest that Ursula is one of the best!

Toni Pfeiffer Toni Pfeiffer 6:28 pm 02 Jul 18

Way to go, Ursula. Xx

Melinda Jane Melinda Jane 7:25 am 02 Jul 18

Bravo bravo Ursula Jamieson👏

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