CELL BLOCK 69 – In CANBERRY !!!! – AWESOME ROCK SHOW at The ANU STADIUM / Bar this Tuesday 23rd Dec

Les Lozenger 23 December 2008 19

Duane Le Corey Michaels sits on the deck of his seaside mansion on the southern shores of Brazil caressing Burindi, his now fully grown pet tigress. He reflects on what once was and what is yet to come for him in the only way of life that he knows – the Cell Block way.

Michaels explains “We’ve passed many milestones along our way on this great journey we’ve undertaken. Just remember, milestones are made of Rock too and when Rock begins to be measured in miles, it proves to be almost more Rock than even the most intellectual mind could attempt to fathom. Someone such as yourself could only begin to imagine it’s strength, complexity and sheer awesomeness to the mega maxx”.

It’s been said of Cell Block 69 on many occasions that Rock flows through their veins like blood through an appropriate metaphor. This December, Cell Block 69 will prove this as they bring their Stadium Spectacular down under their Australian audiences.

“We can’t wait to unleash our Rock spectacular on to the Canberry audiences”,says Michaels. “There’s an excitement for us as we know that they crave and feel the Rock in us. Rock has a special place in us and it’s exciting for us to know that our fans can touch us in that special place”.

We played in your nation’s capital in Sydney last night at the Hopetoun Arena / Hotel. The audience there were the best audience we’ve ever had but somehow we know that the Canberry audience will be far more totally awesome at exchanging the sheer energy of our 8 strong Corey ROCK assault.

Don’t miss your chance to see Cell Block 69 and totally rad Rock chicks “White Leather” at the ANU Stadium / Bar – Tuesday Dec 23rd, Doors at 8pm

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19 Responses to CELL BLOCK 69 – In CANBERRY !!!! – AWESOME ROCK SHOW at The ANU STADIUM / Bar this Tuesday 23rd Dec
phototext phototext 3:52 pm 24 Dec 08

“not so rockin’ this morning.”

With you there, although it annoyed the eff out of me that the bar was closed after the last song. Just wanted a beer, or even a water, after screaming “ooh mama, ooh mama” etc etc for the last half an hour…… just one beer is all I wanted. Instead, Transit Bar got my money.

blueberry blueberry 10:18 am 24 Dec 08

I’ll second that.
It was the Radness!!!!!

bloodnut bloodnut 8:55 am 24 Dec 08

they did rock.

not so rockin’ this morning.

Granny Granny 2:58 am 24 Dec 08

Glad to hear your nipple was well fondled, phototext!


phototext phototext 1:43 am 24 Dec 08

They rocked like lycra !

Granny Granny 1:12 am 24 Dec 08

So how was it? Did it live up to expectations?

Hope so!

Well, I’m off to Perth tomorrow for two long weeks, so if I don’t get to post for a while be happy little vegemites till I get back ….

Cheers, y’all!
Love Granny

phototext phototext 7:27 pm 23 Dec 08




Granny Granny 11:24 am 23 Dec 08

Well, fortunately tonight is a Tuesday.

; )

Thumper Thumper 11:16 am 23 Dec 08

I don’t think my songs fondle nipples, however, I’m not sure what they do when they go out on a Friday night.

Granny Granny 11:14 am 23 Dec 08

That would be excellent, bloodnut! Thanks!!

bloodnut bloodnut 11:05 am 23 Dec 08

you can’t.

its like the masons – you have to join to find out. Maybe I’ll take some crap footage tonight and post for you.

Granny Granny 10:31 am 23 Dec 08

I can imagine that dismemberment would be quite an emotional adventure, bloodnut, but I do draw the line at having songs fondle my nipple.

I’m afraid that they have got the title quite wrong, however, as it should obviously be ‘WHOO GRANDMA!’ ….

Nevertheless, I am unable to find this story that has to be heard to be told anywhere on YouTube.

Where can I hear it?

bloodnut bloodnut 10:07 am 23 Dec 08

BerraBoy68 said :

Good pick up Granny. That is on bad error on their part.

Also, I’ve not been to the ANU bar for quite a while but could you really call it a venue fit for a ‘stadium spectacular’?

please refer below to their last press release for more amusement and laughter to the point of incontinence. Friggin hilarious show. again – reccommended highly.

Cell Block 69 are:

Corey Rokk-Sixx: Drums
Corey Testosterini: Bass
Corey the artist formerly known as Correy: Keyboards
Corey Van Coverdale: axe
Corey Axelrod: rod
Dwayne Le Corey-Micheals: the voice!

and guest back-up vocalists:

corina e & coreii electrica

When you walk the streets of this modern world, you are very unlikely to hear single mention of CELL BLOCK 69. How is it that the eighties most critically and publicly adored band have managed to slip into obscurity unnoticed? There’s as many theories as there are studies about what happened to the six Coreys. The most widely accepted amongst academics is simply that they are no longer relevant. Well, Mr. Egghead academic, eat your hypothesis! Cell Block 69 are back and stronger than ever!

Cell Block 69 have released their first single since the widely publicised media battle with Prince after they claimed he stole their song, ‘My Name Is Prince’ over a decade ago. So why, after all this time have they chosen to release a new song?

Speaking from his castle in generic europe Le Corey Micheals explains, ‘After the battle with that skinny mother with the high voice, we swore never to write another song again. Every great thing we wrote was stolen from us and we were just sick of it. But this song… this song… it’s different. It insisted on coming out. It was like we had no control over it. We would walk around singing a melody to friends and our many, many lovers asking, what’s this song stuck in my beautiful head. They would say

“oh, that’s Enter Sandman” or “that sounds like Yesterday by the Beatles”. Eventually we found a melody that sounded like nothing else and it came with a story, a story that had to be heard to be told.’

The result, ‘WHOO MAMMA!’. The title is apt because this song will take everything you thought you knew about rock and make it taste bitter. Crowds who have been fortunate enough to see one of CELL BLOCK 69s rare performances will fondly remember the song they scored to. WHOO MAMMA takes you on an emotional adventure of highs and lows, love and heartbreak, friendship and dismemberment. It will tug on your heart strings while simultaneously fondling your nipple. The musical prowess featured will remind even the most staunch musicians that all other genres of music are an utter waste and all will bow before the mighty Coreys and their mighty Rock!

They have also once again demonstrated their marketing prowess. With the single being released in a limited numbered run of just one copy, it is sure to be on every collectors must have list. It is expected that unscrupulous nerds will distribute the song widely on that internet thingy.

So after a decade of obscurity people may well ask,’ what happened to Cell Block 69?’, in another decade people will ask, ‘Where were you when you first heard Whoo Mama!’ and the answer will be the same, ‘in rock ecstasy’.

Granny Granny 9:32 am 23 Dec 08

Thanks, PreciousLilywhite! Have a great time!!

: )

PreciousLilywhite PreciousLilywhite 9:27 am 23 Dec 08

BB68, the whole write-up couldn’t be more tounge-in-cheek. 😉

These guys are R.A.D…I’ll be there with (xmas) bells on.

welcome back granny.

Granny Granny 8:29 am 23 Dec 08

Oh, it was an error! Thank goodness for that ….


I spent a lot of my misspent youth at the Uni bar drinking jugs of cider. Sometimes Gramps and I still share a bottle of Strongbow, although I was already kind of past all that when I met him.

Stadium spectaculars are in the eye or ear of the beholder, BerraBoy68!! You have to use your imagination. A sprinkle of pixie dust, and think happy thoughts, and just look at those stadiums sprout!

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 8:17 am 23 Dec 08

Good pick up Granny. That is on bad error on their part.

Also, I’ve not been to the ANU bar for quite a while but could you really call it a venue fit for a ‘stadium spectacular’?

Granny Granny 8:09 am 23 Dec 08

We played in your nation’s capital in Sydney last night at the Hopetoun Arena / Hotel.

Sorry what??
They’ve changed the capital!
… Who knew?

bloodnut bloodnut 8:01 am 23 Dec 08

i have waited all year for this.

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