Clea Rose – Things not done by the book after all

johnboy 10 May 2007 61

Despite howls from our policing friends that only bad people ask questions about policing, and other howls from delusional members of the community who wouldn’t be able to get to sleep at night if their glossy brochure image of policing were to be ruptured, something new and interesting has come out of the Clea Rose inquest.

The Canberra Times has the fascinating report.

“The third day of the inquest heard Sergeant Bob Sobey was ACT Policing communications team leader on the night July 29, 2005, and the early morning of the following day, a role which included pursuit controller.

Sergeant Sobey told the ACT Coroner’s Court yesterday that as pursuit controller, it was his role to take charge of any police pursuit as soon as it was called in to him. However, he had not been notified of the pursuit that lead to Ms Rose’s death until after she had been struck by the stolen car being tailed by police.

Sergeant Sobey said if he had been dictating the pursuit over the radio to Constables Graeme Cooper and Constantinos Bobolas, he would have ordered they terminate it immediately after the suspect turned into the bus interchange”

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61 Responses to Clea Rose – Things not done by the book after all
nyssa76 nyssa76 10:17 pm 13 May 07

If (or should I say when) he reoffends, I want him in jail without bail and sentenced as an adult.

johnboy johnboy 9:48 pm 13 May 07

I’d like to see tougher sentencing in general.

But as sentence has been passed and he has served it I’d like to see him arrested quick smart if he re-offends.

The rest of the bollocks, bile, and CC being CC I’ll let through to the keeper.

Special G Special G 9:23 pm 13 May 07

There was a good article in the Saturday CT. Surprisingly it didn’t take a particular Police bashing angle and simply reported what was going on.

Article on the same day went into the drivers history of Police pursuits. Driver said he was scared of being arrested – what a load of crap.

DJ DJ 7:40 pm 13 May 07

JB, you keep on about civil liberties… you don’t seem to be on this bandwagon. I’d like to hear of a program where he is daily tormented by the images of his actions not unlike what Clea’s family endure.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:18 pm 13 May 07

I’d like to see something that stops his hands from driving a car – maybe a bracelet that “zaps” him as he jumps into any car.

Pandy Pandy 7:11 pm 13 May 07

Or a tracking noose?

cranky cranky 12:48 pm 12 May 07

Could the parole conditions include the wearing of a tracking bracelet?

DuffyMum DuffyMum 10:39 am 12 May 07

Even less … won’t he steal a ride so he can get to home/mates/pub?

Hope the AFP will be at the gate waiting for him …

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:14 am 12 May 07

18 months for taking someone’s life. Gee I feel so secure in our legal system.

el el 2:16 am 12 May 07

Fraid so Pandy. Sentenced to a minimum 18 months 31/01/2006.

Pandy Pandy 8:38 pm 11 May 07

Did I not hear that he was being released in a few months?

DJ DJ 8:22 pm 11 May 07

Less… 48 hours.

Special G Special G 8:17 pm 11 May 07

I’ll start it off – 1 week

Special G Special G 8:17 pm 11 May 07

I was born in Alice Springs and have lived in Australia almost all my life – does that make me indigenous.

Didn’t this thread get way off track.

The little shit who was driving the car is out in a couple of months. Can RA run a poll on how long the punters think it will take him to steal another car.

RA needs more polls – they have been lacking lately – along with interviews.

Pandy Pandy 5:03 pm 11 May 07

Wait for JB’s comment.

Not not all youths are bad. Never said it was so.

jenna jenna 4:52 pm 11 May 07

Generalising about Aboriginal youth is just as stupid as generalisings about the police force being corrupt or useless. Yes, there are bad elements in every race, just as there are bad elements in every profession. Let’s focus on the issues and not on blaming a whole culture or group of workers.

As far as the police force are concerned, I think the issue should be lack of resources, support from govt. or the judiciary, and poor morale, some of which comes about because the community runs them down so much. There are some very good coppers out there.

Pandy Pandy 4:08 pm 11 May 07

What is racist about racial profiling?

It happens all the time under our new security regime.

seepi seepi 12:13 pm 11 May 07

Don’t agree with homosexuality – don’t do it.

bonfire bonfire 11:52 am 11 May 07

having lived in alice springs, the media reporting of crime NEVER mentions race.

however when a news report of someone dying after being speared in the thigh outside the piggly wiggly is broadcast – you dont have to be sherlock holmes to figure it out.

99% of aboriginals i have met/seen/worked with etc are decent normal you and me people, with a unique culture.

the 1% who have effectively been expeleed from their communities and gravitated to places like the todd riverbed etc cause 90% of the trouble that racists revel in using as their evidence.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 11:21 am 11 May 07

Be careful playing the definitions game – look up racism on and you’ll see what I mean. Real racism is about saying “members of racial group X are bad because they are members of racial group X”. I think this is a bit different to what was said above, being “I have noticed that lots of members of racial group X are bad”. Observing the characteristics of a majority of a demographic is NOT the same as saying all members of a given demographic are bad because of that membership.

Sounds like a good argument to have over several large ales.

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