Coffee Bitch #91 Central Cafe, Gungahlin

Stephen Peacock 11 December 2013 10

The kind of glitzy suburban yik where vynol and laminex rule.

(well it is a shopping mall).

All smiles and service however the coffee takes seven minutes to arrive at my table, which is up there with the slowpoke champions.

And no they weren’t busy.

Central is located on one corner of the mall, very busy with shoppers; with a view of thepassing 40km traffic.

The coffee isn’t too bad for a corporate vac pack, an anorexic crema the result of tired milk.

A half decent brew is a bit of a surprise given its the kind of venue where people order weak cappuccinos and immediately drown them with sugar.

The coffee situation has improved in Gungers but we have a way to go yet.

Two beans

two beans

[ED – This review is a continuation of the long running Coffee Bitch column on Culturazi]

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10 Responses to Coffee Bitch #91 Central Cafe, Gungahlin
c_c™ c_c™ 10:03 pm 11 Dec 13

Central Cafe went bust a while back, must be a new owner.

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 6:39 pm 11 Dec 13

As BimboGeek said – coffee reviews by someone who literally doesn’t know the first thing about coffee: crema.

But hey, you’ve only written 91 reviews….

justin heywood justin heywood 6:19 pm 11 Dec 13

fabforty said :

Really. Can you be any more condescending ?

This appears to be more about sneering at lesser mortals who live in the suburbs than actual reporting.

I suspect it wouldn’t matter what the coffee was like, his mind was made up when he entered the place.

fabforty fabforty 5:37 pm 11 Dec 13

Really. Can you be any more condescending ?

BimboGeek BimboGeek 3:46 pm 11 Dec 13

Btw the coffee pictured simply looks like it sat too long before being photographed. Can Stephen report on how long he waits in front of his coffee before drinking? It seems to be a common problem for him.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 3:44 pm 11 Dec 13

Nice, throwing eating disorders around as insults. Screw you fatty!

Anyway once again he shows he doesn’t know about coffee. Crema and microfoam are completely unrelated. If his barista was unable to extract any crema at all, the beans would be too old. If it was extracting thick crema that dissipated the grind was too coarse. If the crema was absolutely ok but the coffee arrived looking washed out that’s a bad milk pour, which can be achieved by pouring too quickly and too close to the cup. Insufficient microfoam could be caused by any number of factors that reduce down to “the barista didn’t make enough foam” and which would sound like a loud metallic humming during steaming but reusing old milk tends to result in a bubbly foam rather than none at all.

m_ratt m_ratt 3:34 pm 11 Dec 13

All-day breakfast on weekdays only. No good for a late breakfast on a lazy Sunday. :S

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 2:37 pm 11 Dec 13

Lucky you didn’t have a meal there.

tikbalang tikbalang 2:33 pm 11 Dec 13

Do Hideout in Barton!

JazzyJess JazzyJess 2:29 pm 11 Dec 13

I’ve been to Central Cafe maybe half a dozen times and it is always so freakin slow regardless of how busy they are. It sucks that there is nowhere even semi decent for a coffee in Gungahlin.

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