Colossus of Canberra

Gungahlin Al 15 August 2007 19

You’ve gotta love the cartoon in the Canberra Times today of an idea for the $1M entry statement art piece for City Hill:

Stanhope's Colossus

I think even Jon Stanhope would have had a laugh over that one this morning.

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19 Responses to Colossus of Canberra
Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:30 am 20 Aug 07

Chester from The Chaser? 🙂

chester chester 5:45 pm 17 Aug 07

God I just had a brilliant idea. I could hang around with my video cam until a bunch of local TV news crews front up to interview him outside the LA as they do, casually blend in with the crowd (I’ll go incognito), and then pop up when all the cameras are rolling including my own, demanding:

“Mr Stanhope on which side does sir dress? What’s your opinion of freeballing? Do you see the Health Minister’s cameltoe as a threat to your leadership? Don’t such important questions deserve greater transparency and accountability from the ACT Government? Why won’t the Chief Minister address these critical issues facing the Canberra community?”

That would be worth every cent of a tax increase.

I’m not sure what he’d have me arrested for but I’m sure he’d think of something. LOL

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:29 pm 17 Aug 07

CC, don’t you go baiting him! He’ll only take it out on the ACT, and introduce more taxes, or something like that! 😉

chester chester 1:46 pm 17 Aug 07

“In that drawing, Stanhope appears to be hanging to the right – does this mean there will be a change in his political leanings soon????”

But he does hang to the right doesn’t he? I might email him and ask on which side sir dresses. I’m sure he’d love to hear from me again. In fact, he’s probably starting to miss me a bit by now.

“Lyrics on buses maybe?”

Break On Through To the Other Side emblazoned across that big old gut of Jon Jon’s with a tattoo of Morrison in the centre of his chest might be enough to keep Little Jon’s ego happy while giving Jim a little of the recognition he so richly and far more rightfully deserves.

Thumper Thumper 10:41 am 17 Aug 07

Stanhope can form an education committee to ensure that the young uns know about Jim…

Lyrics on buses maybe?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:03 am 17 Aug 07

In that drawing, Stanhope appears to be hanging to the right – does this mean there will be a change in his political leanings soon????

Katy with a cameltoe? I think I’m going to hurl!

caf caf 5:22 pm 16 Aug 07

Even in these heady Web 2.0 times I believe it is still de rigeur for a significant proportion of teenage males to go through a “Doors phase”.

chester chester 5:13 pm 16 Aug 07

I don’t even want to see him clothed.

It gets worse. I started imagining a matching pair of sculptures. Another of Katy with a cameltoe.
(Definitely NSFW linky – god, there are whole porn sites dedicated to them, who knew?)

Jim Morrison will never work. The young ‘uns will only ask who he is. I can’t bear the idea of Jim being described as the lead singer of “a band you never heard of”. 😉

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:45 pm 16 Aug 07

“Thank god nobody mentioned freeballing.


Oh dear, I think I’ve put myself off my lunch.”

Come on Chester; don’t all hot blooded Canberrans want to see Stanhope naked?

Although, come to think of it, the Christian lobby might be up in arms!

Thumper Thumper 12:07 pm 16 Aug 07

Jim Morrison is the go.

let’s get a petition for the Lizard king…

chester chester 11:47 am 16 Aug 07

Thank god nobody mentioned freeballing.


Oh dear, I think I’ve put myself off my lunch.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:50 am 16 Aug 07

Maybe an Elvis statue would be the go then – 16 August 1977?????

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 16 Aug 07

Thinking about this issue, I’d be worried considering Stanhope will probably have the final say.

Think what we have gotten recently, yes, the mafia crim Al Grassby.

I really don’t think we need a giant Gough Whitlam.

having said that, if Stanhope wanted to set up a gallery of Australian PMs then I’d be happy to see it.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:20 pm 15 Aug 07

Somehow, methinks inspiration for that picture was somewhat derived from this website.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:20 pm 15 Aug 07

I still think my suggestion of a 100ft high Jim Morrison statue would be much better, and more relevant!

flyingblind flyingblind 4:15 pm 15 Aug 07

Is this some kind of crack at Canberra thing?

chester chester 1:07 pm 15 Aug 07

Now I’m really scarred for life.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much information.

fhakk fhakk 12:01 pm 15 Aug 07

The CT’s Jack Waterford is actually one of the guys on the panel which will choose the monument. I wonder whether this design is actually in one of the proposals.

andy andy 11:41 am 15 Aug 07

oh jesus, now you’ve given him an idea…

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