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Colossus of Canberra

By Gungahlin Al - 15 August 2007 19

You’ve gotta love the cartoon in the Canberra Times today of an idea for the $1M entry statement art piece for City Hill:

Stanhope's Colossus

I think even Jon Stanhope would have had a laugh over that one this morning.

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Colossus of Canberra
Thumper 10:41 am 17 Aug 07

Stanhope can form an education committee to ensure that the young uns know about Jim…

Lyrics on buses maybe?

Mr Evil 10:03 am 17 Aug 07

In that drawing, Stanhope appears to be hanging to the right – does this mean there will be a change in his political leanings soon????

Katy with a cameltoe? I think I’m going to hurl!

caf 5:22 pm 16 Aug 07

Even in these heady Web 2.0 times I believe it is still de rigeur for a significant proportion of teenage males to go through a “Doors phase”.

chester 5:13 pm 16 Aug 07

I don’t even want to see him clothed.

It gets worse. I started imagining a matching pair of sculptures. Another of Katy with a cameltoe.
(Definitely NSFW linky – god, there are whole porn sites dedicated to them, who knew?)

Jim Morrison will never work. The young ‘uns will only ask who he is. I can’t bear the idea of Jim being described as the lead singer of “a band you never heard of”. 😉

Mr Evil 4:45 pm 16 Aug 07

“Thank god nobody mentioned freeballing.


Oh dear, I think I’ve put myself off my lunch.”

Come on Chester; don’t all hot blooded Canberrans want to see Stanhope naked?

Although, come to think of it, the Christian lobby might be up in arms!

Thumper 12:07 pm 16 Aug 07

Jim Morrison is the go.

let’s get a petition for the Lizard king…

chester 11:47 am 16 Aug 07

Thank god nobody mentioned freeballing.


Oh dear, I think I’ve put myself off my lunch.

Mr Evil 10:50 am 16 Aug 07

Maybe an Elvis statue would be the go then – 16 August 1977?????

Thumper 8:02 am 16 Aug 07

Thinking about this issue, I’d be worried considering Stanhope will probably have the final say.

Think what we have gotten recently, yes, the mafia crim Al Grassby.

I really don’t think we need a giant Gough Whitlam.

having said that, if Stanhope wanted to set up a gallery of Australian PMs then I’d be happy to see it.

Maelinar 9:20 pm 15 Aug 07

Somehow, methinks inspiration for that picture was somewhat derived from this website.

Mr Evil 4:20 pm 15 Aug 07

I still think my suggestion of a 100ft high Jim Morrison statue would be much better, and more relevant!

flyingblind 4:15 pm 15 Aug 07

Is this some kind of crack at Canberra thing?

chester 1:07 pm 15 Aug 07

Now I’m really scarred for life.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much information.

fhakk 12:01 pm 15 Aug 07

The CT’s Jack Waterford is actually one of the guys on the panel which will choose the monument. I wonder whether this design is actually in one of the proposals.

andy 11:41 am 15 Aug 07

oh jesus, now you’ve given him an idea…

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