Corinbank 2012 Take 2. A review

johnboy 3 December 2012 6


I love Corinbank.

I love going to Corinbank, I love coming back from Corinbank, and I love being up there at Corinbank.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about it’s a music and arts festival held in the mountains outside Canberra. They have a website.

There is art, and there’s lots of music, and there’s dancing, and theatrics, and workshops to meet people in if you don’t know anyone.

There is lots of great food, and this year they were selling Christoph Zierholz’ excellent beer for $6 in 380ml cups which is a decent price at any event. (cider and UDL’s also available)

If, like me, you’re a digital junkie there is no mobile reception so you get a chance to get back to communicating with people via talking to their faces.

When you’re tired it’s a short walk to your tent.

Your life at a three day festival takes on a whole new rhythm of sleeping, dancing, talking, joking, queuing for food and drink, queueing to get rid of it, and just sitting on the green grass in the sun or the shade listening.

Carefree days seem to stretch out forever and when night falls the magic and madness takes hold.

Teenagers, children, young adults, old farts, everyone cleaning up after themselves and having a great time.

I’d like to make a special shout out to the tower of disappointment which well and truly delivered on all that it promised.

Three big cheers for all the organisers and volunteers that make it happen.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure hopefully the slideshow will give you some idea.


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6 Responses to Corinbank 2012 Take 2. A review
dan w dan w 1:45 pm 05 Dec 12

Thanks for the comments Watson.

Yes, the placement of the Tower of Disappointment was rather poinent and somewhat deliberate.

You’ll be pleased to know that the CorinCrew slogged hard for several months constructing 25 composting loos, which (you were obviously not pleased to know) were sadly not able to be put to use thanks to some very last minute red tape. We’re working through the “issues” (which I might add were never “issues” in the three years we’ve rented near identical composting loos), and we will not be taking this verdict lying down… It cost us an additional $7K, a dent in our enviro creds, and some goodwill from our loyal patrons. We will prevail.

Dan – voli/director (on hiatus)

Watson Watson 11:29 am 04 Dec 12

We loved the cockatoo! Though dangerous for the OCD and perfectionists. And the Tower of Disappointment made us laugh every time we passed. And it was good to have something to laugh at near those toilets!

I hope they will keep putting it on this time of the year. The weather was great and the wildflowers made the place look even more magical. Nice start to the summer season.

CrocodileGandhi CrocodileGandhi 10:26 pm 03 Dec 12

Thanks JB. Looks like the top of my head can be seen in one of your photos. I saw you around and meant to come and say g’day, but didn’t seem to get the chance. Will have to next time.

poetix poetix 4:33 pm 03 Dec 12

Nice moth in there.

CrocodileGandhi CrocodileGandhi 3:59 pm 03 Dec 12

Is it possible to have a link to the slideshow? The work firewall is keeping me from seeing it in the article.

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