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Costco cometh to Canberra

By johnboy 22 October 2010 48

Australian retail watchers have been speculating that as part of the mammoth Costco chain’s push into the buoyant Australian economy they might open an outlet here in Canberra.

A keen eyed reader has noticed they’re staffing up.

It’s a new model for us, really aimed at families. You have to join their club at $55 a year just to shop there and then the motto is buy in bulk and pack straight into boxes.

Anyone know where they’re going to be setting up?

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
Costco cometh to Canberra
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gill88 11:50 pm 21 Feb 11

finally some retail competition in Canberra. Food / Groceries are so expensive here.

Public service city and retailers, supermarkets and the restaurants here think it gives them a right to – RIP us of blind!

A total lack of competition in a population that is pretty trainsient!

Maybe Costco will finally shake the apple tree so to speak

scorch 1:09 pm 11 Dec 10

They are definitely coming to Canberra another ad –

As for people commenting about aldi re quality and savings, I as gourmet/snob/providor tart who would never set foot in one, am converted.

Fresh food quality on most occasions surpasses W&C, particularly meats. As for the staples why would you choose to pay 30 % more for the same thing, produced by the same food manufacturers in Australia with different packaging? The only reason I go to my local woolies is to buy gourmet ice-cream at 11 pm. Now I see aldi sell 1litre tubs of cream for $6!! It easily competes with connosuer.

Only problem with Costco is people will start buying big deep freezers and then wonder why their electricity bills are skyrocketing. Guess that can always blame the govt…

xJuliex 8:15 am 08 Dec 10

Costco is definitely coming to Canberra, they are advising positions, who knows where it will be, i dare say out airport way.. I can’t wait i think it’s a fantastic idea.. The whole paying a small fee of $60 per year is nothing compared to how much you will save on food in bulk etc.. I’m excited about the diamond rings apparently they are half the cost of what you pay in the shops..Not to mention the cakes that feed a whole party for next to nothing in cost.

They only require a piece of your id for proof to become a member, they don’t ask for a detailed list of personal information, just something with a photo and birth date. I believe it will do well in Canberra.. especially for the bigger families..

Every one has there own opinions and to the ones who don’t want to fork out paying a membership a year, then don’t simple as that. There’s still people who wont go near Aldis because they think everything is imported etc and nothing is fresh.

I’d rather shop at Aldis over Coles/Woolworth any day. Coles would have to have the most unsanitary meat/fruit n veg ever and it has also been proven with testing at how bad it really is. The fruit n Veg lasts a few days because it’s left in the chillers over night and they spray it with water regularly to give it that fresh look.. haha.. anyhow my opinion each to there own.

Bring on Costco i’m all for it… 🙂

thom 7:46 pm 30 Nov 10

abc said :

I heard about a year ago that they’ll be out at the airport near the Supabarn/service station/McDonalds area.. So unless they get rid of Brand Depot, which has been constructed in a way to be a freight terminal, then it’ll be a new building…Costco is the biggest seller of diamond rings in the USA.

McDonalds at the airport? Canberra’s finally grown up 🙂

busgirl 12:36 pm 04 Nov 10

How do they measure up in regards to gluten-free products?

kevmitch20 12:13 pm 04 Nov 10

I love Costco, I can’t see anything on the Australian site about one coming to Canberra though.

When I was in America we tried to get in and they asked us for our membership card, but we said that we were from Australia and just wanted to have a look around and they let us in.

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