Costco cometh to Canberra

johnboy 23 October 2010 48

Australian retail watchers have been speculating that as part of the mammoth Costco chain’s push into the buoyant Australian economy they might open an outlet here in Canberra.

A keen eyed reader has noticed they’re staffing up.

It’s a new model for us, really aimed at families. You have to join their club at $55 a year just to shop there and then the motto is buy in bulk and pack straight into boxes.

Anyone know where they’re going to be setting up?

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48 Responses to Costco cometh to Canberra
gill88 gill88 11:50 pm 21 Feb 11

finally some retail competition in Canberra. Food / Groceries are so expensive here.

Public service city and retailers, supermarkets and the restaurants here think it gives them a right to – RIP us of blind!

A total lack of competition in a population that is pretty trainsient!

Maybe Costco will finally shake the apple tree so to speak

scorch scorch 1:09 pm 11 Dec 10

They are definitely coming to Canberra another ad –

As for people commenting about aldi re quality and savings, I as gourmet/snob/providor tart who would never set foot in one, am converted.

Fresh food quality on most occasions surpasses W&C, particularly meats. As for the staples why would you choose to pay 30 % more for the same thing, produced by the same food manufacturers in Australia with different packaging? The only reason I go to my local woolies is to buy gourmet ice-cream at 11 pm. Now I see aldi sell 1litre tubs of cream for $6!! It easily competes with connosuer.

Only problem with Costco is people will start buying big deep freezers and then wonder why their electricity bills are skyrocketing. Guess that can always blame the govt…

xJuliex xJuliex 8:15 am 08 Dec 10

Costco is definitely coming to Canberra, they are advising positions, who knows where it will be, i dare say out airport way.. I can’t wait i think it’s a fantastic idea.. The whole paying a small fee of $60 per year is nothing compared to how much you will save on food in bulk etc.. I’m excited about the diamond rings apparently they are half the cost of what you pay in the shops..Not to mention the cakes that feed a whole party for next to nothing in cost.

They only require a piece of your id for proof to become a member, they don’t ask for a detailed list of personal information, just something with a photo and birth date. I believe it will do well in Canberra.. especially for the bigger families..

Every one has there own opinions and to the ones who don’t want to fork out paying a membership a year, then don’t simple as that. There’s still people who wont go near Aldis because they think everything is imported etc and nothing is fresh.

I’d rather shop at Aldis over Coles/Woolworth any day. Coles would have to have the most unsanitary meat/fruit n veg ever and it has also been proven with testing at how bad it really is. The fruit n Veg lasts a few days because it’s left in the chillers over night and they spray it with water regularly to give it that fresh look.. haha.. anyhow my opinion each to there own.

Bring on Costco i’m all for it… 🙂

thom thom 7:46 pm 30 Nov 10

abc said :

I heard about a year ago that they’ll be out at the airport near the Supabarn/service station/McDonalds area.. So unless they get rid of Brand Depot, which has been constructed in a way to be a freight terminal, then it’ll be a new building…Costco is the biggest seller of diamond rings in the USA.

McDonalds at the airport? Canberra’s finally grown up 🙂

busgirl busgirl 12:36 pm 04 Nov 10

How do they measure up in regards to gluten-free products?

kevmitch20 kevmitch20 12:13 pm 04 Nov 10

I love Costco, I can’t see anything on the Australian site about one coming to Canberra though.

When I was in America we tried to get in and they asked us for our membership card, but we said that we were from Australia and just wanted to have a look around and they let us in.

PBO PBO 8:42 am 29 Oct 10

OMG Costco!!!! This will rock my cheap world! I think that i have a retail induced stiffy!

melbournereader melbournereader 10:32 pm 28 Oct 10

Genie–Hmmm….sorry, but Costco does not allow anyone in without a membership card–in the US or anywhere. The whole idea is that you need to be a member to enter the store and shop. You must show your card at the entry. Sure, members are allowed to bring in 2 guests, but the member is to pay for purchases. I don’t know where you went in the US, but the policy of Costco is not to allow just anyone in, and if you are not a member pay 10% extra. Costco has never been run that way. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed—you can take anything back at any time for a full refund. They also refund the membership fee if you aren’t happy and don’t wish to be a member. The member’s photo is on the card, so it is not something that can be passed around. You have one thing right, though–Costco is awesome!
A store that sells things at 10% markup as a general rule, whether it be peanut butter or diamonds, and sells things for the least amount they can, rather than the most they can like competitors, and can succeed around the world, is a good thing.

Genie Genie 3:00 pm 25 Oct 10

Costco is awesome ! I loved shopping at Costco when I was working in America.. You didn’t need to be a member to walk through the front door. You just have to be a member to purchase stuff. I was working a cruise ship and we werent members but paid an extra 10% ontop of whatever we would buy. Dunno if they have that here. I used to love walking out with 1kg or larger bags of munchies to take back to the ship. I remember getting a 1.25kg jar of jelly belly’s for maybe $10. Pack of 10 socks for $2, 1L shampoo and conditioners in brand names for a few bucks… I also bought my laptop from Costco 4 1/2 years ago and sadly it just died on me a week ago.

Can’t wait for it to come to Canberra.

If your worried about the $55 fee, just buy one amoungst friends/family and pass the card around.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 12:56 pm 25 Oct 10

Thanks for that WMC and P1 – looks like plenty of items that I could buy in bulk and store for the short-medium term, then. Even stuff like the beef mince I can easily separate into smaller bags and stick in the deep freeze.

You beauty!

p1 p1 12:02 pm 25 Oct 10

georgesgenitals said :

So are all the Costco products in massive packets (eg the huge tomato sauce), or are there also options of buying a large box of, say, regular sized tins of tomatoes? For stuff that is non-perishable, buying a huge amount to get a BIG discount is a great idea. I’m quite happy to fill one of my spare rooms with boxes of brekky cereal and dunny paper.

Yup, major appeal of this kinda shopping is buying a pack of 24 cans of tinned whatever, at a per unit price less then you would pay elsewhere. So long as you are going to use them before they expire, and can afford the capital outlay, you’ll win.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:01 pm 25 Oct 10

You can by stuff in bulk sizes, regular sizes in bulk, and even regular stuff in regular sizes (especially fresh produce, deli items, frozen stuff).

Here are some examples of prices from August 2010 (Costco price / Coles Online price) I found on some random forum:

Nutri-Grain 940g $6.99 / 805g $8.71
Mainland Tasty Cheese Slices 1.5kg $13.79 / 7.14x210g $36.48
Broccoli 1kg $1.99 / .99c per kg
Lite Milk 3ltr $3.19 / $3.99
Skippy Peanut Butter (smooth) 1.36kg $6.69 / 3.62x375g (Coles Smart Buy brand) $8.25
Multigrain Bread 3x650g $2.99
Mixed Berries (Frozen) 1kg $6.69 / 2x500g $14.58
Beer Batterd Flathead Fillets 1.2kg $15.79 / 3.3x360g $24.78
4&20 Chunky Beef Pies x 8 $7.69 / 2 x 4 packs $14.72
Pauls Lazytown Yoghurt 12pack $4.89/ $7.03
Lean Ground Beef Mince 2.8kg $25.39 / $42.00
Garlic Bread 3 pack 1.2kg $3.99 / 2.6 x 450g 2 pack $8.47

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:45 am 25 Oct 10

So are all the Costco products in massive packets (eg the huge tomato sauce), or are there also options of buying a large box of, say, regular sized tins of tomatoes? For stuff that is non-perishable, buying a huge amount to get a BIG discount is a great idea. I’m quite happy to fill one of my spare rooms with boxes of brekky cereal and dunny paper.

Erg0 Erg0 11:32 am 25 Oct 10

As an avid consumer, I’m intrigued. I’ll probably take a look if it stocks some stuff that you can’t get elsewhere. I’d assumed it was just Coles/Woolies with bigger packages, but it sounds like that may not be the case.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 11:03 am 25 Oct 10

Costco is appauling and awesome all at the same time. Its consumerism gone mad. Even the trolleys are super-sized.

Just borrow someone’s card if you go there… it worked for us when we were living in the US.

capn_pugwash capn_pugwash 4:18 pm 24 Oct 10

we’ve been members in melbourne since before it opened – you’re gonna love it! They have a great bakery section, fresh fruit & veg & meat. Also bulk cleaning products, paper towel etc and all kinds of products from the USA that you won’t find anywhere else. The frozen food section is always fun with products like frozen omelettes and frozen caesar salad wraps (so bizarre) but the large bags of frozen berries/prawns/gyozas etc are always popular! Add to that things like cheap calvin klein jeans and big bags of starbucks-roasted costco coffee and there’s something for everyone. Every time we go we find something new and different. Some things are in big packages, but other things are the same size but are 3 or 4 shrink-wrapped together – you still save a fair bit plus it is an entertaining couple of hours! At the beginning they offered a ‘tour’ where you could look into the store from a roped-off area. Now I think they do a free pass to look around but you can’t buy anything without being a member. No-one I know has been unhappy with their membership & all feel the membership fee is worth it. They also have very efficient checkouts unlike some other stores we know….

heinous heinous 4:11 pm 24 Oct 10

UrbanAdventure.or said:
I hope they have an open day so we can all go along and see if the store is worth shopping from. I%u2019d hate to have to fork out $55 and then decide it is not worth shopping at.

When I went to a Costco in the US a couple of months ago, they gave me a day pass which let me look around but I could not buy anything. They will probably do the same thing here. 3:06 pm 24 Oct 10

MrPC said :

Costco is not going to succeed here. Just the idea of having to pay $55 for a membership and hand over all your personal information (without even the promise of airline miles) before you can buy there is a bit much for most Australians to deal with.

Why do they need your personal information? I can’t see how that could possibly be required tgo provide their service of selling you products. That kind of flies in the face of the principles set out in the privacy act:

“1.1 An organisation must not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for one or more of its functions or activities.”

Why do they need my personal information to sell me a (admittedly very large) packet of chips? Or even to issue me with a membership card? I can pay my $55, get a card issued with a bar code or unique identifyer and that’s it. No need for my address, phone number, date of birth, first child’s name, what side of the bed I sleep on, etc.

I mean I shop at Aldi all the time and all they want to know is that I can pay for the goods. I even had a membership to Campbell’s Cash and carry at one stage and they just needed and ABN and a name.

All that aside, I can see definite advantages to buying a fork lift at 3 am in the morning. Yes indeedy, I’ll have two thanks. Oh, and a 4.8 litre “small” bottle of tomato sauce thanks.

I hope they have an open day so we can all go along and see if the store is worth shopping from. I’d hate to have to fork out $55 and then decide it is not worth shopping at.

p1 p1 2:30 pm 24 Oct 10

I used shops of a similar type (warehouse sized selling bulk packs) while in living in Canada. It had advantages as people had said. I can certainly imagine it not being ideal for all people, but if you can’t figure out how many of an item you need, you will have the same problem at Coles.

Campbells Cash and Carry also run a somewhat similar concept. I wonder if they consider it a threat to their long running stable business model?

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