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Crem rocks!

By kimba 19 December 2005 10

I made it out to Norwood Park on Saturday for the Carols. What a top night!

Didn’t see any ghosts but the spirit(s) was great!

Probably around 4-5 thousand people there and the site looked really great, especially after the sunset with the glow of the candles.

Bob Downs was terrific – a very professional and humorous performance. He made the night.

Marina Prior and Simon Gallaher were also magic.

Unlike the War Memorial the night before there was a strong presence of local artists including the Rugby Choir and St Gregory’s PS from Queanbeyan who both did a great job.

The night finished with a firework display that rivalled Skyfire.

The night raised $10,000 for the Cancer Support group.

Well done to Mick Rice from the crem and Coralie Wood on organising the night.

The crem rocks!

What’s Your opinion?

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Crem rocks!
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The _ Max 11:51 pm 13 Sep 06

Wow, This has me riled – another thing shame_shame_shame, why would you pick on someone who has served his country in places like Timor and Rwanda – have you no shame – after all u shamed yourself thrice. And then he takes a place, that most people only visit once a year, and turns it into a very special place, my mum and dad are there – and it saddens me so much to see the neglect over the past 9 months since Mick left. My mum and dad are located near a creek and every person who I speak to out at Norwood feel the same as me. Arrogant and verbally abusive you say, well I and so many people I know that have areas there for our loved ones – would disagree – I would be interested to know whether you have any one special there, or did you even go to the carols last christmas or the service he organised in Autumn, or the remeberance service in November – I’d be hedging my bets and say – no. This man is a champion and I would hazard a guess and perhaps you may be a former employee – one who was given the chop when he first started. Crawl away you flea…. crawl back to where you came from. Canberra and Norwood’s loss is losing a visionary person such as he.

The _ Max 10:41 pm 13 Sep 06

Which reminds me – who is responsible for that awful coffee, stale sandwiches and limp flower arrangements in the shop/caffeteria at Norwood Park – woeful stuff – perhaps there should be hate website to that shop

The _ Max 9:52 pm 13 Sep 06

Hmmmmmm,haven’t seen this thread since January, but it seems to me that shame_shame_shame who says…and i quote…”But my facts are correct! As a matter of fact i know so many people that dislike the man, i could start my own fucking website.” that there has only been one negative comment…that being from him/her 3 shamed self, and having googled for the website on the I hate Mick Rice website – i just can’t seem to find it.Any tips on where it is…..BTW – been out to Norwood lately – now that is a shame_shame_shame – disgraceful state since the most hated man in Canberra left – although I do believe he no longer resides here.

Thumper 1:05 pm 22 May 06

Hey Pal,

Get your fucking facts right! I have never bagged Mick out. In fact if I met him in a pub I’d immediately buy him a beer.

I know Mick Rice as well. He’s a top bloke. He was my fucking CSM for Christ’s sake! I used to do bayonet drills with him screaming in my ear. I loved it.

I’ve seen him stand up for his Diggers in a club when we were under the weather so to speak. He used to let us get out on the piss now and then as long as we didn’t act like pork chops.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for him.

Get your fucking facts right sunshine….

shame_shame_shame 12:46 pm 22 May 06

It has disgusted me to find all these wonderful things posted about Mick Rice. Having dealt with him myself, i know Mick to be a very different person. Kimba, Thumper and Busybee, it’s sad that you feel the need to jump on a website and try and pick up the tatters of this man’s respect, dignity and career by feeding the public with your one eyed views of him. Perhaps you should spare a thought for those who were unlucky enough to see the arrogant, verbally abusive, and adulterous side to Mick Rice who now have to deal with your ridiculous crusade to put his name up in lights.
Served in Timor, Rwanda……what a hero! You would think that a person with this sort of resume would be a decent bloke, but spend 5 minutes with him and you will be sadly mistaken. Unfortuantly it seems Mick forgot that he doesn’t have control over people anymore! Good luck to you, i am glad that you can peel back the layers of a man like him and still have a grain of respect for him, but if you come out into the real world and ask people what they think of Mick Rice, you couldn’t pay people to have the same view as you!
P.S I have a printer you can borrow if the next step in your campaign is brochures or flyers!
What a JOKE……..

The Max 7:58 pm 20 Jan 06

I have just heard through the grapevine that Mick Rice, the CEO of Norwood has resigned. If this is true – what a shame for Norwood. I have visited Norwood Park on a weekly basis over the past few years to visit my parent’s memorial there and have noticed the remarkable improvment over the last two years since Mick took over, I only saw him at the new stone markers earlier in the week that have been made in readiness for the new chief ministers gardens that are currently being built there. All the other families that i have spoken to recently think that he has done a terrific job in transforming the crematoria and gardens up to looking absolutly superb. I also wonder if the carols are still going to go ahead – I was there in December and what a night it was – my Mum and Dad would have loved it. I am going to ring Norwood and express my dissapointment at Mick leaving – I’d like to know what the future holds for him – I hope someone snaps him up. Does anybody else feel the same?

busybee 11:27 pm 19 Dec 05

There was magic in the air at Norwood Park on Saturday night. And I agree, having the local artists showed that Canberra has some of the best talent in Australia. The stars were out both in the sky and on stage and credit should go to MICK RICE, CEO of Norwood Park for having the vision to present such a spectacular event

Because of the response, Carols at the Park will continue and be on again next year, on Saturday 16th December 2006

Bob Downe will once again be the MC and Ian McLean will conduct the Christmas Orchestra. The Carols team of Director, Stage Manager and Publicist will all be on board.

However if you missed this spectacular affair, tune into Channel 10 on Friday at 2pm for highlights of the production or Foxtel Aurora
at 8.30pm on Saturday and repeated 4 times during the day on Xmas Day

The audience of 7000 (sorry Kimba you were out a few thousand in your estimate) adored the show,
and the fireworks were awesome.

So make a note in your diary for 16th December next year..because if you miss it you will be sorry.

bubzie 9:25 pm 19 Dec 05

I was there. I performed there as well.
you forgot canberra gang show in that. i feel so cut.
and my gosh, it was so amazing. for example, during the finale, i could just see this sea of candles, and i was like woah.
it was just so friggin awsome.

Absent Diane 11:30 am 19 Dec 05

Sounds a thousand times better than what the bible bashing freaks did out at lake tugg last night….

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:27 am 19 Dec 05

I couldn’t make it out there myself, but what I heard on the radio was fantastic. Mike Frame interviewed Mick Rice who said that he plans on making this an annual event, and hopefully the nations top Carols event.

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