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Cyclists dismount

By Jazz 5 February 2014 62

Ride to Rule

Jellyware sent this in with an interesting question – is following the rules as an act of civil disobedience?

What do you think?

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
Cyclists dismount
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NoImRight 9:07 am 12 Feb 14

KB1971 said :

NoImRight said :

KB1971 said :

NoImRight said :

KB1971 said :

Just to remind the nay sayers of bike riders that car drivers are not immune to crap behavior……

Yesterday I drove to Fyshwick……I had numerous people pass me speeding, a guy in a silver Pajero tailgate me while I was passing a slower car only to turn left 2 minutes later onto Isabella Dv, a person in a red Daewoo/Holden pull in front of me at Hume within my comfort zone and then hitting the brakes to avoid being booked for speeding at the northbound traffic camera at Hume (I had to hit the brakes to avoid running up the back of the car), no less than two cars ran the red light at the off ramp onto Newcastle St (I know this because I had the green……) and one idiot doing 30km/h while looking for something on Gladstone St………

This is in one 20 minute trip………

Really people, lay off cyclists, we/they are not the only people who take liberties with the road laws………hence why I take people to task on the crap that is said.

So by that logic if I see a group of kids spray painting graffiti that then justifies me smashing letterboxes?

Like always there is always someone who takes a comment out of context with a stupidly extreme example. This is one reason RA has a bad name.

What I am saying is that people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. All facets of society take liberty with road rules but there is a certain set who say its only cyclist who do it. Some road rules are completely redundant, hence why you dont get booked for them.

In answer to your question? No, very few road rules are criminal offences such as spray paint vandalism and smashing letterboxes…………

I dont see where I asked what were criminal offences. I also dont see how its out of context. My impression of your post was “drivers do dumb stuff so you cant complain when cyclists do dumb stuff”. Therefore my example wasnt “extreme” (and really graffiti is extreme to you?). Its a logical progression. If you dont have a reasonable way to justify it just having a spray at me wont make your response suddenly reasonable. Instead you could perhaps have just included your second paragraph. Much less whiny that way too 😉

Sigh……I’m done with these stupid arguments with unreasonable people like yourself who troll just for the fun of it.

See ya, have a nice life. I am going to go ride across the pedestrian crossings because it pisses you all off.

Your failure to present a cogent argument to explain your “logic” doesnt somehow become my fault and doesnt make me “unreasonable”. In any case your white flag is accepted.

IrishPete 10:56 pm 11 Feb 14

BenMac said :

IrishPete said :

KB1971 said :

In answer to your question? No, very few road rules are criminal offences such as spray paint vandalism and smashing letterboxes…………

It’s true that many traffic offences are victimless, but they are offences because they carry the risk of serious consequences (i.e. creating a victim).


Traffic offences do have a victim.

Her name is Regina.

Our Head of State? (Lights fuse, sits back and waits…)


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