4 July 2006

Dances with nutters - a response to CrazyChester

| johnboy
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Well CrazyChester (she says it’s not an admission of being crazy but rather a character from a song by a band you’ve never heard of) is making a pest of herself in the comments. I’ve deleted a cross post but kept her latest rant, you can see it here.

Apparently I’m part of some grand conspiracy emanating out of CIT’s media department to “get her” this despite having only once set foot in CIT in my whole life and not even being aware of the existence of a media department there.

It seems my refusal to air her paranoid conspiracies (which are, by the standards of the genre weirdly boring) is proof that I am an unaccountable autocrat and she is deeply unhappy with the way I run this site. Also my photo taking is crappy.

To which I make the humble suggestion that she should go start a better site.

Now, leaving aside the references to knowing where I live, let me address her questions:

Are you the same johnboy involved in digital media?

Aside from running this site you mean? And a podcast I publicise from this site? And another site publicised from this site?

I, as usual, have no idea what you’re talking about. I am certainly *A* johnboy involved in digital media

Do you have some undeclared interest here that might explain your attacks on me, johnboy?

Oh god yes I’m part of the masonic sect that’s made it their life’s mission to persecute you! Your cunning line of questioning has found me out! Seriously now, if I have such an interest I’m not consciously aware of it. I just find you creepy, and boring.

Exactly why did you censor my original post?

Because you made unsupported allegations which I was not comfortable publishing. I’m the one who’s going to end up in court one day and I’d like it to be for something I believe in. I hear that this internet thing allows you to make your own web-pages with which you can make any accusations you like. Having built this site to whatever stature it may have, it’s not actually our responsibility to take up cudgels for every nut case wanting to use us in their own personal vendetta’s.

Do you know the Head of the Media Department, John Frohlich, or any other CIT staff?

Noper, never heard of them.

Now, onto the less veiled threats:

And if you delete this. It’s going to keep appearing. Sure you can block my IP but you can’t block IPs from all over the planet. I’ll give you a lesson about democracy on the internet you’ll never forget.

So democracy is one person with a vendetta exacting retribution against a community with which they have a grievance? Well I’m glad we cleared that up.

As an admin I can delete comments a lot faster than most people can make them. The moderately sane normally give up after a couple of days. You, however, are a very special case. It’s possible your life is so empty and worthless that you could actually devote more time to being a wrecker here than I can to cleaning up after you. In which case, assuming we can’t secure a criminal prosecution, I’d probably just shut the thing down and leave, in its place, a static page listing your personal details and that your vendetta is the reason this site no longer exists.

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colourful sydney racing identity2:18 pm 02 Dec 10

Ah, ffs she has closed her blog again.

Dammit Crazy Chester, the people have a right to know!

You’d never escape her kung-fu grip!

I really think she just needs a cuddle.

How about a big RiotACT group cuddle – any volunteers? 🙂

colourful sydney racing identity12:05 pm 02 Dec 10

Skidbladnir said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

any chance of links?

As I mentioned, she edited her own archive of posts in order to downplay the parts which sounded insane (her words).
(Oct08 maybe, but she’s gone back and edited the hell out of her posts…)

Believe me, its current stream-of-consciousness conspiracy blathering is almost a boring footnote compared to the brainmeltingly toxic vitriolage she has previously shrieked from the summit of Crazychester Peak.
Not so long ago it was a combination of ‘diary of an at-large delusional’, and ‘random conspiracies in a fractured reality’ where the incident johnboy just mentioned once had a starring role.
Buy me a beer at the next RA thingy, and I’ll share the horror.


Her ramblings and paranoia honestly remind me of an ex-girlfriend of mine – baseless allegations and empty threats, with a purely attention seeking agenda. Freaky!

colourful sydney racing identity said :

any chance of links?

As I mentioned, she edited her own archive of posts in order to downplay the parts which sounded insane (her words).
(Oct08 maybe, but she’s gone back and edited the hell out of her posts…)

Believe me, its current stream-of-consciousness conspiracy blathering is almost a boring footnote compared to the brainmeltingly toxic vitriolage she has previously shrieked from the summit of Crazychester Peak.
Not so long ago it was a combination of ‘diary of an at-large delusional’, and ‘random conspiracies in a fractured reality’ where the incident johnboy just mentioned once had a starring role.
Buy me a beer at the next RA thingy, and I’ll share the horror.

Well if she’s fixating on me she isn’t stabbing the chief minister with a syringe.

So I guess that’s a positive. I just wish the mental health system could help her.

colourful sydney racing identity11:02 am 01 Dec 10

JB, I don’t mean to alarm you, but, you’re as good as gone. She is on to you.

‘I assume Andy (Barr) has checked out this John Griffiths character and is sure that there isn’t any embarrassing dirt that might unexpectedly be revealed about him. Oh of course, he has. He wouldn’t be silly enough to associate himself with him otherwise surely? I mean, it’s not as if John Griffiths hasn’t indulged in the odd bit of behavior that might have made him an enemy or two is it?’

After reading the blog do you think maybe Crazy Chester = fgzk on the Zeal graffiti thread?

Both have similar rants about people on here acting as vigilantes or promoting violence.

Just had a quick look at her blog – talk about tinfoil hat territory! But, it is also unintentionally hilarious at times, like when she threatens to send her dossier on CIT to Wikileaks. I bet they’re holding off the Iraq/Afghanistan war papers in anticipation of receiving that red hot expose …

Pommy bastard10:49 am 28 Nov 10

“Chesterbaiting” sound like a term for mast…

No, let’s not go there

Pommy bastard10:38 am 28 Nov 10

johnboy said :

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

No more chesterbaiting? Oooh Err Missus….

That should have read “I doubt her campaign against CIT….”. Sorry.

Just had a look at Crazychesters blog for the first and last time.

I’m of the view she ain’t all there. I doubt here campaig against CIT will ever be taken seriously, especially when she writes stuff such as that in her post ‘P1ss off Richard’:

“P1ss off Richard. If you don’t, I’m coming round to your place and I’ll tell Barb a few facts and a few lies if I have to.”

So, what she’s saying is that if the ‘facts’ aren’t convincing enough for her to get her own way then she’s happy to tell lies?! Interesting debating point and one that a lawyer would bring up in court no doubt.

BTW: what is that bird in her profile picture, a Loon?

screaming banshee1:45 am 28 Nov 10

Christ, talk about staring into the abyss.

I prefer a shorter conspiracy with pictures. I take it chesty is whining about some sex scandal with a picture of an email. Please chesty more pictures less text.

colourful sydney racing identity9:02 am 26 Nov 10

Skidbladnir said :

johnboy said :

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

Nik, Tim, and Craig have all had celebrity limelight posts targeted at them multiple times. Hell, I even got one after I dug up a pile of dirt on her and asked questions, but never received any threats of an AVO… 🙁

The highlight reel of Chester includes the Stanhope Needle Incident, the Confusing Youtube Period, and the Judicial Child Abuse Conspiracy.
The most recent Housing Legal Hellscream (both the Heating and Harassment variants) is really quite boring by comparison.

any chance of links?

colourful sydney racing identity8:29 am 26 Nov 10

Pandy said :

I remember her. 4 years ago. She has a website? Proof.


I remember her. 4 years ago. She has a website? Proof.

Oh man. I’d never checked out her website before. Gaze into the howling void and tremble.

johnboy said :

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

Can’t you appeal to the Human Rights Commission on the grounds that everybody else is allowed to have fun?
Nik, Tim, and Craig have all had celebrity limelight posts targeted at them multiple times. Hell, I even got one after I dug up a pile of dirt on her and asked questions, but never received any threats of an AVO… 🙁

Sure, Chesterbaiting can get kind of boring after a while, but every so often she’ll throw out some golden piece of rhetoric which gives the sport a second wind, but then she goes back and edits her previous posts to support new claims (totally destroying any use of keeping an archive, but providing a pretty clear sign of basic mental logic failure).

The highlight reel of Chester includes the Stanhope Needle Incident, the Confusing Youtube Period, and the Judicial Child Abuse Conspiracy.
The most recent Housing Legal Hellscream (both the Heating and Harassment variants) is really quite boring by comparison.

johnboy said :

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

If she gets that AVO against you, who gets to live in the house?

colourful sydney racing identity4:12 pm 25 Nov 10

johnboy said :

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

That is an outrage – who do I need to speak to so this can be overturned.

I’m not allowed to bait chester any more =(

PBO said :

Why are so many nutters called Leanne?



How did I miss this?

What a farking lunatic!

Why are so many nutters called Leanne?


Yeah, I read a bit. But it freaked me out too much to continue with. I’ve had to deal people like that too much in the past: it’s too painful to watch lucid paranoid delusions at work.

colourful sydney racing identity1:51 pm 25 Nov 10

Jim Jones said :

Holy … f&cking … sh1t

That just might be the most insane person on the entire internet.

have you read her blog? it’s even better ccraven.blogspot.com

Holy … f&cking … sh1t

That just might be the most insane person on the entire internet.

colourful sydney racing identity12:04 pm 25 Nov 10

Did anyone ever get a copy of her video of going back onto campus with the handcuffs and video camera? You couldn’t make shit like this up.

colourful sydney racing identity11:58 am 25 Nov 10

PBO said :

ROFLCOPTER, this is better than the 2 inch thick file i read on CC. (Waits for blast of CC)

When you are done with this, may I suggest http://the-riotact.com/?p=3360&cpage=2#comments

Be warned, you can spend your entire day on this stuff

PBO said :

ROFLCOPTER, this is better than the 2 inch thick file i read on CC. (Waits for blast of CC)

Only 2 inches? Must have been the expurgated version (or volume 1).

ROFLCOPTER, this is better than the 2 inch thick file i read on CC. (Waits for blast of CC)

colourful sydney racing identity10:51 am 25 Nov 10

Holditz said :

colourful sydney racing identity said :

so her website is your fault?

Woah! Raised from the dead!

Yes indeed. It really is JB’s fault, the thread on 10 years of RA made me nostalgic for some crazies. I had forgotten how awesome this was.

Well done JB 🙂

colourful sydney racing identity said :

so her website is your fault?

Woah! Raised from the dead!

colourful sydney racing identity10:26 am 25 Nov 10

GuruJ said :

crazychester, if you’re serious about getting your concerns aired, do what johnboy suggests:

Go to Blogger or another blogging service, set up your own blog and write to your heart’s content. If you post a link to that material here, johnboy might even leave that up if he judges that it doesn’t open RA to libel if a comment points to content hosted on another site (I assume it’s not).

I have no idea what your complaint is about, but johnboy doesn’t censor things on RA lightly. Your post must be pretty inflammatory.

so her website is your fault?

Good question Terubo. Very good question.

CC, the origin of your now highly celebrated beef seems to lie in some horrendous event that occurred in CIT’s Media dept. What, in just one sentence, was the nature of the perfidy?

CC, are you making it your aim in life to drive everyone away from you?

P.S: I have never been, and never will be, a Labor Party hack.

crazychester1:12 pm 12 Oct 06

And do I look like I care? LOL In fact, does it appear I ever cared. When it comes to flaming, you lot are rank amateurs.

CC – I think you’re missing the point. I think I speak for most folk here when I posit that whether you’re on the side of wrong or right in your case is utterly irrelevant to us. We just think you’re a thundering loony.

I know of one or two ‘ALP hacks’ who may read this but I don’t know of any that post…this of course is not to say that they don’t.

I am not an ALP hack, you are mental.

Thanks for your admissions as well, I’ll pass them on

crazychester12:34 pm 12 Oct 06

I’ve already got them, S4anta, but thanks for the encouragement.

So JB, I’m wondering if I show you up to be the jerk you are, will you and your fellow RA members who have put shit on me (and I just know some of you are ACT ALP hacks) be offering me a public apology? Or don’t you like eating crow shithead?

I know it’s so unlikely given I’m stark raving mad according to all you experts. You no doubt got your psychiatry qualifications from the same place as CIT’s student counsellors, I guess. That would be the student counselling service that have been producing and desseminating fraudulent medical information about me and which I’ve asked to have the Police investigate.

Now given this apparently happened with the then Education Minister’s approval (I did ask you to look into it Katy but I guess you couldn’t be bothered) and given she is now Health Minister, how’s everybody feeling about the confidentiality of their medical records?

I’ve asked for an explanation but not even the Chief Minister will deign to reply. Cat got your tongue, Jon? As I’ve breached the Protection Order about half a dozen times since Sunday night including going to a CIT teacher’s home, I would have thought I might have had a visit from the Police by now. Especially as I’ve gone out of my way to make sure they know the Order has been breached. But it’s no speakies.

Game. Set. Match. Pricks.

All reminiscent of the Anu Singh debates in the periphery of the old RA.

Like this one did anyone give two sh!ts. Unfortunately no.

Best of luck CC, go get ’em tiger.

CC, are you a hottie?

crazychester11:13 am 16 Jul 06

Late Breaking News

In an interesting development, el mondo grosso headkicker department Centrelink, steps into the ring. In Chester’s corner. They currently refuse to cancel the Education Supplement they’re paying me. Yes folks, you heard right. They are refusing to stop payments.

Why? Well, unlike most of you, in less than an hour and without yet seeing a shred of evidence, they concluded that CIT is full of shit and therefore, until such time as we figure out if anything can be done about it, as far as they’re concerned, I’m still appealing the decision and entitled to every cent.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to fund my non-right to publc education. But please don’t shoot the messenger. If they’d taken my advice in the first place and played by the rules, government coffers would be at least a couple of hundred thousand dollars fuller (lawyers don’t keep cheap, you know). No wonder the joints going broke.

And for the record, I have no problem with the teachers including the chief complainant in this matter. At least, not until I can confirm directly with them whether their complaints were made genuinely and without undue pressure being placed on them. But of course, the CIT administration has gone to extraordinary lengths from the very beginning to ensure that doesn’t happen.

has anyone noticed that if you arent paying attention when the riotact page load syou see ‘vicki dunne swimsuit model’ in your peripheral vision.

ive long wondered whether this was intentional.

Um, the politics of a union official would presumably be somewhere to the left of most teachers?

hatred is a strong word, and i wouldnt use it.

when i changed careers several years ago i thought of becoming a teacher and looked seriously into it.

the drop in pay by 30 grand a year didnt appeal to me.

i think teachers are underpaid for their qualifications. pay them more and get better teachers.

now if i was a teacher, what are the chances i woudl inflict my views upon my charges ? nil.

debates in the teachers lounge would be different.

my mother was a union official in the vtu and i’ve seen and heard the politics that teachers believe. if you seriously think it isnt hard to the left your deluded.

i personally dont care wht they believe in, as long as they teach kids without indoctrinating them. by supporting political performances they betray their craft.

Nyssa – I think the hatred is only of teachers who breastfeed their children, drive at the speed limit and don’t smoke.

Whilst your intentions are good, for the sake of your own sanity, give up trying to get through to him. He’s enjoying it and you are just flogging a dead horse. And as we have all seen, Bonfire is more than capable of flogging himself.

bonfire, take your hatred of teachers and shove it.

You don’t like what’s happening in schools you bloody well become a teacher and try to change it.

Get off your moral high horse – the wood’s starting to rot.

CC how about indulging your penchant for sex and travel.

crazychester12:36 pm 13 Jul 06

No Mr Evil, what I’m concerned about is the degree of misconduct and impropriety I’ve witnessed. Oh, and how do I treat them?

In a businesslike manner as long as they conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates they respect the principles of public administration and the obligations and responsibilities of their office. That is:
– that they act in accordance with all official policies, procedures, regulations and laws
– that they do so in a way that is fair, equitable and transparent
– that they be accountable for their actions
– that they use the resources they have been entrusted to manage efficiently and in the public’s interest; and,
– that they provide prompt, clear, accurate, honest and unbiased information and advice to their Minister and members of the public as appropriate or required by law.

Otherwise, given the Commonwealth Government spent a shitload of your money teaching me this stuff as a PM&C graduate trainee, I treat them with the disdain I think they deserve. Ironic that one of my supervisors back then was an Assistant Secretary named Lynelle Briggs, the current Commissioner of the APS isn’t it? I assure you, when you’re handling Cabinet documents and in a position to make a Federal Minister look like a goose if you stuff up, they make real sure you know what your role is as a public servant and why it’s in all our interests you act in accordance with it. I don’t need any of you, Ms Gallagher or anybody else to tell me when the checks and balances have failed, and that their comprehensive failure in this matter passed the point long ago where it could be put down to administrative oversight or incompetence.

The fact that The Riot Act does not regard itself as an appropriate forum for discussion of good governance in the ACT is duly noted. But I didn’t come here for your opinions. I came for knowledge I don’t have, and which clearly none of you have either. As another PM&C trainee I unexpectedly found myself discussing this with said, the reason neither of us know what to do in spite of all our training, is precisely because we were taught you never, ever let it go this far.

but youve come to right place, most of them end up posting on riotact, or becoming teachers.

CC, in the beginning I thought you might have a good case against the CIT, but now you just come across as another idiot who has an issue with a tertiary institution and won’t let go.

Don’t worry though, you’re not the only one out there; I’ve seen plenty of your kind all through my time in tertiary institutions.

Crazychester: Straight off you don’t seem to take heed of the bleeding obvious as in “don’t rant/complain/whinge/bitch/moan on here go F**king do that to the right people (higher above them if need be)”. I don’t have the authority to help you and if you were hoping for sympathy and understanding you won’t get carrying on as you are. Doing the old “oh poor me, nobody will listen to me, no one cares, your all bastards cause you don’t” Well how about I state an obvious fact that by carrying on like you have if I was a person who had the authority to help you I wouldn’t listen to you either. I really don’t care or give a shit about your situation as your obviously off with the fairies and have not one rational thought in your head.

I’m glad CC is out there defending our representative democracy. God knows that her form of democracy (see the earlier posts) is the model to do with.

On other matters, RIP Syd. You will be missed.

crazychester7:03 am 13 Jul 06

which has legal ramifications


No shit, Einstein? Next thing you’ll be telling me the Pope’s a Catholic and bears shit in the woods.

OMG OMG OMG Macca! You don’t think I’ve been too provocative do you? [Slaps forehead] And I emailed Andy when I made the comments in the thread that sparked this one to get his attention. And I’ve been on to Big Jon about going to the AFP.

Oh noes!!!! I better hide. They’ll be coming to take me away, ha ha. I haven’t just made the same accusations that prompted them to seek the Protection Order in the first place, now I’ve gone and done it in a public forum!

Given Ms Leanne Cover, (damn! I did it again) says in an email on 1/3/06 “staff should immediately report any communication” from me so she could call the AFP, I thought the constabulary might have been around by now.

And it’s Kool-Aid. As in “don’t drink the Kool-Aid”. Although if we’re talking the Merry Prankster variety, in your case, its mind expanding qualities might prove beneficial………

Now please no more hysterically funny posts I can’t resist replying to. Things to do. People to see. Places to go. Plans to make. Representative democracies to defend. You know, how it is. I haven’t got time to sit around giggling about Macca’s ability to both state, and miss, the bleeding obvious.

Nowhere near the record, this will be #163

60 more to go.

Hey, wouldn’t CC make a great choice to organise at RE performance: then she could really cut loose!

We must be close?

did we crack the post record ?

hows thsi for weird – two days after quoting soem syd, the guy dies.

i even heard some snippets of arnold layne in the news report this am.

Well well well OMG! It is great that we have forums like this to provide opinion and inform about the going’s on in the capital.
But CC this is definately not the place to push an issue like this (which has legal ramifications) your ranting at the wrong people. And also to start bagging someone who does not agree with your opinion or not give you the answer that you want to hear (as is their right)your not going to get any understanding or sympathy. I just hope that when your dealing with the proper authorities in this matter that you don’t rant the same way and keep it constructive. They say that the squeaky wheel get the most grease but sometime the wheel squeaks way too much in the wrong way and gets the boot.
As for JB being a cult leader well He’s never worn NIKE’s but I wouldn’t accept his offer of a nice glass of Coolade. 😉

So “cutting edge” in its time … so lame now.

Purple monkey dishwasher…..ARRGGHH!!!

arnold layne
had a strange habit…

i think randomgits is ‘arnold layne’.

no, i’d nominate ‘we cant be beaten’ by the tatts.

I think that’s bonfires personal theme song as well.

Your old school song?
Our was:
“Hey, maaaate,
Don’t Master_Bate”.

can you see the oceans in my hand ?

what song is that from ?

Absent Diane2:53 pm 07 Jul 06


Master_Bates2:47 pm 07 Jul 06

188. Ok

If you count the off-topics, there are in fact 189 to go…

Master_Bates2:11 pm 07 Jul 06

77. Can you feel the love tonight?

Master_Bates2:10 pm 07 Jul 06

78. Lets make some flags. We should all get together to paint some up. Paintball anybody?

I’ll supply the sheet.

Master_Bates2:08 pm 07 Jul 06

79. I’ve never been into religion, but a lot of what crazychester says makes sense.

Sod off bonfire! I’m not that crazy. I also don’t have as much time on my hands as CC.
And everyone knows who I am, and I still sign crazy statements with my own login.

Absent Diane11:29 am 07 Jul 06

I am sure I can think of something to say. 80

Only 81 more comments required to beat the record – but what’s left to say?

crazychester… are you religious at all?

Absent Diane10:09 am 07 Jul 06

Ice addict… all the signs… raving lunatic for a bit then quiet

Nah, something over 220 would be required IIRC

it is the longest in a while though.

Is this the longest RiotACT thread ever?

Vic Bitterman9:47 pm 06 Jul 06

CC – sounds like you need a fresh tin foil hat.

The new season range of styles will be available at this Sunday’s Bus Depot Markets.

i think the meds have kicked in – no response since 2.52am

Crazy, You are correct in your assumption that i have not read all of your posts, I have however read your emails and original submission with which I based my assessment of the suitability of posting it.

You mention there are pages and pages of evidence, and if presented in a coherant fashion, we may have given more consideration. Saying there is lots of evidence doesn’t constitue evidence itself (something i hope you never have to find out in a courtroom).

I will take this opportunity to remind all of our readership that we don’t usually verfiy your submissions. YOU own them, the onus is on YOU to have substantiating evidence. Include it and we are more likey to let you have airtime.

For your convenience I have created a conspiracy theory topic for when we don’t 🙂

Mr Evil, I know you did 🙂

I just feel bad that this has happened is all.

Looks like Scott Adams has joined the conspiracy in today’s Dilbert.

Nyssa, I meant that as a joke: I don’t really hold you responsible for all this ranting that is now occurring. 🙂

I think that everyonje should go out and do paintball next time there is an RA day…and that there should be 2 teams…cc and her personalities/friends/fellow conspirators on one….and JB and co on the other..let the gmes begin!

my work here is done.

‘never argue with an idiot, they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience’.

To quote Billy Bragg (from “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”, last track on “Worker’s Playtime”):

If nobody else seems to understand,
Then start your own revolution and cut out the middle man

I’m sorry that many people on this site aren’t bending over backwards to print anything and everything you propose, no matter how potentially libellous it might be. How very rude of them.

And yes, the random implications that you’re a nutter are a bit insulting. However, staying up to 3 am to post to a message board that you claim you don’t really care about at all doesn’t exactly boost your claims for retaining a massive degree of sanity, does it? No, you probably haven’t been diagnosed with anything. But you’re making a rather large mountain out of a particularly tiny molehill…

JB’s advice is spot on. If you disagree with how this site is run, start your own. Who knows, some of us may visit, and you can start censoring us how you like. Welcome to how internet democracy ACTUALLY works. He or she who controls the forum makes the rules.

I just want to apologise for starting this whole thing into motion with my thread re: Dept of Education.

This thread is getting out of hand and part of it is my fault.

Yep, it’s true.

We make editorial decisions, and if we get angry ranting emails questioning our independence because we made a decision you didn’t like we might be unkind in our responses.

My first impression of your story was to can it. Because we do take that seriously I asked the other guys what they thought, they wanted to can it too.

Then your correspondence convinced me I had no interest in ever doing anything for you.

Now you’ve chosen to draw attention to it.

Well done.

You stayed up ’till nearly 0300 to write that! Let go, build a bridge and get over it.

crazychester2:52 am 06 Jul 06

There’s a few odd things in your accounts. The fact Jazz clearly doesn’t even bother to read my posts as evidenced by his own comments, isn’t exactly encouraging. I first wrote to johnboy on 21 February 2006. That email contained a lot of detail that may have been regarded as defamatory which is why, rather than simply attempting to post it, I wrote to johnboy seeking advice about that. It concluded as follows:

Email from chester to johnboy on 21/2/06
“So I’m left wondering why everybody [ie. CIT] is trying so hard and going to so much effort for little old me, to avoid addressing the issues I have raised. Any insight you can provide or how I might present this problem most affectively if I had the opportunity to write about it on The Riot Act would be most appreciated.

XXXX XXXXXX (crazychester)”

I received no reply.

I then sought to post a “story” on 29 April 2006 which was brief, as I’ve already said, basically sought advice and as far as I recall, was very similar to the paragraph above from my original email. I do not recall any defamatory comments in it whatsoever. By that time I was subject to the PO and was being very cautious about what I said.

I heard nothing in response, so I butted into another thread (and I agree that’s poor form but after two no replies I couldn’t tell if my emails or posts were reaching their destination.)

JB posted this comment in reply:

“maybe if you had any substance to your story it might be interesting.

two further things:

1) It’s saturday, we don’t stand around waiting for loonies to submit their rants so we can publish them. Some patience might be in order in any event.

2) This is offtopic, you’ve been warned, further comments will be deleted.”

Personally, I thought this pretty aggressive and over the top. I replied.

Email from chester to johnboy, 29/4/06:
“Excuse me but I sent you the following email weeks ago. You ignored it. Seems I’m getting the same treatment again. Substance? How much substance do you want? I’ve got pages and pages of it. And that’s in spite of the fact CIT threw out the Territory Records Act months ago by refusing to keep minutes at meetings. 

The fact you’ve judged me without so much as an attempt to verify my story speaks volumes.

Sticks and stones as far as the looney comment goes. You’ll need to up your game if you want to keep up with CIT in the uncalled for insult stakes. And if what I wrote is what you call a “rant”, you really need to get out more. 

Anyway, I think I have my answer as far as how “independent” the Riot Act is. What a joke.”

Now this is the reply I received to that from JB. It doesn’t quite gel with your version of events:

Email from JB to chester 29/04/06:
“As if I can tell who the hell “crazy chester” is.

or as if I should care.

The story you wrote had no substance. 

I’m not the one trying to get a grievance addressed. 

Maybe you need to take a walk into the room of mirrors and have a think about the way you try to get people to do things, as it isn’t working right now is it?

As your “first email” it seems to have gone missing along the way.

Jumping at your beck and call isn’t much of a mark of independence.

Put what you’ve got online and we might link to it.

Right now we’ve got nothing.”

So did my email go missing? Are you saying that’s my fault too? It checked out OK at my end. I was perfectly happy to accept JB gets a lot of email and my first one was overlooked and, had his reply not been so rude and uncompromising, would have happily apologised for my part in what appeared to be a slip up by RA and misunderstanding by me.

But whatever it is with this JB dude and it seems many of the rest of you, you’ve set yourselves up as judge and jury and just make up any old shit that suits you. What’s all this defamatory guff when I specifically wrote (and quoted from the missing email) that I wanted help to avoid that? A lot of you seem very comfortable with defamation provided you do it while hiding behind a screen identity. You also appear inordinately hung up on calling people’s sanity into question and this whole looney/nutter thing despite an apparent complete lack of any qualifications whatsoever to do so. It’s all a bit Lord of the Flies-ish with little evidence many of you are capable of thinking for yourselves.

And Mr_Shab, trust me, indulge in the sort of ad hominems that have gone on in this thread, and any forum or blog worth it’s salt will ban you on the spot. The rules, the way to make this new and extremely powerful form of communication work, have been developed by people who have been at it since the very earliest days of usenet. Before my time, and I’m guessing before yours. Personally, I think they have some very important things to say and I recommend you to one of the most delightful and articulate of them all, Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Note her comments about moderating, and while I’m assure you’ll seize on any means to apply them to me, I draw your attention to No. 10 in particular. The ensuing conversation on her site demonstrates what she preaches.


You might think you know it all and are too proud to learn from people who are exploring the boundaries of the Net. But I’m not. It might just change more than either of us can imagine one day, but only if we choose to make it so.

No word from you Binker. Surprise, surprise.

Big mouth but no balls, huh?

Anyway, no point trying to get help to stop bullying by people who are experts at it already. Good luck with your Brave New World of citizen journalism. I think you’re going to need it.

Atlas Cedar flag waving Save the fucking Ridge Monkey bike riding Siev-x memorial idiot. I bet you vote liberal too.

Things were starting to get ugly so well wrapped up Jazz, now to relax and listen to a music dvd…
The Band – The last Waltz. Some of us no of The Band, some members whom at times jammed with Ringo Starr.

Just thought i might leap to JB’s defence. not that he needs it in most cases.

Crazychesters original post about CIT was censored as a result of a RiotACT owners decision, of which JB and I are but two of five people. Conveniently its an odd number so majority rules. even if JB had wanted to post it, contentious stories likely to end the rest of us in court are put to a vote.

Crazychester, in your case we didn’t feel that there was enough evidence in your original post to warrant us putting our arses on the line for your comments. Had you taken the opportunity as we originally suggested to present more compelling evidence we would have backed it. Most of our readership will already be familiar with our stance in that area.

Personally i wish u luck with your complaint, it has certainly recieved its fair share of airtime here. and if it doesn’t result in a positive outcome for you, suck it up. you dont always get what you want. Neither do we.

Arguementum ad hominem may be a poor form of argument, but it is jolly fun…

If you had formed a coherent line of discourse, maybe we’d have something to attack. That lacking, ad hominem is the best we can do.

The question is why you’re here as you’re obviously unsatisfied?

It’s not like you ever contributed anything before your efforts to abuse the platform.

crazychester6:31 pm 05 Jul 06

“nirvana of intellectualism”

But see you’ve completely failed to explain what you mean by that. What proof would satisfy you? What would it take to retract any of your’s and other’s comments about my character and mental stability.

Bunker’s shit. If it comes down to tin tacks, I’ve been with the same general practice for literally decades, it’s no problem for me to get a letter from my doctor saying I have no history of mental illness and I am not and have not been prescribed psychiatric medication for the treatment of such while their client.

The first question is, why the hell should I?

The second is, I see no evidence that or anything else would alter your unprofessional, entirely amateur opinions in any case, so what would be the point?

As it seems the vast majority here don’t wish to abandon the safety of the ad hominem attack, it doesn’t leave me anywhere much to go, now does it?

And for those unfamiliar with the expression here’s the Wiki explaining it and why its is detrimental to constructive debate.

Still waiting for you to go and do the work to run the nirvana of intellectualism you keep harping on about.

Let us know when you finally find the community that can put up with you in your obnoxious state.

crazychester5:47 pm 05 Jul 06

As I raised the PO on this site myself IIRC, I don’t quite get the exuberhance of your apparent victory JB. So bonfire can search through posts. Should I be impressed? A little more genuine intellectual debate would be entertaining but snowflake’s chance in hell on that score.

And how you guys all missed Netiquette 101 and the lowliness and ignominy of the ad hominem attack is an interesting little feature of this site.

Are you there binkey? Hello! You’ve gone awfully quiet old chap.

Oh I get it, this the Today Tonight version of citizen journalism. D’oh! So sorry folks. Please resume your pointless stories, based on flimsy or no facts but delivered with a healthy dose of innuendo and insinuation so the great unwashed masses hang on your every word.

You do a jolly fine job at being a glorified RSS for the CT and ABC as well.

Keep up the……..um……..the……errrrr…….yeah well whatever, keep it up.

and bonfire gets the result!

(even if he was unduly unkind to LG)

crazychester5:07 pm 05 Jul 06

Yes especially when under pressure you’re convinced to consent to an order to stay 50 metres away from at least 15 people you’ve never heard of and wouldn’t know if you fell over them. Interesting legal conundrum that one, no?

Rather flies in the face of both the Magistrate Court’s and the Supreme Court decision by Justice Higgins in Firestone v ANU too.

BTW they’re called Workplace Personal Protection Orders these days bonfire. The old term AVO for Apprehended Violence Order is really more descriptive of what are now called Domestic Violence Orders which, while covered under the same act, are a little different in the way they operate and the sanctions available.

yeah, avo’s can make life tough.

crazychester4:46 pm 05 Jul 06

Oh and to clear up a few misconceptions mentioned above. I didn’t fail anything. My academic results were excellent (I’ll post ’em if you insist on proof).

TAFE students don’t pay HECS but upfront fees. Despite being prevented from completing last semester, CIT refused to refund mine.

I have no choice but to let it go. They will not permit me to reenrol.

i wonder if crazychester is lurkergal ?

both female
both mad
both immune to logic

lg has been quiet too.

No, don’t kill it; it’s far too entertaining!

Don’t take any chances either JB – put you foot on its neck until its mouth opens and then stick the barrel in as far as it will go before pulling the trigger…

Ok, JB, point proved.

Please take this thread out the back and shoot it.

crazychester3:51 pm 05 Jul 06

No. I didn’t make allegations. I asked a series of questions which any organisation, web site or whatever claiming to practice any form of respectable journalism should be prepared to address in order to back up their bona fides.

And while the sarcasm in johnboy’s replies makes interpreting his answers less than straight forward. while I have little to go on but his word, and while this is the internet into the bargain, I nevertheless fall on the side of accepting his answers as truthful.

Personally, I think having one’s integrity questioned in the role he’s chosen to take on, goes with the territory. However, if I have indeed offended him by doing so, I most certainly apologise unreservedly. I certainly respect him for not resorting to censorship and being prepared to stand to account.

However, Binker’s comments, made as statements of fact, are allegations. Very specific and direct ones. But I gather credibility around here is something of a slippery slope.

So, CC. Are you going to now apologise for the adverse inferences you made about JB that were completely unfounded?

Your questions made a number of inferences that JB was a member of the CIT cartel in some way, shape or form. That has been comprehensively denied and is completely wrong in every way, shape or form. Read his bio on the concatenate (link to the right) if you want to know further details and background.

In short, you made a number of allegations which had no foundation in truth whatsoever. Are you man/woman/Robbie-Robbertson-and-the-Band-fan enough to apologise and retract those allegations now?

Oh, and yes, JB is an ignoramus for not knowing “The Weight”. He should be roundly castigated for it on the next Insatiable Banalities…

CC, your sense of entitlement is directly proportinate to the amount of pain you will suffer before you leave.

Given this formulae, and CC’s demonstrated state of mind, this thread has a lot of life left in it yet.

He he – I’ve done that too.

There’s a bit less control than a conventional model airplane.

no, but i once glued one to a bit of cotton.

Come on, Bonfire, do you still pull the wings off flies?

Thankyou CrazyChester. I really appreciate you going out of your way for me.

truth is just a matter of perception.

your truth is someone elses lie.

what you have is a view.

crazychester2:34 pm 05 Jul 06

Oh I’m not offended. Being in a position to know the truth, I know full well from Binker’s comments that he’s talking through his arse because even the vague insinuations s/he has made simply don’t gel with facts I can easily back up.

I was just making that evident to anyone with half a brain.

Well…maybe I’d be offended if you had the slightest bit of credibility.

crazychester2:00 pm 05 Jul 06

So Mr_Shab if I claim to know you and imply various negative actions and/or relationships with both personal and professional people in your life without a shred of evidence to show:
1. I’m not talking through my arse; and,
2. How I would come by the agency and medical information in particular

Well, Mr_Shab I know you’ve been on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs for years and your long suffering family are regularly forced tp call upon mental health services.

That’s OK with you, is it?

Oh and as far as comparison’s to Nysaa go, she had an established presence here and so was given more latitude.

Also she was asking a genuine question, not using the form of a question to have a rant.

Our editorial process is not perfect and will never be entirely consistent.

But slagging us off is unlikely to make us any more amenable to changing our minds.

Sorry guys, my purpose in this thread is to let CC discredit herself before her next personal attack on me.

While I feel I’ve more than achieved that aim I like to follow Napoleon’s Dictum:

Never interrupt an enemy while they’re in the middle of making a mistake

So as long as she’s hanging herself she can have as much rope as she likes.

Do you ever read what you write, cc?

crazychester1:47 pm 05 Jul 06

Yes a very convenient, albeit cowardly, place to cut it.

Very convenient for Binker in particular.

Why not just email my name Binker? You can set up a temporary email and then close it immediately afterwards so I don’t “harass” you. But then I don’t have a clue who you are. You’re the one claiming to know me.

Who’s harassing who again?

Boo answer the questions Binker
whatever they were, detailed posts are
a boring
b written by crazies

ditch it … we’re only giving more oxygen to this WOFT

Vote 1, Mr Shab

JB – for the love of God – cut this thread. I’m only going to keep reading it and it’s only going to piss me off more.

Who’s with me?

You’re dreaming

crazychester1:01 pm 05 Jul 06

Better still. Here’s an email address. You email me who you think I am and who you are.

crazychester1:00 pm 05 Jul 06

Please answer the rest of the questions.

JB hasn’t, and wouldn’t (I hope) provide your personal info (without a suponea). Canberra’s a small town and you’ve provided plenty of identifying info.

crazychester12:45 pm 05 Jul 06

Thanks but I graduated from the ANU with a BA Honours in 1983 and I have plenty of experience at tertiary institutions.

Binker, from your comments you seem to be claiming to know who I really am, who my family and friends are and to know about matters concerning “agencies” I’ve been involved with including the extraordinary claim that this includes information from medical professionals.

How do you claim to know this? Particularly as the implication seems to be you know my real name? Who are you that you’re in a position to know any of these things?

To stop what harassment Binker? Are you claiming to be someone I know? You’ve made some very personal comments and the only person who could give you my real name is johnboy. So I’d apppreciate an explanation if you don’t mind.

CC your problem, once fully explained and properly read after a good dose of mushrooms, seems to be to be a personality/ teaching philosophy clash between many/few students and some of the tutors/teachers/lecturers/whatever at the CIT. Surely that little ‘green book’ will have a few words in the area entitled ‘code of conduct’ and ‘rights and responsibilities’ you could throw at them…

Wow, CIT sounds like fun!

CC, a lot of that stuff you’ve listed there really is typical of tertiary institutions; especially ones which teach humanities/arts! I don’t agree with this kind of behaviour either, but hey sometimes it’s better just to let things go. These people who act unprofessionally eventually ‘hang themselves’ anyway. I’ve seen plenty of them come and go in my time in the university system.

Let some of the other students fight their own battles if they want to, and don’t get so caught up in it all. You’ll only end up lonely, with high blood pressure and a massive stomach ulcer. 😉

Just let it go.

Where to start CC, family, friends, any one who is happy to wear your wrath if they disagree with you (or be cut off), most agencies you’ve had contact with etc medical professionals. Any more specific and I’d end up having to take an AVO out to stop your harassment.
Pointless arguing with you as your insight is grossly impaired but then I’m bored.
Take your Olanzapine, eat well sleep well get some exercise stop driving people who care about you away with your rants (ie maintain some social support) gets some exercise and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones where treatment works
Love and kisses

Crazychester – the fact remains that ranting on RA is just shouting in the wind (it’s not going to help your cause – even less if you defame someone and bring legal action upon yourself and Johnboy).

Excessive ranting on RA is just going to get a whole bunch of people offside (you’re well on the way, BTW), get you accused of having a persecution complex (once again, you’re well on the way), and still won’t help your cause (what do you know…).

You’ve come out looking not like the “wronged by the Man” battler figure you’d hope for; but a barking-at-the-moon psycho.

You look like you’re seeking a forum for your ranting, hoping for a “there, there – you’re right and they’re gigantic poo-heads”. You’re patently not getting it. I’d suggest going elsewhere for sympathy.

Tertiary institutions are, by their very nature, petty and unprofessional. Very few of my old professors would last a week in the pressures of a private sector consulting firm.
Sometimes you will fail a unit because the professor is having a bad day – unfortunately this is just the way things are. I’m not sure why everyone gets so worked up (“OH NO, I don’t have a perfect academic record!!”) – yes I know you get to pay the HECS again, but far out, deal with it!

Well, back in my student days, we protested against Simon Crean (now, that probably suggests how long ago I was getting a tertiary education).

It is the nature of protest that it will usually target those in a position of power. There’s remarkably little point in protesting against the opposition.

Well, back in my student days, we protested against Simon Crean (now, that probably suggests how long ago I was getting a tertiary education).

It is the nature of protest that it will usually target those in a position of power. There’s remarkably little point in protesting against the opposition.

sounds like typical tertiary behaviour to me.

toughens you up for the real world.

the weak sometimes have to be sacrificed.

why dont you try some student protesting, or is that reserved for anti-howard issues ?

Ah, the perils of censorship…
We seem now to be getting an inkling of what’s aggravating CrazyChester. Hmmm…

crazychester8:08 am 05 Jul 06

Sure. As soon as binker answers my questions.

crazychester4:33 am 05 Jul 06

Oh yeah, spoke to the local guy from Whistleblowers months ago. He was great. The most spot on advice I’ve received at any point in the last nine months. His little problem cost $300,000 and six years of his life. I got quoted $20,000 to kick things off. And, as he also pointed out, you don’t go through that to get personal satisfaction but because there’s a serious wrong that needs to be righted.

Are there wrongs at CIT that we, as a community should be be responsible for righting? Absolutely.
Indeed, I hadn’t had any significant issues with them prior to last October. But it was because of the things I’d observed happen to other students (and teachers for that matter) that prompted me to try and avoid it by attempting (and failing dismally) to make them play by the rules. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think there’s a place for either students or teachers being subjected to being degraded, verbally abused, and put on show in front of other students and teachers. Nor do I think it an apppropriate or effective way of teaching to show student’s films, without their permission or knowledge, and criticize them before other students. (Well the tutor called it critiqueing but under the circumstances, and given comments like “These are the worst ones; they really should have failed”, “I think this guy must be on drugs” and “This one’s too bad to show”, in my books, that definition doesn’t fit. My film was not one “critiqued” BTW)

Nor do I feel comfortable when another female student describes a “meeting” with a teacher as leaving her “feeling like she’d been raped” or that a young 18 year old, placed under a contract due to low grades, should feel so trodden on he refers to himself as the same teacher’s “lap dog”. And I definitely don’t think it appropriate for two teachers rumoured to be “involved” to be fondling one another in front of a class of students. And that’s all before we even get to the breaches of confidnetiality, irregularities in procedures and record keeping, and a couple of particularly sordid rumours I’m not game to even mention.

Am I prepared to spend $300,000 and six years of my life championing their cause? Absolutely not.

I’ll push it as far as I can for free and walk. Don’t have the money aside from anything else. Besides, not only do I think the place is fully capable of hanging itself sooner or later (maybe that should be the entire govt!) but there have been signs they’ve at least done a bit of tidying up already: they’re making more information about the institution and student’s rights available on their site, the CIT Act was amended on 1 January to curb some of the CEO’s powers, a particularly loathsome Deputy Dean has departed the organization for parts unknown, and CEO/Director Peter Veenker made a rather quiet and early departure in May just six months before his contract was up in October.

Unfortunately, I think the biggest worry escaped the net. But c’est la vie.

Do I expect justice, redress, whatever for myself personally?
Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Don’t be stupid. What do you think I’m crazy? 😉

And for the record, “the story” was not dissimilar to the item nyssa76 posted seeking advice about how to get through to Ministers (a question for the ages that one). But it was along the lines of “Look, I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience in public administration but there’s something distinctly odd here. Anybody able to help me with what might be going on because whatever I’ve done or discovered to upset them (being CIT and the Min), their reaction has been heavy-handed in the extreme and suggestive of something that goes beyond your average administrative fuck up.”

Incoherent? Of course the story’s fucking incoherent. Because sure, if government acts improperly or commits wrongdoing, they’re always so totally transparent about it.

Sheesh! And you think I’m the crazy one.

crazychester3:11 am 05 Jul 06

“It’s your behaviour not the screen name that makes it absolutely clear you’re not sane, and as you know this is not the only place your sanity has been called into question.”

Really Binker? Do tell. That is – where else it has been called into question, by whom, how you know this, and whether you’re claiming this was done in reference to me as crazychester or my real name?

I presume if you’re going to make claims like that, you’re prepared to back them up.

But do you have a stick poking certification from the council ?

CrazyChester, you are a blathering idiot. I have one word to say to you:

‘Atlas Cedar’.

I don’t buy the dual personality thing – I’d go for Crazychester having a crush on JB though – that kind of anger can only come from someone who loves you!

…that or Crazychester should jump in a nice warm bath with a big bottle of gin and a nice sharp razor – go on – you know suicide is the ultimate form of self-critisism…

Thanks Johnboy. Never heard of the crazy bit%$ but now I am keen to see what she says. It is like an episode of BB! I hope she sets up her own blogg site so I can see what a raving lunatic blathers.

Please note I am not a qualified on mental health, but I do know how to poke a stick.

This is all Nyssa’s fault: she started it by saying that the Dept. of Education was full of idiots (or words to that effect….)! 😉

Gee thanks Mr. Evil 🙂

I don’t think I ranted much though did I?

so kerces, one of those recumbent freaks hey…

now the conspiracy starts to make sense.

Thomas the Tank Engine was a front for the banana industry conspiracy of 1978, which rose up to overthrow Idi Amin and the german heavy metal industry.

CIA funded, of course.

Absent Diane5:01 pm 04 Jul 06

well who the fck is thomas the tank engine then???

Master_Bates4:37 pm 04 Jul 06

We dont know that he is dead. — Remember it’s just what we have been told….

Ringo got cured, so Yassar didn’t really die he just ceased to exist.

Ringo Starr: who?

Take a load of fanny = secret code for the gunman on the grassy knoll to open fire on JFK?

Spot-on Binks! Perhaps he/she/they even started that fire? Then photo’d it? Then posted it on RA for some gratuitous D.I.D. satifaction?

Or a drunken rugger-bugger’s midnight howl from the soul…

Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder) evidenced by the fact that JB and CC have never posted at exactly the same time, they were both at the now infamous Forbes St fire at exactly the same time(co-morbid for Pyromania as well maybe???), and CC knows where JB lives (because it is her address).

No, makes it sound like a love song.

Yours sounds rude.

You sing it your way, I’ll sing it mine

Hey, P’Rat, surely it was “take a load OFF Fanny”?
And re the CrazyChester/JB scenario: after careful and considered scrutiny of the correspondence, I conclude that they are one and the same person. Wot say, Binker? AEDD – Alter Ego Delusional Dysfunction?

Bonfire, blame Kerces for the red-penning of your anti-cycling rants.

She’s an enthusiastic rider … a recumbent one, no less.

That’s a little unfair! I never nix anything without checking with the boss first.

back to the song.
I must be getting old because I recognised the name from the song as well. Spent many a drunken evening belting it out with my mates (the song that is) Trouble was most of them only knew the 1st line of the chorus, Take a load of Fanny, and would make up the rest.

apostropheman3:31 pm 04 Jul 06

Without buying into the whole Crazychester is a nutter thing, if she does feel that she has a legitimate complaint about an area of public administration then she should talk to Whistleblowers Australia: http://www.whistleblowers.org.au/

They are in a much better position to help than RiotACT bloggers.

Bonfire, blame Kerces for the red-penning of your anti-cycling rants.

She’s an enthusiastic rider … a recumbent one, no less.

This is all Nyssa’s fault: she started it by saying that the Dept. of Education was full of idiots (or words to that effect….)! 😉

crazy as a coconut.

ive had articles not posted by JB, mainly my anti cyclist rants.

but i hardly consider that censorship.

unless hes a secret pro cyclist zealot.

as a person who has edited many milliosn of words over the years from underlings – some times what you write just isnt good enough, or the right thing to write, or appropriate, or even just legally defensible.

have a bex and a lie down.

then head over to smoothwallsamuel and see if he’ll post your material.

From reviewing all her comments, the CIT done her wrong and she is looking for the next step to keep fighting. JB doesn’t want to be a part of it(appropriately), has deleted some comments and declined to publish some articles, so now she is on a rampage against RA as well.

I’m thinking she is just naturally rambunctious but I await being proven wrong.

Qucik Questions, i need to get my head around this…

crazychester had a spray, had it moderated, now she is accusing JB of some conspiracy? If this is correct, i reckon every regular poster could go nutso at JB for knocking something they wrote back from publication on this site.

Nice to see that she(i hope) is actually following going through some form of correct procedure in the right channels.

Question to crazywhatever;
Are you aware that all of this commotion may actually work against you in the long run ma’am?

I’ll give you a lesson about democracy on the internet you’ll never forget.

This was my favourite. In that it seems quite ominous whilst making no apparent sense. Put that in the taglines JB, it’s a little aussie bottler.

crazychester, if you’re serious about getting your concerns aired, do what johnboy suggests:

Go to Blogger or another blogging service, set up your own blog and write to your heart’s content. If you post a link to that material here, johnboy might even leave that up if he judges that it doesn’t open RA to libel if a comment points to content hosted on another site (I assume it’s not).

I have no idea what your complaint is about, but johnboy doesn’t censor things on RA lightly. Your post must be pretty inflammatory.

jamius maximus2:25 pm 04 Jul 06

Master_bates… hahah!

jamius maximus2:24 pm 04 Jul 06

What was the aim of the sentnece pointing out to jb that you lived near him?

Master_Bates2:14 pm 04 Jul 06

I’ve never been into delusions of my own, but a lot of what CrazyChester says makes sense.

You’re hot, right? And married to another chick, right? Cool.

My advice would be to simply ignore what this person has to say. And I empathise with her, I really do. I have had my own issues with a government department I once worked for. But after the initial indignation, I came to realise that the only reconcilliation I needed to do was inside of me. Otherwise you end up a start raving loony that people avoid like three week cheese.

And so do I…

Master_Bates2:05 pm 04 Jul 06

Remember that Jesus loves you.

My friend with the paranoid schitzophrenia was indeed male.

I don’t know how you present yourself to the DPP or anyone else, but the way you present yourself here you come across (to me, at least) as somewhat paranoid. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not within our stars.

It’s your behaviour not the screen name that makes it absolutely clear you’re not sane, and as you know this is not the only place your sanity has been called into question.

You keep getting blank silences because your “complaints” make no sense and you’re intensely unpleasant to deal with.

People hope you will just go away.

I didn’t know you, I’m generally amenable to people until they give me reasons to be otherwise. You, with your demands and your raving, make me dislike you. I suspect you have that effect on a lot of people.

Please stop making the effort that we’re not worth, for all our sakes.

Anyway that’s all I have to say on the matter.

barking toad12:27 pm 04 Jul 06

I’m pleased we’re not worth the effort

crazychester12:19 pm 04 Jul 06

That’s it? That’s the best you can manage? Setting yourself up as a bunch of largely anonymous self-appointed psychiatrists? Deary me. Whatever happened to people backing up their claims with facts. And of course, that sort of bullshit has only ever been a form of veiled sexism. It’s an accusation you’ll rarely find levelled at males.

I don’t know where you live exactly johnboy. But it must be very close to me because you said you only had to walk to the end of the street to observe the Forbes Street fire. Same here.

So I presume you’re all suggesting the DPP is a suffering paranoid delusions as well huh? I mean, I’ve known Mr Refshauge for over 15 years so as presumptive of me as it may be, I suggest he’s in a considerably better position to judge my character than any of you.

But while you’re very quick with the put downs and smart arse responses, you seem to be somewhat lacking in addressing that issue. Consistency is indeed the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Of course, johnboy, you could post the original story and let your readers judge for themselves.

Mr Evil, I have done “proper authorities”. The Ombudsman’s position was originally stated to me as him “being very concerned about what was going on at CIT” and that they “wanted to go into the place and conduct a thorough investigation”. Then, for reasons that remain unexplained, he backed away from the issue and failed to address any of my complaints. When I suggested to Nick Heller from the Ombudsman’s Office that they’d been nobbled by the Minister (then Gallagher), I got a big empty silence in response.

On the other hand, CIT refused to answer any of the Ombudsman’s questions bar one. Namely, why they wouldn’t answer his questions. To which Ms Leanne Cover from the CIT Directorate replied “the legality”.

Bottom line is, not one of you, despite numerous generous offers on my part, will make any attempt to verify my claims. So I suggest your attacks are just a tad presumptuous.

Thumper, glad to see at least one person round here is familiar with one of the most famous bands of all times who’s members at various times also included Van Morrison and who played regularly with Bob Dylan. But, of course the fact so many others don’t know this, reveals you’re just a bunch of kids. And attacking someone on the basis of their screen name is about as pathetic as it gets.

You’re a pack of gutless pricks and really not worth the effort.

Sometime you have to clearly identify the trolls before starving them.

don’t feed the trolls

barking toad11:26 am 04 Jul 06

Send her over to TSSH where I’m sure she’ll be given the attention she craves – but may wish she hadn’t sought it.

I know, time taken probably not worth the result, but then even the FinView has the odd humour piece.

If it’s recognisably a particular person it’s still defamation. If it isn’t recognisable what’s the point?

I know it looks like we run any old crap here, but we do have some standards.

Why don’t you just change the names and places in the more defamatory stuff to characters and settings from the Simpsons.

Absent Diane10:52 am 04 Jul 06

Well if you input the word Johnboy into the Ionian Decoder and then reverse it twice you get the words Man With Much Big Moustache which is obviously a reference to the Great Boon… so johnboy is obviously living bloodline of David Boon

No No, but i spend my days deleting posts by those who would bring the truth about all those incidents to light.

Paranoid delusions are often although by no means always a symptoms of schizophrenia. A delusional Disorder is a different illness with a later onset (40’s+ as opposed to 20’s for Schiz), a lack of prominence auditory and/or visual hallucinations. The delusions are non-bizarre (as opposed to the “I’m controlled by aliens” etc type). Other than the expression of delusional material behaviour is usually not particularly odd and psychosocial functioning is often well maintained (as is cognitive function).
It is however a disorder that is highly resistant to pharmacological treatment (compared with Schiz or Bipolar Affective Disorder).

By the way Johnboy, there’s a rumour doing the rounds that you were involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination: were you the shooter on the grassy knoll?

I knew someone who had paranoid delusions as a side-effect of shizophrenia – they responded very well to meds.

I don’t usually delete her comments, I do however decline to post her stories.

Until they’re something interesting I suppose.

Crazychester, if your case against the CIT is so strong, then please take it to the proper authorities and make them earn their pay.

There’s really not much point in constantly airing allegations here because there is nothing we can do to help improve the situation.

Good luck.

Absent Diane10:26 am 04 Jul 06

I always had the feeling you were some cult leader JB.

Seriously though I have never understood people who complain about getting their posts deleted on various forums. Personally am suprised that more of mine don’t get deleted… hehe

She has a Delusional Disorder (Paranoid).
Attempting to justify yourself will not work. Justifications will be twisted to fit into the delusional disorder, thus justification is pointless.
Delusional Disorders are, unfortunately, not particularly amenable to treatment with anti-psychotic medication (compared with other psychotic illnesses such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar) so don’t expect the posts to stop soon.
You are however undoubtedly providing a valuable service to Dept of Ed, CIT, DPP, AFP, etc as while she is focused of RA she is probably cutting her emails back to these organisations to only 10 a day (per organisation of course). You should be billing them. Starving of oxygen (metaphorically of course) is the only practical solution, although this will initially increase her rancour, over time it will lead to a decrease in posts.
On the other hand although her madness is as you point out a bit on the dull side and laughing at madness is probably not particularly PC she can occasionally lighten an otherwise mundane day (maybe not quite as much as the folks at http://www.chemtrailcentral.com ). Although I realise you are putting yourself at some risk legally I don’t think too many people would bother suing given the manifest insanity so I urge you to cease deleting.

jamius maximus10:21 am 04 Jul 06

Edit to my post – “I fear that she will perceive it as…”

Now who is being incoherent!?!

jamius maximus10:20 am 04 Jul 06

Going off those questions, this person is being pretty incoherent. Your post is clear and rational but I fear she will just be perceived as “blah blah blah we hate you blah blah blah conspiracy blah blah blah go and burn things”

when exposed to light, most mould dies.

You’re beautiful when you’re angry Johnboy!! xxx

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