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Dances with nutters – a response to CrazyChester

By johnboy - 4 July 2006 225

Well CrazyChester (she says it’s not an admission of being crazy but rather a character from a song by a band you’ve never heard of) is making a pest of herself in the comments. I’ve deleted a cross post but kept her latest rant, you can see it here.

Apparently I’m part of some grand conspiracy emanating out of CIT’s media department to “get her” this despite having only once set foot in CIT in my whole life and not even being aware of the existence of a media department there.

It seems my refusal to air her paranoid conspiracies (which are, by the standards of the genre weirdly boring) is proof that I am an unaccountable autocrat and she is deeply unhappy with the way I run this site. Also my photo taking is crappy.

To which I make the humble suggestion that she should go start a better site.

Now, leaving aside the references to knowing where I live, let me address her questions:

Are you the same johnboy involved in digital media?

Aside from running this site you mean? And a podcast I publicise from this site? And another site publicised from this site?

I, as usual, have no idea what you’re talking about. I am certainly *A* johnboy involved in digital media

Do you have some undeclared interest here that might explain your attacks on me, johnboy?

Oh god yes I’m part of the masonic sect that’s made it their life’s mission to persecute you! Your cunning line of questioning has found me out! Seriously now, if I have such an interest I’m not consciously aware of it. I just find you creepy, and boring.

Exactly why did you censor my original post?

Because you made unsupported allegations which I was not comfortable publishing. I’m the one who’s going to end up in court one day and I’d like it to be for something I believe in. I hear that this internet thing allows you to make your own web-pages with which you can make any accusations you like. Having built this site to whatever stature it may have, it’s not actually our responsibility to take up cudgels for every nut case wanting to use us in their own personal vendetta’s.

Do you know the Head of the Media Department, John Frohlich, or any other CIT staff?

Noper, never heard of them.

Now, onto the less veiled threats:

And if you delete this. It’s going to keep appearing. Sure you can block my IP but you can’t block IPs from all over the planet. I’ll give you a lesson about democracy on the internet you’ll never forget.

So democracy is one person with a vendetta exacting retribution against a community with which they have a grievance? Well I’m glad we cleared that up.

As an admin I can delete comments a lot faster than most people can make them. The moderately sane normally give up after a couple of days. You, however, are a very special case. It’s possible your life is so empty and worthless that you could actually devote more time to being a wrecker here than I can to cleaning up after you. In which case, assuming we can’t secure a criminal prosecution, I’d probably just shut the thing down and leave, in its place, a static page listing your personal details and that your vendetta is the reason this site no longer exists.

What’s Your opinion?

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225 Responses to
Dances with nutters – a response to CrazyChester
Absent Diane 10:52 am 04 Jul 06

Well if you input the word Johnboy into the Ionian Decoder and then reverse it twice you get the words Man With Much Big Moustache which is obviously a reference to the Great Boon… so johnboy is obviously living bloodline of David Boon

johnboy 10:42 am 04 Jul 06

No No, but i spend my days deleting posts by those who would bring the truth about all those incidents to light.

Thumper 10:41 am 04 Jul 06

Hang on, that was me!!!!!

JB is simply rumoured to be involved in the Knights Templar/ masonic lodge merger so that the existence of UFOs at Lawson in the underground US base is kept a complete secret from the public even though John Howard and George Bush regularly meet there for coffee on a Sunday morning.

Or something like that….

Binker 10:41 am 04 Jul 06

Paranoid delusions are often although by no means always a symptoms of schizophrenia. A delusional Disorder is a different illness with a later onset (40’s+ as opposed to 20’s for Schiz), a lack of prominence auditory and/or visual hallucinations. The delusions are non-bizarre (as opposed to the “I’m controlled by aliens” etc type). Other than the expression of delusional material behaviour is usually not particularly odd and psychosocial functioning is often well maintained (as is cognitive function).
It is however a disorder that is highly resistant to pharmacological treatment (compared with Schiz or Bipolar Affective Disorder).

Mr Evil 10:38 am 04 Jul 06

By the way Johnboy, there’s a rumour doing the rounds that you were involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination: were you the shooter on the grassy knoll?

caf 10:29 am 04 Jul 06

I knew someone who had paranoid delusions as a side-effect of shizophrenia – they responded very well to meds.

johnboy 10:29 am 04 Jul 06

I don’t usually delete her comments, I do however decline to post her stories.

Until they’re something interesting I suppose.

Mr Evil 10:26 am 04 Jul 06

Crazychester, if your case against the CIT is so strong, then please take it to the proper authorities and make them earn their pay.

There’s really not much point in constantly airing allegations here because there is nothing we can do to help improve the situation.

Good luck.

Absent Diane 10:26 am 04 Jul 06

I always had the feeling you were some cult leader JB.

Seriously though I have never understood people who complain about getting their posts deleted on various forums. Personally am suprised that more of mine don’t get deleted… hehe

Thumper 10:25 am 04 Jul 06

Actually, I have heard of the song, and the band.

Robbie Robertson and The Band (I shit you not, that’s the bands name).

The song is ‘The Weight’. Good little ballad at that.

Binker 10:24 am 04 Jul 06

She has a Delusional Disorder (Paranoid).
Attempting to justify yourself will not work. Justifications will be twisted to fit into the delusional disorder, thus justification is pointless.
Delusional Disorders are, unfortunately, not particularly amenable to treatment with anti-psychotic medication (compared with other psychotic illnesses such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar) so don’t expect the posts to stop soon.
You are however undoubtedly providing a valuable service to Dept of Ed, CIT, DPP, AFP, etc as while she is focused of RA she is probably cutting her emails back to these organisations to only 10 a day (per organisation of course). You should be billing them. Starving of oxygen (metaphorically of course) is the only practical solution, although this will initially increase her rancour, over time it will lead to a decrease in posts.
On the other hand although her madness is as you point out a bit on the dull side and laughing at madness is probably not particularly PC she can occasionally lighten an otherwise mundane day (maybe not quite as much as the folks at ). Although I realise you are putting yourself at some risk legally I don’t think too many people would bother suing given the manifest insanity so I urge you to cease deleting.

jamius maximus 10:21 am 04 Jul 06

Edit to my post – “I fear that she will perceive it as…”

Now who is being incoherent!?!

jamius maximus 10:20 am 04 Jul 06

Going off those questions, this person is being pretty incoherent. Your post is clear and rational but I fear she will just be perceived as “blah blah blah we hate you blah blah blah conspiracy blah blah blah go and burn things”

bonfire 10:06 am 04 Jul 06

when exposed to light, most mould dies.

Blossy 9:59 am 04 Jul 06

You’re beautiful when you’re angry Johnboy!! xxx

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