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Deb Foskey calls for 16 yr olds to vote

By Special G - 30 March 2006 23

I heard yesterday on the radio that Deb Foskey is calling for the voting age to be decreased to 16.

This is apparently due to the large numbers of politically aware 16 years olds that want to voice their opinions. Also as encouragement to those not politically aware so that they will pay attention if they have to vote.

I don’t know about everyone else but when I was 16 I was more interested in sports, partying, drinking and girls, in which ever order you like, and couldn’t give a shit about who was running the show.

I think my opinion at the time was that, it doesn’t matter they’ll all screw it up as much as each other. It still is.

[ED – We have been here to some excitement last month, but if its come up again I thought why not go back?]

UPDATED: The very busy Markus Mannheim is all over this in the Canberra Times.

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23 Responses to
Deb Foskey calls for 16 yr olds to vote
rose 6:40 pm 30 Mar 06

I’m with you JM. I would have loved to have voted when I was 16. Too bad there was no election that year.
Any 16 or 17 year olds read this site? It seems to me that it’s your opinion that matters.

nyssa76 6:38 pm 30 Mar 06

If I asked my students tomorrow about this – which I wouldn’t as it is shite to begin with – they would all bitch and moan about having to do it.

16yo’s don’t give a shit about politics or having the right to vote – neither do most 18yos.

The only reason it was given to 18yos was because they were old enough to die for this country, but not old enough to vote (21yo).

Why doesn’t Deb Foskey focus on the “real” issues – education, health and police?

schmerica 6:16 pm 30 Mar 06

You’ll find that most 16 year olds don’t really give a shit. Why make them do something that they don’t need to? They would simply do what I did when I turned 18… Einee – Meenie – Miny – Moe…

bulldog 2:58 pm 30 Mar 06

Can’t wait to see how Dr Foskey tries to justify her job at the next election.

Mr_Shab 1:24 pm 30 Mar 06

My point exactly Thumper.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can register to vote at 17 too, but can’t vote until you’re 18.

And yes, Foskey is a barking-at-the-moon Carnie.

Thumper 12:42 pm 30 Mar 06

Special G and Shab,

You can’t serve in a combat zone until 18.

As for Foskey, which fruit loop tree did she fall out of?

bonfire 12:25 pm 30 Mar 06

who puts the fruit in fruit loop.

after listening to inance prattle of teens at the bus inerchange everyday i think we would see a member of big brother elected to replace stanhope.

i know its the green party, but they need to lay off the green weed.

jamius maximus 12:07 pm 30 Mar 06

In reference to my above post, no I don’t know what “qualitied” means.

Probably similar to “qualified”…

jamius maximus 12:05 pm 30 Mar 06

In fact, at least a good proportion of 16+ may have recently studied politics in High School or College. You might find them better voters than say 19-20 year olds.

As for what a ‘good’ voter is – I suppose someone who makes an informed vote, at least by taking regular notice of relevent media coverage. Hence 16-17 just having been forced to study the stuff may be be more qualitied than many 18-20 year olds out there.

Special G 12:04 pm 30 Mar 06

Not quite Mr Shab – you can join the army age 17.

Maybe they should put a none of the above box in the next election and check the stats on that one.

Mr_Shab 11:59 am 30 Mar 06

You’ve got a point JM. But you’ve gotta put the arbitrary cut-off somewhere.

Might as well be at the same age you can drink and serve in combat.

jamius maximus 11:55 am 30 Mar 06

Who really cares??! The 18+ population is full of people who are just as immature, ill-informed or nonchalant as your average 17 or 18 year old. Letting 16+ vote will make no difference to the quality of the eventual decision.

barking toad 11:06 am 30 Mar 06

deb’s feeling left out ‘cos of peggie putt getting some publicity in Tas now that they’ve retained their major party status down there by the skin of their teeth

the last time she made an issue of this stupid tree hugging hippie piece of crap concept was when the Tas elections were announced

she feels a need to “agitate” and get her name in print lest we all think she’s irrelevant, which, of course, she is.

che 10:58 am 30 Mar 06

Can a 16 year old be elected? NO
Not even if they get their parents permission.
This is a very stupid idea.
Let them enjoy their childhood, let them make mistakes and learn.
They’ll have 50+ years of being grown up once they turn 18

Ari 10:41 am 30 Mar 06

She’s just trying to round up more support, since only a child would vote for her.

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