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Jazz 15 September 2007 10

Where: 83 Theodore st Curtin
Cost: no idea, but our banquet came in at around $50 per head (inc corkage)
Phone: 6828 0855
Date Reviewed: 1-Sep-07

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to go out to for a nice meal. Having a child has certainly put a dent in my ability to go out to nice restaurants on a whim & it takes careful planning or an special occasion. Conveniently I was invited to one for a mates birthday a couple of weeks ago and found myself at the delightful Delissio in Curtin.

Those familiar with the location might recall it being vacant for some time after Bellucci’s moved into larger premises in woden, however some may be surprised to learn that the connection is still there. Its actually been taken over by a former Bellucci’s employee keen to try is own hand at the business end of the game. In my brief chat with Chris (the owner) I was impressed as he’s certainly succeeded in creating a fantastic, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. As for the food, well there is certainly lots of it. And i mean lots. Chris certainly doesn’t subscribe to the ‘Large Plate, Small Food’ school preferring to serve up plate after plate of exceedingly tasty Modern Australian fare. The banquet we had seemed to have more of a Mediterranean bent but i cant complain. I thought the steak i had was superb, the stuffed, crumbed olives divine and the spiced Chorizo in a tomato sauce worthy of stealing the recipe. And those were only 3 course of the multitude that was served. Its one of the few times i’ve seen everyone at a table defeated by the amount served.

One of the other things i found interesting was Delissio’s approach to catering to larger groups. On arrival we found our table adorned with a raised platform running down the table. At first we thought this was for the bottles of wine we’d brought along and a convenient way of keeping them out of the way. It did somewhat restrict conversation across the table & we soon discovered it was for the plates of entrees that kept coming after we’d moved all the wine bottles. It definitely made for more table real estate that you sometimes find missing at banquets.

I’d have no hesitation recommending Delissio for a great night out and am looking forward to trying out their ala carte menu.

Oh and don’t expect to get in on a whim. Chris is usually booked up three weeks in advance.

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10 Responses to Delissio – Restaurant review
hatemondays hatemondays 8:29 pm 21 Sep 07

Yes, Delissio’s is fantastic, higly recommend it. However Chris is not the owner (sorry to be picky).

Danman Danman 10:07 pm 17 Sep 07

Old coggins site – across road from Mitsubishi and next door to FX factory

b2 b2 6:50 pm 17 Sep 07

where are they in braddon?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:15 pm 17 Sep 07


Jazz Jazz 3:01 pm 17 Sep 07

tell you what Mr Evil. I did go to another restaurant on sunday that i could write a not so glowing review about. I’ll try get it up over the next couple of days unless Nick beats me to it.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:28 am 17 Sep 07

I am totally disappointed with this review!

I expected to come into work today to read another complaint about some ‘drama’ that occurred over the weekend e.g. the food was too hot/cold; the staff spoke a foreign language; the cheese was off; the staff were unfriendly; the food cost $5 more than expected……!

A positive review was not what I expected at all – Monday’s are going to hell again! 🙂

Avy Avy 11:18 am 17 Sep 07

Their ‘meateor’ pizza is fantastically good indeed.

Danman Danman 9:17 am 17 Sep 07

I can not comment on teh food but I went for a tall chai latte Take away the other day at their braddon premises.

At $5 I thiought this better be good.
It tasted pretty good and had a pretty take away cup – howevere I was rather disappointed that half of the chai was foam. For $5 a pop I will give them one more chance and ask for no foam.

Failing that I will not be back for their coffee.

As for the food – I have heard nothing but good things so we will see how we go over a work lunch eh ?

poptop poptop 8:54 am 17 Sep 07

I was at a party recently that got Delisso pizzas in to feed the ravening horde. Entirely drool worthy!

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 11:03 pm 15 Sep 07

I concur with Jazz and can highly recommend Delissio from my 40th celebration from just over a year ago. Looks like the quality has remained consistently high.

Coincidentally I’ll be dining at the new Delissio in Braddon later this week and be able to give relative feedback.

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