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Does the water taste dirty to you?

crabb 27 December 2006 55

Highly newsworthy topic not – but is anyone else noticing Canberra water tasting earthy this week? My family has commented on it – thought they were strange until this morning when I noticed it too. Or is it just post- Christmas tastebud overload?

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55 Responses to Does the water taste dirty to you?
Maelinar Maelinar 9:07 am 21 Mar 07

An interesting update…

[which works better as a link]

seepi seepi 11:47 am 01 Jan 07

I think the daily target of 139 ml usage is a bit hopeful. Even with all this rain we used 135ml this weekend – and noone would have watered in the rain, so it must be indoor usage now.

Fairchild Fairchild 11:07 am 01 Jan 07

It STINKS, the water that is. We should never have come off stage 2 water restrictions over the winter period. As for the tast what do you expect when we waste this presious commodity daily, thank goodness for chlorine!!!!

It’s great saying no fountains but what about the squirt hole in the lake that has been running, Captain Cook fountain. You can’t say it’s ok to run that when farmers can’t water their stock and the price per head has plummeted. Fare go, recycled water or not don’t waste the over spray send it to our farmers and hopefully we will see prices at the supermarkets come down.

For ever litre we waste on lawns, like Parliament House lawns, a water truck should be sent to farmers in need! Canberra is the Nations’ Capital, so lets lead the way and don’t use lake water indiscrimanately, it is a drought and every where else is dying.

Al Al 10:40 am 01 Jan 07

AS: on flouride in the water – everyone I know who grew up with flouridated water has ZERO fillings. Me? Got a head full of ’em. Case rests…

seepi seepi 10:57 am 31 Dec 06

Well we are sure to meet the water targets this weekend anyway – noone would have watered yesterday.

JC JC 9:19 am 31 Dec 06

Whats the bet that this will be the prompt to go to even tougher water restrictions. Afterall Googong is by far the largest dam in our system… which for months has been topped up by Bendora and Corin, which is why they are down.

Deano Deano 5:43 pm 30 Dec 06

CT today reports that ACTEW have switched back to the Mt Stromlo supply due to the number of complaints about the water taste.

auntiesocial auntiesocial 5:40 am 30 Dec 06

But we have one of those Sunbeam water filters which does a fine job, while leaving the flouride in for the teeth.

Comment by Al

The fluoride in toothpaste might help your teeth but the fluoride in the water will not as the benefits for your teeth are gained from applying the fluoride topically not systemically.

fluoride, Good thing or not

The water at our house in Nth Belconnen also smells different, so I was told. the kids were the first to notice and comment, all I could smell in my cup was coffee *shrugs shoulders*

luca luca 10:06 pm 29 Dec 06

on the subject of yukky tasting water, anybody know whether that dull green sludge that washes up on Durras Beach and which looks similar to something we are all very familiar with, is bad for one’s health? Like, should one be swimming in it?

Thumper Thumper 6:19 pm 29 Dec 06

Actually, whilst seriously hung over at zero very early oclcok this morning, I had a glass of Canberra water.

It was heaven. My taste buds were having a party.

So, nothing to see here folks, move along….

el el 6:16 pm 29 Dec 06

They put it (recycled water) to a vote in Toowoomba (I think) and they voted against it.

And no, there’s nothing wrong with the Canberra water Bubzie – no need to boil anything.

bubzie bubzie 6:06 pm 29 Dec 06

Didnt they say somewhere that people wouldnt mind drinking recycled sewage water somewhere?

far out…

I just had a glass of water, and eww, it does taste really gross… (do people now have to boil water before you drink it or something?)

TrapperKeeper TrapperKeeper 3:54 pm 29 Dec 06

Maybe they are secretly adding treated sewage to see if we can tell the difference :p

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:01 am 29 Dec 06

It smells funny too. I just ran the tap to fill the kettle and the water smells odd.

dez dez 10:42 am 29 Dec 06

its all linked with the raw sewage drizzling into lake tuggeranong-

Al Al 7:16 am 29 Dec 06

I thought it was tasting very much like activated carbon, which is a filtration system they use when algae levels are up.
But we have one of those Sunbeam water filters which does a fine job, while leaving the flouride in for the teeth.

Deano Deano 10:24 pm 28 Dec 06

wonder whether this will become a story that suddenly appears (unattributed) in the CT in the next day or so – bets, anyone?

The story appeared in today’s CT. ACTEW confirmed that they are supplying soley from the Googong Water Treatment Plant.

vg vg 5:53 pm 28 Dec 06

Watching v paying

lenny lenny 5:01 pm 28 Dec 06

To compare watching the beasts you have put your life into become emaciated and worthless against paying off a regular mortgage ?
Each to their own i guess…

vg vg 3:46 pm 28 Dec 06


Bollocks. I have people in my family who have been in the pastoral business for years. I am not ignorant to the current situation in any way. Having said that, droughts are not an unknown in this country. Whilst I have compassion for those in financial trouble because of the drought, it is a common occurrence. To bag ‘city slickers’ is a little too much when we don’t have access to things such as bore water etc etc. Like I say, droughts are an occupational hazard of any sort of farming and to describe every incident of them as bordering on armageddon (as the farming media are apt to do) is a bit beyond the pale.

It is sad, indeed tragic for some, but it is a reality that has been around since farming began in this country. Farmers who have moved to the northern parts of Australia, where the farming should be done, don’t have the drought problem.

I’m not trying to appear without passion, but hereditary farmers who inherit a farm cost neutral are not in as bad a spot as many who have the daily responsibility of a regular mortgage

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