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Does the water taste dirty to you?

By crabb - 27 December 2006 55

Highly newsworthy topic not – but is anyone else noticing Canberra water tasting earthy this week? My family has commented on it – thought they were strange until this morning when I noticed it too. Or is it just post- Christmas tastebud overload?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
Does the water taste dirty to you?
bubzie 7:37 pm 27 Dec 06

i had water (for like the first time since christmas! lol!) a little while ago, and yeah…it tastes sorta different..

crabb 7:14 pm 27 Dec 06

Very interesting – thanks for proving it’s not just weirdness on my part. BTW – wonder whether this will become a story that suddenly appears (unattributed) in the CT in the next day or so – bets, anyone?

jr 6:48 pm 27 Dec 06

Two glasses of water in town today.
One at the Italian Bite (Bunda Street) the other at Gloria Jeans in Borders…
Both had a distinct “musty” taste, sort of like mildew.
Just tried the water here at home (Gungahlin)… same sort of taste though not as strong as it was in Civic.

barking toad 6:35 pm 27 Dec 06

Haven’t drunk water since xmas eve

beer still tastes ok – and wine, port, scotch, bourbon etc,etc.

don’t fish fuck in it?

Thumper 6:22 pm 27 Dec 06

Occasionally the water in Canberra does taste chlorinated.

However, I’ve been drinking beer so I wouldn’t know.

diespiter77 5:52 pm 27 Dec 06

Oh my god! I’ve been having this discussion with my wife for the past week. The water tastes dirty, dusty or mouldy! Very chlorinated before Xmas but now just tastes dirty.

miz 5:23 pm 27 Dec 06

I will add that before ACTEW moaned about high weekend (allowed) water use, they should have worked out that it was the last weekend of the school term AND the last weekend before Xmas, so all those going away were giving the garden a last drink. I would expect it to drop while half the town is down the coast . . .

miz 5:19 pm 27 Dec 06

Yes – distinctly dirty tasting, with similar timing to previous comments, ie – from a few days before Xmas.
And have also noticed a cranking up of the chlorine over the last few months. The chlorine dissipates on standing (eg in fridge) but the dirty taste doesn’t.

Possibly ‘scouring’ of the pipes from all the permitted weekend watering?

Vic Bitterman 3:07 pm 27 Dec 06

Yep, we noticed a definate taste and smell to it a few days ago. On par with river water or unclean tank water.

Avacry 2:57 pm 27 Dec 06

I’ve only drank beer since the 24th so I wouldn’t be able to comment.

Nik_the_Pig 2:00 pm 27 Dec 06


It seems we have a winner. RiotACT – near instant answers (not always right mind you but you gotta give credit for timeliness)

Nik_the_Pig 1:58 pm 27 Dec 06

I noticed when I flushed the dunny last night that it (the water) smelt heavily chlorinated.
Ralph, what have you been drinking!?!

Ralph 1:58 pm 27 Dec 06

Has tasted different since the fires.

Nik_the_Pig 1:56 pm 27 Dec 06

Having not had the pleasure of tasting Canberra for months now i can offer no incite but I did used to rate it as the best water in the country, as did a number of home brewers.

Has anyone else noticed a change in the water quality and if so is there anyone in the know who may be able to inform of a change in the treatment regime, the drought causing more sediment, &c, &c, or any other reason for this apparent change?

Ralph 1:55 pm 27 Dec 06

I noticed when I flushed the dunny last night that it (the water) smelt heavily chlorinated.

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