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Domestic Violence Council wants to raise your children (and ban parental corporal punishment)

By johnboy - 12 October 2005 27

ABC Online has a story on a debate proposed by the ACT’s Domestic Violence Prevention Council on plans to outlaw parents making use of corporal punishment.

Former community advocate Heather McGregor raised the prospect earlier this year in her departing address.

She said physical punishment of children is rarely effective or justified and should be treated the same way as domestic violence.

Real domestic violence too hard for them so they decide to spend taxpayers money telling parents how to raise their children? Fascinating.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Domestic Violence Council wants to raise your children (and ban parental corporal punishment)
wonsworld 12:56 pm 13 Oct 05

“aren’t you glad I’m not like that?”…

I say the same thing to my mother when Im shopping … but then again I am 44 🙂

bulldog 12:35 pm 13 Oct 05


Sure we’ll have peace, but at what price?

Whilst I also advocate the use of canned goods to punish other peoples unruly children, I’m not too fussed on world peace. Your fighting nature and evolution at that point.

Thumper 12:07 pm 13 Oct 05


LurkerGal 11:10 am 13 Oct 05

There will be world peace if they decriminalise bludgeoning with tins of tomatoes….

Ari 11:09 am 13 Oct 05

So, the argument is that there will be world peace if parents don’t smack their kids?

Spot the wog 10:25 am 13 Oct 05

Yes thankyou so much!!another one with the right frame of mind if god says its ok

bulldog 10:15 am 13 Oct 05

Yes STW, it may. I will smack my kids on the bum (not too hard) when they are doing some wrong and they know better. If I’m perpetuating a downward spiral then so be it. In my humble opinion Mr and Mrs Never-Smack (I hate hyphenated names; they sound so pretentious), have done too much harm to society already.

Fat and/or rude children are in plague proportions. This is one step in fixing the bleak future being presented. So, smack your children. They will inevitably deserve it at some point and God says it’s okay!

LurkerGal 10:15 am 13 Oct 05

I don’t smack, but that’s my choice as a parent. I have never needed to smack my child, as I have other methods of dealing with her, which have been far more effective. I guess Idon’t believe in violence against children, having been regularly and severely beaten as a child myself.

Having said that, many has been the time at the supermarket when some feral little shit has been carrying on and I have wanted to throw a can of tomatoes at his head. (but I do feel superior when my child says “aren’t you glad I’m not like that?”). But still, if carrying a firearm was ok, there would be a lot less children in Belconnen, courtesy of myself. Maybe it’s just violence against MY child that I don’t like…..

Spot the wog 10:07 am 13 Oct 05

hmmm i can say we were all children once and a smack on the bum wasn’t that bad, in the end we were all little shits to our parents at some point.

However the parenting techniques learned by the child may inflict on how they act as a parent its an intergenerational cycle of dicipline and in the unfortunate cases violence.

bulldog 8:43 am 13 Oct 05

I think most of us would have copped a smacked bum or a whack with the wooden spoon when we were kids. I certainly don’t feel there was any harm done and I know that I learned what was innapropriate behaviour really quickly.

IMHO these do-gooders are trying to justify their pay-checks by making outrageous claims that smacking a naughty child is domestic violence. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no room for cruel and unusual punishments or flogging the crap out of a kid who may not know any better, but a smacked bum for doing the wrong thing when they know better is okay by me.

I don’t have any kids (yet), but when there are bulldog puppies on the loose, I feel sorry for the poor pricks who want to tell me or my partner how to raise our kids.

Thumper 7:49 am 13 Oct 05

This is the comment that concerns me;

“and should be treated the same way as domestic violence”

I have a friend who was in a seriously violent marraige. She ended up with all sorts of injuries, including broken arms. The Police seemed almost powerless to do anything and when the scumbag was actually charged he got off with a slap on the wrist.

That is domestic violence.

Domestic violence is not giving your kid a slap on the bum because he’s dismantling a woolies display whilst screaming his head off about wanting a chocolate frog.

These people have no perspective. maybe JB is right, its all to hard.

Thumper 7:45 am 13 Oct 05

This is seriously dangerous territory and in a place like the ACT who knows where it could end up.

And I’ve got three of the little blighters, well, they’re actually not little, but you get the drift….

steveu 6:24 am 13 Oct 05

spend some money on making basic parenting classes compulsory, and let parents make their own choice on how to raise their children.

el 6:51 pm 12 Oct 05

Ban childbirth and parenting.


johnboy 6:41 pm 12 Oct 05

I should note that I can see arguments on either side.

But if lasting physical damage isn’t being done to the child then I don’t think it is any business of the state at all.

I can hear the bleating about psychological damage now. But there are so many ways for parents to do that I really don’t think we can afford to go down that path.

How about Dads who tell their daughters they are fat? Mums who won’t hold their children?

Where will it ever end?

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