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Dont park your car in Canberra

By S4anta 28 September 2005 12

ABC On-line have this gem that is saying that Canberra motorists are paying on avergae $1600 a year in car repair costs after parking prangs.

The worst offenders are apparently in Belconnen, followed by Woden. So look out for those poles, pediestrians and pulsars when reversing kiddies. And all you old folk, dont forget to wear your hat and not look out your rear window when reversing.

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Dont park your car in Canberra
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bonfire 12:16 pm 29 Sep 05

of course one of the benefits of tehstanley steamer is that it is old, made of steel and causes more damage to those that hit it than the other way around.

i also reckon if someone parks so close to my drivers door i have to squeeze in, then i dont give a shit if my door scratches their car.

generally im pretty careful. i do agree that newer carparks do seem to be getting smaller.

Mr Evil 7:33 pm 28 Sep 05

“……I hate old people they remind that I am going a)become useless and b) that I will die…”.

AD – You’re a legend: I just about pissed myself laughing while reading this!

colsim 6:45 pm 28 Sep 05

Good point dusty – that car park next to JB Hifi in Woden has tiny tiny spaces (and every second jerk there seems to drive a big honking 4wd, to make it more fun.

Can someone (someone with time and money) run a legal test case and sue these carpark umm building people. Go on, I’ll give you moral support.

dusty 5:57 pm 28 Sep 05

Also beware the Canberra Hospital carpark under Emergency Dept. Saw a new Camry get obliterated right up one side by a granny who then drove off.
The spaces are narrower than normal, but are they all getting smaller?

bulldog 5:01 pm 28 Sep 05

That’s a good start, although I’d drop hints about never wasting money on a lottery ticket. Twice in the same spot; he must have killed a chinaman. Oh, hang on, are we still allowed to say that?

Absent Diane 4:58 pm 28 Sep 05

he doesn’t anymore!! the thing is there is nothing particularly abnormal about this as a park…just a combo of bad luck uselessness!!

bulldog 4:52 pm 28 Sep 05

Handy hint for AD’s brother; stop parking there.

We do suck and we are all terrible drivers. Shame on us, but for fucks sake, to the next person who opens their door into my car and doesn’t leave a note I say this: I will have you tracked via a psychic medium, come over to your house, rip off your head, tear out your soul and mail it to Britney Spears with a note asking her to dedicate a song to you. You and your children’s children’s names shall be cursed for a century. Then I shall remove your body parts and mount them to my bonnet with a gory airbrushed depiction of aforementioned decapitation and a note explaining my position to all other motorists.

People who don’t leave notes after fucking up are slack and deserve to eat naught but faesces and drink naught but hot cola.

Absent Diane 4:40 pm 28 Sep 05

My brothers car got crushed when parked outside work by some useless old cunt ( driving a rental truck I hate old people they remind that I am going a)become useless and b) that I will die)…. several weeks later (after he got it back) he got side swiped by some dumb arse rev head…. in the same fucking spot

threeze 3:36 pm 28 Sep 05

my folks’ car gets dinged in Belco so often they have stopped having it repaired, which is a real shame as it was once a smashing looking thing.

colsim 3:13 pm 28 Sep 05

I can feel another – Canberra has the worst drivers in Australia – story coming on. (not that I particularly disagree – though I haven’t driven everywhere in Oz yet)

che 2:23 pm 28 Sep 05

just another excuse in stats for NRMA to bump up their prices

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:08 pm 28 Sep 05

I know someone who takes 5-10 minutes to reverse park and has a car which seems to be getting more and more damaged, he works in belconnen…so that could explain it.

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