Electoral Boundary Review out tomorrow

Gungahlin Al 31 May 2007 14

Apparently the ACT Electoral Commission is releasing its ‘findings’ from the Boundary Review tomorrow.
And is their decision one that will solve the problem of Molonglo stretching from ACT’s northern boundary almost all the way down to Tuggeranong?
Will it solve the problem of Nicholls being the only part of Gungahlin that is in a different electorate (Ginninderra)?
Will it set up the boundaries to cater for the future population growth in Gungahlin and Molonglo with relatively small changes required in future?

And No.

Their solution is, I hear, to just move Farrer into Brindabella and Palmerston into Ginninderra.
Same old, same old…

[Ed] – ABC Online have the annoucement here

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14 Responses to Electoral Boundary Review out tomorrow
Al Al 9:51 am 01 Jun 07

Yes MtM, the various ‘principles’ that require things such as odd number in each electorate, odd number overall, etc, makes for very difficult combinations. Your point about 5 per electorate is right – anything that results in more minority and independent MLAs is essential. When you don’t have the check-and-balance of an upper house the next best thing is minority government.
But if any community is educated enough to see that having more politicians isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it would be ACT’s…

MrM MrM 7:24 am 01 Jun 07

Trouble with having more electorates is that you’ll have less members in each of them, which would skew the results – for example, if there were 3 members in each electorate and one party got 50% of the vote, chances are they would end up with 67% of the MLAs.

The current system is slightly fairer – a better one would involve say 5 electorates of 5 MLAs each, but then of course everyone would jump up and down and cry “too many politicians” so you can’t win either way.

Al Al 4:55 pm 31 May 07

Indeed GnT, Jemmy and Gungahlinite.
Read the Gungahlin submission and proposals here:

caf caf 3:25 pm 31 May 07

Because that’s way too many electorates to split 17 members between. However I agree that wholesale changes are called for – perhaps combine Woden and Weston Creek into South Canberra in your proposal which brings us down to a more-manageable 5 electorates.

GnT GnT 3:08 pm 31 May 07

Yeah, why aren’t the electorates: Belconnen, Gunghalin, North Canberra, South Canberra, Woden, Weston Creek and Tuggeranong, with the number of members proportional to population?

jemmy jemmy 2:11 pm 31 May 07

It’s mandated for two electorates of 5 members and one of 7 members. Strange electoral requirements, wonder why it was set up that way? Maybe it’s time the Electoral Act was changed.

In fact, more I think about it, the odder it is. In a city that’s divided into regions, it makes even less sense to consolidate disparate regions. Molongolo for example has both Downer and Weston Ck. Not much in common there, unless I’m missing something.


Gungahlinite Gungahlinite 12:33 pm 31 May 07

So Gungahlin gets bigger so let’s take some of their voice away by sticking some more of itin another electorate.We will get nothing out here until we are our own electorate.

OzChick OzChick 10:55 am 31 May 07

The proposed electorates are as follows:

BRINDABELLA, a five member electorate comprising the district of Tuggeranong (excluding the suburb of Hume), the Woden Valley suburbs of Chifley, Farrer, Pearce and Torrens and the southern remainder of the ACT;

GINNINDERRA, a five member electorate comprising the districts of Belconnen and Hall (including the entire village of Hall) and the Gungahlin suburbs of Nicholls and Palmerston; and

MOLONGLO, a seven member electorate comprising the districts of Gungahlin (excluding the suburbs of Nicholls and Palmerston), Canberra Central, Weston Creek, Woden Valley (excluding the suburbs of Chifley, Farrer, Pearce and Torrens), Jerrabomberra (including the entire suburb of Hume), Kowen, Majura, and Stromlo.

OzChick OzChick 10:54 am 31 May 07

The proposed changes to the new electoral boundaries can be seen here: http://www.elections.act.gov.au/Redis07.html

GnT GnT 7:23 pm 30 May 07

On a somewhat related issue …

When are we going to get a third federal electorate? We are the most under-represented population in the country.

Cameron Cameron 5:14 pm 30 May 07

The electoral distribution in the ACT is and always has been completely ridiculous. I don’t expect anything other than wholesale change to fix it.

Jazz Jazz 4:42 pm 30 May 07

I wonder what this piece of tripe cost the government to commisssion?

Spectra Spectra 3:25 pm 30 May 07

Will it solve the problem of Nicholls being the only part of Gungahlin that is in a different electorate (Ginninderra)?
…Palmerston into Ginninderra.

Sounds like solving (or at least changing) the former is exactly what the latter will do…

LG LG 3:04 pm 30 May 07

woot! Provided I can still not vote for Stanhope, I’m happy 🙂

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