Faces of Canberra: Daniel Kirkland

Rachel Moore 23 June 2017

Faces of Canberra - Daniel Kirkland - Picture by Anthony Bowler

Each week Rachel Moore is on the hunt to find out what makes Canberra special to all the wonderful folks who live here.

Who walks through the door, Daniel Kirkland or his MC rapper persona Kirklandd, will dictate the nominal level of swag encountered, but rest assured, panache fuelled swag WILL be encountered.

Recently opening for Seth Sentry on his Play It Safe Tour as Kirklandd, Daniel has only just begun his journey rising in the music industry. Starting to make mix tapes at high school in just year 8, Daniel treats his music like the most precious item ever held, coming only second to his family and friends.

Daniel has immersed himself in every possible aspect relating to music, taking months at a time to gently and patiently learn all there is to know. From social media, electronics, sound, microphone technique, mixing, lyrics and everything in the middle, not one moment is a challenge because Daniel loves what he does.

We are all busy and hectic, and the simple pleasantries in life can be easily forgotten. Asking people around us things like “How is your day going?”, “Can I get you a drink”, “Great jacket, is that comfy” or just “How are you feeling right now?”. Not Daniel, he is always present, calm, interested, generous with his time, even though, more than most, he has little to spare. Daniel never leaves a conversation without wishing everyone involved well.

We could all learn a thing or ten from this gentle soul. It costs nothing to be kind. An individual’s time is the most valuable commodity and Daniel is always generous with his. Never underestimate the power of love and passion in a career. It can make you rise and ignite a fire within everyone around you.

As Kirklandd, Daniel will be performing at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne on July 1st but he always has something up his sleeve, watch his space.

Faces of Canberra - Daniel Kirkland - Picture by Peter Darnley-Stuart

Name – Daniel Kirkland.

Age – 23.

Occupation – Rapper.

How long have you lived in Canberra – damn, 14 years?

North, South or Q-town – Southside son.

Most memorable event attended in the ACT – My first GTM at 17. Super, super wild!

Things you love about Da Berra – Summer.

What you loath about the city – Winter.

Most cherished memory in the capital – Probably when I played my first show ever. I remember feeling a mix of things leading up to that day, but the support the local crowd showed me was amazing. I’ve had similar chats to other bands here – when you take that initial leap in Canberra, it’s never taken alone.

Which Canberra local do you most admire and why – Owner of the Garema Place Pho Shop (see a few questions below – that recipe is lit). My pre-gig absolute must is a bowl of that liquid gold.

Most precious item you own – The journal I wrote when I traveled through Morocco.

First Canberra kiss and where – Oooh, maybe Mount Ainslie? First time, must have a view.

Most delicious Berra place you adore eating at – I feel like I can’t say this enough – the Pho shop at Garema place. Thank me later.

What do you want to be when you grow up – Rap guru/god ideally? That being said, I look up to Elon Musk for his incredible vision in evolving renewable energy first hand. Having that kind of impact on the world seems so far from reach, but it still inspires me to give a whole lot back further down the track.

Your social media handles – Find me anywhere, @iamkirklandd





What is a question you would like to ask everyone in Canberra? What makes Canberra’s creative (i.e events, photography, music) culture unique, and where would you like to see it arrive at in 10 years time?

Faces of Canberra - Daniel Kirkland - Picture by The Sideways Monkey

Caption’s: Top, Daniel Kirkland – Picture by Anthony Bowler. Middle, Daniel Kirkland – Picture by Peter Darnley-Stuart. Above, Daniel Kirkland – Picture by The Sideways Monkey.

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