Family Friendly Dining in Canberra?

gourmetmumma 26 November 2010 21

Hi all…new to the ACT and new to Riot-ACT but i’ve checked it out many times to find reviews and ideas and it’s a great forum 🙂 I’m keen to find some family friendly places we can go for dinner.

We have 2 kids 6 & 7 (and another on the way) who know restaurant manners and are happy to sit at a table and not run around like crazy, so by family friendly I mean a decent menu for the kids – not just nuggets and other rubbish – and somewhere which may offer things like colouring in packs and the like.

I have heard of the Hellenic club ? which looks like it has a big play area but its too far just to go for dinner as we are on the Northside. We don’t mind the likes of a Sporting club with a decent Bistro where we can all get a decent feed and enjoy the evening.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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21 Responses to Family Friendly Dining in Canberra?
zllauh zllauh 5:18 pm 21 Oct 15

+1 Pide House Macquarie.

Feathergirl Feathergirl 11:01 am 29 Nov 10

Tulips Cafe in Pialligo is good for little ones. There is a playground next to the outdoor seating, plus colouring pictures/pencils, tables for little people and menu is nice.

zig zig 8:36 pm 27 Nov 10

tony1306 said :

Hogs Breath Cafe!


cleo cleo 5:11 pm 27 Nov 10

Well I will be going to Sammy’s in Civic tonight, great Chinese food! Yum

tony1306 tony1306 3:29 pm 27 Nov 10

Hogs Breath Cafe!

KB1971 KB1971 9:34 pm 26 Nov 10

Delissios in Curtin, great food, great service. They brough the kids food out first so they would be finished the same time as us.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:10 pm 26 Nov 10

Another vote for West Belconnen Leagues Club at Kippax.

altkey altkey 8:39 pm 26 Nov 10

Le Rendezvous in Manuka – that is where the families are at (no kids, but observant due to the veritable baby boom that appears to be happening with friends at the moment).

From memory it is not the cheapest but it makes up for by making families feel welcome with pens and pencils to colour in with (paper tablecloths), displays of artwork by recent children patrons, and plenty of space to run around after hours (it is located in an arcade of offices and boutiquey shops).

Something different to the pubs and clubs and the food seemed okay as well.

Kramer Kramer 8:19 pm 26 Nov 10

Labor Club Belconnen = decent bistro with kids menu and basic colouring in and pencils.
Southern Cross (formerly Wests) Club Jamison = decent bistro and good kids play area.

farnarkler farnarkler 7:27 pm 26 Nov 10

The advantage the family food court restaurant has is their choice; you can have a roast or chinese or seafood or all three. And they have jelly for dessert!!!

Rangi Rangi 4:05 pm 26 Nov 10

The Food Court Family Restaurant in Dickson = ok prices, crap to ok-ish food, mostly cranky staff (except for a couple) and they have funny litle signs up telling you not to take too much food, but the kids loved it (one had gone there with another family and that’s where she wanted to go for her “special” birthday dinner)

shirty_bear shirty_bear 3:26 pm 26 Nov 10

+1 Magpies Kippax
+1 Pide House Macquarie 3:19 pm 26 Nov 10

If you don’t want to go as far as the helllenic club, the you probably would not want to go to the Rendseverous Cafe in Queanbeyan. Which would be a pity as it is an excellent restaraunt. I’ve seen many a family in there having a meal. They have a great meny, good prices, excellent customer service and plenty of space. It is everything that the Central Cafe used to be and more.

dtc dtc 2:38 pm 26 Nov 10

My kids, roughly the same age, love Chinese food, especially dumplings. So yum cha is a great hit. The Dumpling Inn Aranda (they like kids, usually provide a lollipop or two) and Shanghai Dumpling(?) at UniLodge. Most of the asian restaurants in Dickson (except for Thai, which can be quite spicy. Oh, and Sichuan).

Of course, they dont get special kids food but its all shared food, so they can eat as much as they want. Is there a kid that wont eat honey prawns (allergies excepted)? And there wont be supply playgrounds or colouring in books, although there are often fish tanks.

And these arent places where you hang around after dinner and enjoy a port.

sepi sepi 2:09 pm 26 Nov 10

The vegie place in the corner in Dickson has been remodelled. It is still good for families, but they have taken away the toyboxes etc that they used to have out.

housebound housebound 1:56 pm 26 Nov 10

+1 for the magpies, and I usually detest clubs. The food is basic, filling and well-priced. Kids get a free lemonade, too.

For something less club-like, the Pide House in Macquarie is good, especially if you are with others and can book out the back room. Dumpling Inn (also Macquarie) is pretty good. Both places like kids. They don’t have a kids menu, but there is more than enough choice. The Pide House didn’t make you order an extra meal for young children – but we haven’t been there for a while now. Bella Vista is also very good. It is pricier as you will have to order for the kids, but the staff are delightful and very accomodating. (We’ve been admonished for going without them!)

In Dickson, that Food Court Family Restaurant is not soemthing I would ever go back to. Better places to try are most of the smaller restaurants. The Noodle House is always good (you can arder to avoid chilli), as is the vego place down the road in that little square. Some people like Zefferelli’s, but I’ll let others comment on that.

Getting fancier, Toscellini’s in Civic has always been great, making children always feel very welcome. There’s no kids menu and it isn’t cheap, and I suspect that part of the attraction is that young families eat earlier, before the rush.

random random 1:46 pm 26 Nov 10

I remember loving the Pancake Parlour when I was a kid but it’s pretty expensive.

sepi sepi 1:36 pm 26 Nov 10

da Nunzio Caffe Bar Ristorante – in gungahlin. It is on the lake, and has paper tablecloths and pencils for the kids. And lovely pizza with prosciutto and rocket etc.

Indian at Ngunnawal shops is also good, and the nugunnawal playground across the carpark is good also.

Raiders Club at Gungahlin on hibberson st does good fish and chips and has a tiny playroom.

JessP JessP 1:11 pm 26 Nov 10

Magies Sports Club at Kippax. Nice food but a club….nice selections for kids and not too expensive.

Keijidosha Keijidosha 1:03 pm 26 Nov 10

West Belconnen Leagues (Raiders) club at Kippax has a kids menu with more than nuggets/chips, and a kids activity room (includes video game consoles for older kids).

Labor Club at Belconnen has recently been refurbished, but I haven’t been there since the renovation so can’t comment on the new facilities.

I wouldn’t recommend Gunghalin Lakes due to their very average kids menu, long table waiting time and average food quality.

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