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Flashmobbing returns

By johnboy - 16 October 2007 27


Hilarious? Culture jamming? A good excuse to go to the pub? Soooo 2003? Or just a way for hip cats with a large set of Facebook friends to make other people feel awkward?

In any event the wonder of YouTube brings you the latest effort in the Canberra Centre on October 13.

I thought the singing was rather good.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Flashmobbing returns
Comic 1:52 pm 21 Oct 07

I was there and thought it was great! Wow ducks, you are such a hero because you totally ignored those people standing in one place and singing…

Well I’m not some self-important tosser who feels the need to bolt from a group of people singing a song by the carpenters, it was great.

Seriously, if the thought of 70+ strangers coming out of nowhere, wearing the same thing and singing doesn’t make you smile you should go to and see if your humourlessness is a symptom of depression. Bravo to the organisers!

grantc 11:21 am 21 Oct 07

i thought the singing was rather good, too.

AussieGal83 11:07 pm 16 Oct 07

I feel sorry for the people who cant get out of the store cos all those people are in their way.

Stung 4:43 pm 16 Oct 07

As if dude… flashmobs will be forgotten in a year, or they will be remembered like the macarena… lame.

Maelinar 4:22 pm 16 Oct 07

beats graffiti

josh 3:15 pm 16 Oct 07

I wish I studied arts at uni, so I’d not only have the time to do this, but find it oh-so-postmodern. Because that’s what it is, right? Postmodern? You see, I get that because I’m like, so like, hip, y’know?

*sips latte*

tickboom 2:39 pm 16 Oct 07

Wow! Those people are so ZANY! And so ORIGINAL!

Cameron 2:07 pm 16 Oct 07

The original flash mobs in Asia were the best. LARGE groups of people appear from NOWHERE and stalk some lonely bloke walking down the street, pick him up and start throwing him in the air, and then disappear. Well, it’s funny to watch – the first time.

The rip off flash mobs that have ended up in Canberra, singing, pillow fights, etc are lame in comparison.

If some people get some fun out of it, then I’m all for it – it isn’t exactly harmful to anyone.

GnT 12:22 pm 16 Oct 07

I can’t believe I wasted 3 minutes of my life watching this video. How stupid.

Stung 11:54 am 16 Oct 07

sounds pretty lame, they should use flashmobs for criminal purposes not doing ‘wacky’ stunts like this in shopping centres…

RAGD 11:39 am 16 Oct 07

I saw something like on one of those on a ‘craziest world police videos’ type of shows. But people were doing it to steal stuff from petrol stations.

Basically 50 or more people walk into a petrol station and just start grabbing what ever they want, while the clerk just stands there and can’t do anything about it. Then they all disperse at the same time.

I don’t know what the point of this flash mob was though.

joeyjo 11:26 am 16 Oct 07

I love it

Mike Crowther 11:08 am 16 Oct 07

I think its great. Showing a bit of humanity in a shopping centre. It’s good for the city’s soul.

ducks 10:37 am 16 Oct 07

I was walking out of JB Hi-Fi when that was happening, instantly knew what they were doing and kept on walking without looking at any of them.

Mr Evil 9:39 am 16 Oct 07

What a bunch of Lemmings.

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