Foiled again by ‘Revenue Raising Speed Cameras’

deezagood 4 August 2008 38

Just about every day I drive along the Monaro Highway, usually adhering to the speed limit like the good little citizen that I am, only to be passed by H&Bs (hoons and bogans) blasting past me in their H&Bmobiles, driving at the speed of sound.

What really irks me is that they slow carefully past the ‘Revenue Raising Speed Cameras’ (RRSCs) before speeding back up again, slowing past the next camera, speeding back up etc… How, I ask you, is this supposed to be keeping the Monaro safe for all drivers? Even more irksome is the fact that after 23 years of an unblemished driving history and one momentary lapse of concentration (obviously right in front on an RRSC), I was just issued a speeding fine for committing the heinous crime of doing 87 kms in an 80km zone on the said highway.

Yes – I committed the crime and must therefore ‘do the time’ (or at very least pay my debt to society) – but I do still feel a wee bit cranky about those pesky RRSCs (and the H&Bs who, due to careful planning and a high level of RRSC awareness, probably never cop a fine).

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38 Responses to Foiled again by ‘Revenue Raising Speed Cameras’
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 10:26 am 12 Aug 08

What happened to those links WMC? Your turn to be ‘awfully quiet’, is it?

iCanberran iCanberran 6:04 pm 05 Aug 08

I travel in the right lane on the Monaro, at 80 and then 100 as the speed zones dictate. The people in the left lane are always doing 70. That’s why we hoon past.

Madman Madman 12:34 pm 05 Aug 08

fnaah said :

Note about the NSW Safe-T-Cam: this system is for trucks only, not passenger vehicles. It’s also supposed to monitor driver fatigue by making sure trucks aren’t on the road for more than a certain number of hours.

More info:

I was using this in general – as we can’t assume deez wasn’t driving a heavey vehicle, could have been on a motorbike or a car – who knows it wasn’t stated.

It would be good to implement these types of devices on our roads.

Also that website doesn’t say anything about ONLY using it on heavey vehicles. It was implemented for heavey vehicles. Who’s to say they wouldn’t hand over a record of a car to the police – especially if the average speed was excessive and noticeable like 180km+,
they’re still the RTA and shouldn’t ignore such thing.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 12:17 pm 05 Aug 08

I heard they were planning on putting point to point cameras on the highway from Brisbane to the Gold Coast too … anyone know if it’s in action?


lemaChet lemaChet 10:36 am 05 Aug 08

the SafeTCam cameras on the Hume do NOT calculate time/distance speed on cars, it only does them on heavy vehicles.
I can absolutely guarantee this over trips in the triple digits over the past 18-24 months.

fnaah fnaah 9:50 am 05 Aug 08

Note about the NSW Safe-T-Cam: this system is for trucks only, not passenger vehicles. It’s also supposed to monitor driver fatigue by making sure trucks aren’t on the road for more than a certain number of hours.

More info:

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 9:42 am 05 Aug 08

I’d like to read it too, WMC.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 9:28 am 05 Aug 08

FWIW, I’ve never been caught by a speed camera.

WMC, post the link to where you put the details last time, and I’ll have a look. Doesn’t mean I’ll agree with them, but can’t hurt to have the info.

DJ DJ 9:22 am 05 Aug 08

Why shouldn’t idiots pay more revenue? Traffic safety marketing should include “Can I afford to speed?”

Thumper Thumper 8:58 am 05 Aug 08

It’s an idiot tax, but still revenue raising.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 8:28 am 05 Aug 08

This has been done to death. Everyone knows that speed cameras don’t achieve a thing except raising revenue.

You were awfully quiet the last time I posted links to a bunch of independent studies showing that speed cameras have a significant positive effect on road safety. Do I need to go get them again, or would you prefer to remain deliberately ignorant?

Pesty Pesty 7:39 am 05 Aug 08

P to P is used in the UK, but so are speed cameras, millions of them! if you think its bad here, you should try driving anywhere over there.

deezagood deezagood 7:08 am 05 Aug 08

Thanks Tad – probably a good idea, but in this case I do accept that I was over the speed limit and will pay my fine, lose my point, and will be more mindful in future. The fine isn’t really my concern – my annoyance is more about the people who still speed between the cameras. I really like the point-to-point idea and am going to suggest this to the local MPs.

tybreaker tybreaker 7:02 am 05 Aug 08

Sounds to me like the speed camera got this one right.

TAD TAD 6:48 am 05 Aug 08

Just write in and explain. If you really haven’t been done before your chances of getting it changed to a caution are better than even.

ruhappynow ruhappynow 2:13 am 05 Aug 08


Now there’s rules on using speed cameras lawfully so an innocently parked vehicle taking a phone call could easily cast doubt on the use of the speed cameras – anyone know the specifics?

bigred bigred 11:01 pm 04 Aug 08

Well most cars now come with cruise control so there is no excuse for this knuckle dragging bogan behaviour. Dunno about the Monaro, but I am getting really annoyed with the crap on the Parkway. Bring on P2P cameras.

DJ DJ 10:23 pm 04 Aug 08

Sad but true!

At least people aren’t suggesting that the cameras are run by Police again.

Madman Madman 10:21 pm 04 Aug 08

The Gumberment are going to put cardboard cutouts of MARKED policecars on the side of the road! 😉

dragonflygal dragonflygal 10:18 pm 04 Aug 08

DJ – they could increase the presence of marked cars by dressing up the Protective Services guys in AFP gear, with AFP marked cars. Oh, wait – they already did that!

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