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Foreshore 2009 lineup announced!

By johnboy - 11 August 2009 20

The first round lineup annoucement for Foreshore 2009 is now out.

With the headliner still to be announced they’ve got:

    Deadmau5 (Canada)
    Axwell (Swedish House Mafia)
    Crookers (Italy)
    Stanton Warriors (UK)
    Miss Kitten & The Hacker (France)
    John Dahlback (Sweden)
    Zombie Nation
    The Only

It’s all kicking off again in Commonwealth Place on 28 November.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Foreshore 2009 lineup announced!
toriness 9:26 pm 11 Aug 09

i had my fill of no-name DJs at free raves (tell me, youth of today, do underground raves still happen??) when i was at uni. yes i’m sure the event will be great anyway but i don’t need to pay $90 to see DJs/performers i don’t know. but i do congratulate lexington for kicking off these bigger festival-like events in canberra, they have done a good job – i hope they keep it going for years to come.

ahappychappy 8:07 pm 11 Aug 09

Nah no way, at least I doubt it. Not with Nick Littlemore leaving Empire of the Sun for PNAU.
Admittedly they’re touring with Parklife, but after seeing the backlash when Fuzzy Promotions announced that it would only be half of Empire of the Sun… I doubt any other promotor with any sense would pay for just Luke Steele or whatever his name is.

But yeah, unless you’re a real dance music fan the lineup probably isn’t going to appeal… they’re well known to people who are into the music, but not the general public. Have a surf on youtube if you’d like to see them at other festivals around the globe.

Should be a great event!

kean van choc 7:33 pm 11 Aug 09

I heard a rumour that Empire of The Sun will be this years headliners. Just a rumour though.

Hells_Bells74 6:49 pm 11 Aug 09

Yeah I probably saw half this line up at the first one and didn’t realise it. I’m sure they are all good, when you’re there it’s always pumping! But it just fails to grab ya if you don’t follow the music to the letter and being a hard rock kinda girl myself I just tag along with a friend (very into it) to this kind of scene. Is fun occasionally!

ahappychappy 6:19 pm 11 Aug 09

threeze said :

Miss Kittin & The Hacker are amazing, but not as poppy as Sneaky Sound System or The Presets. Same goes for Zombie Nation and Deadmau5. Maybe they are looking to attract a less popped collar polo-shirted audience this year?

Are you kidding? I think it’s quite the opposite.

There are LESS pop acts like Sneaky/The Presets in there and more electo-house producers/DJs. I think you’ll find the exact same crowd if not MORE “popper collar polo-shirted audience” members, even if they’re in fluoro polo shirts with their collars popped. The dance music scene has only become more popular in the past year or two, with electro-house at the front of the line.

The posters here may not know the artists by name, but the lineup this year takes the cake over the past two! They’ve gone for the big names of the past year and I’m sure it will provide.

And the headliner sure will be bloody 😉

Pommy B 2:34 pm 11 Aug 09

My thanks PBO, not my cuppa then I’m afraid…

PBO 2:13 pm 11 Aug 09

These groups of producers (neither band nor DJ) generally play electronicky dancey 110bpm + ditties with the odd guitar solo. Pretty catchy stuff.

Pommy B 2:01 pm 11 Aug 09

Cna someone clue me in as to what sort of music these (Bands? DJs? People?) play please.

PBO 1:41 pm 11 Aug 09

Stanton Warriors, Miss Kitten and the Hacker and Zombi Nation are really good live. Cant say much about the others because I have never seen them.

H1NG0 1:34 pm 11 Aug 09

I have heard of Deadmau5. Its not my sort of music but its a pretty cool location for a festival.

chewy14 1:07 pm 11 Aug 09


there are a couple of good-uns in there.
And it is only the first release, expect some bigger names when they do the next release.
Last year The Presets weren’t named until later either.

threeze 1:07 pm 11 Aug 09

Miss Kittin & The Hacker are amazing, but not as poppy as Sneaky Sound System or The Presets. Same goes for Zombie Nation and Deadmau5. Maybe they are looking to attract a less popped collar polo-shirted audience this year?

Hells_Bells74 12:43 pm 11 Aug 09

Better be a bloody good headlining act.

Hells_Bells74 12:39 pm 11 Aug 09

My friend will love the Stanton Warriors but yes I agree what a crap line up really. I went to the first foreshore and had a ball in the mud and I missed the second and was thinking I should definitely get to this years one, but after reading the line up, I hardly see why I would want to.

toriness 11:36 am 11 Aug 09

probably i am just too old but i don’t recognise any of those names, they don’t ring a bell at all, therefore i conclude it is a crap lineup. which is really really disappointing because i went to the first 2 foreshores and they were great fun with awesome artists – including sneaky sound system, pnua, presets. wtf happened this year???!

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