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Frank Pangallo pulling the pin?

By Gungahlin Al - 20 August 2008 19

Is there any truth to the rumour that Frank Pangallo is pulling out of the running for Molonglo?

Because he’s been absolutely invisible. Last confirmed sighting in public was at the Curfew 4 Canberra meeting back on 5 June (at which he had very little to say anyway).

GCC has sent invitations to candidates for our Meet the Candidates evening on 8 October, but we can’t even email Frank because he doesn’t seem to have thought to publish any contact details, let alone a website.

And somehow it doesn’t seem *right* to send an ACT Government candidate invitation to the office of a NSW council…

So has anyone seen him? Has he given up already? Perhaps he’s trying to challenge big Mal Meninga’s record?

[ED – We had in the RA bunker, this very night, wondered what on earth he could be thinking with his zero-visibility campaign]

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Frank Pangallo pulling the pin?
Thumper 10:06 am 22 Aug 08

He would have also received a Centenary Medal for services to…

well, for being a politician actually…

neanderthalsis 9:26 am 22 Aug 08

Perhaps in his case MBE = Manual Bowel Evacuation…

Crikey 8:34 am 22 Aug 08

Many MBE’s were given out because of what politicians you knew not because of your “community representation”. It was one of the reasons the MBE system was disbanded.

Cranky Franky has destroyed the community spirit in Queanbeyan and finds it very difficult to get on with people.

He will not be missed in Queanbeyan, many people are happy he has moved to Canberra.

novice 9:12 pm 21 Aug 08

Just been to Pangallo website. Didn’t know he had an MBE for community service. Crikey, maybe somebody who knows something about community representation is actually running.

teepee 8:00 pm 21 Aug 08

The Hanson trick is a great money raiser, but 4% is a high hurdle. My guess is that Pangello may get there. At the very least there will be some italian vote (many Italian families live in the region having worked on the Snowy project). Having run a council for so long people might think he has some credibility, even though he has done nothing so far to clarify to Canberrans how he wuld vote and what he stands for.

But I doubt indies like Mulcahy or the rotund nutty woman who lost her seat will get close. They sound like hyper-egoistic types who are from swanky street and are not very in touch.

novice 7:51 pm 21 Aug 08

Doesn’t look like he has pulled out. Featured in CityNews “Bites” this week.Website is

Granny 4:21 pm 21 Aug 08

Vinnies have good suits.

; )

Gungahlin Al 4:17 pm 21 Aug 08

From the Candidates’ Handbook

“Election funding
Public funding is available to parties and independent candidates contesting an election.
For the 18 October 2008 election, public funding will be provided at 147.722 cents per
first preference vote to those parties and independent candidates receiving at least 4%
of the formal votes cast.
No person is obliged to accept public funding.”

So Molonglo projected enrolment is 103,051. If only 70% vote that’s 72,135. 4% is 2885. By 147.722 cents per vote is $4262. Less noomination fee of $250. Nice pay for donning a suit a few times. But if you are serious about campaigning it wouldn’t go close to covering the printing alone.

Of course stay invisible and only get 3.99999% and you get zip. Dig out the suit Frank. Get an email address at least.

Mr Evil 3:52 pm 21 Aug 08

GuruJ said :

Or the “Hanson” strategy. Show up, get 5% of the vote and walk away with a tidy chunk of $$$ …

Please explain……….

GuruJ 3:41 pm 21 Aug 08

Or the “Hanson” strategy. Show up, get 5% of the vote and walk away with a tidy chunk of $$$ …

miz 1:18 pm 21 Aug 08

A Bradbury strategy perhaps?

Crikey 8:37 am 21 Aug 08

Perhaps, as a novelty, he’s undertaking his Mayoral duties in Queanbeyan.

Primal 11:53 pm 20 Aug 08

I’m all for nice quiet candidates. Besides, most of the crap that gets said this far out from the election goes in one ear and out the other…

Granny 11:51 pm 20 Aug 08

It’s innovative. It’s mysterious. It’s certainly different.

Pandy 11:39 pm 20 Aug 08

I’ll vote for him, even though I am not in his electorate.

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