Free yearly bulky waste collection service to be rolled out next year

Lachlan Roberts 3 May 2021 46

Free bulky waste collections are coming to Canberra. Photo: Supplied.

Bulky household waste such as furniture, white goods and household appliances will be collected from homes across the nation’s capital once a year for free in a new ACT Government scheme that will be rolled out from July next year.

Gungahlin and Tuggeranong residents will be the first Canberrans to enjoy a free household bulky waste collection service from July 2020, before a city-wide rollout over the next five years.

For the past eight years, only eligible concession cardholders had access to one free household bulky waste collection per year, but under the new scheme, households will receive a single collection per year based on a booking system.

The collection service is also likely to include a system to separate reusable items and recyclables such as metals and e-waste from landfill waste.

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It is estimated Belconnen and Molonglo will join the scheme by 2021-22, before Woden Valley and Weston Creek in 2022-23 and the Inner North and suburbs in the south of Canberra the following year.

ACT Minister for City Services Chris Steel believes the rollout will cut down on illegal dumping, with over 1,178 reports of illegal dumping between 1 January and 31 July.

“We’re delivering on our election commitment to provide Canberra households with free bulky waste pick up to make it easier for people to dispose of household waste in a sustainable and accessible way,” Mr Steel said.

“Our guarantee to Canberrans is that we will continue to provide the services our growing city needs.

“We want to make it easier for Canberrans to get rid of unwanted items in a sustainable way, reducing illegal dumping around the city and in our nature reserves.”

Earlier this year, the ACT Government completed the rollout of green waste bins to all of Canberra and Mr Steel said it has started the detailed design of a food organics processing service.

“Not everyone has a trailer or large car to take their unwanted items to the Green Shed or the resource centre, and some Canberrans are physically unable to remove bulky items from their homes,” he said.

“We will provide an extension service available to residents who are unable to move the bulky goods from their home to the kerb themselves. This service will be provided for a fee, but will be free for eligible concession cardholders.”

Over the next three months, the ACT Government will focus on the detailed design of the service, looking at specifics such as the deployment of a booking system and to find a business to run the service.

Click here for more information on the bulky waste collection service.

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46 Responses to Free yearly bulky waste collection service to be rolled out next year
April Carolyn April Carolyn 8:34 pm 04 Sep 19

Kerri Briggs just what Geoff Briggs needs!

    Kerri Briggs Kerri Briggs 6:53 am 05 Sep 19

    April Carolyn not wrong! 😂😂

    Geoff Briggs Geoff Briggs 8:00 am 05 Sep 19

    Oh April Carolyn I though we were friends?

    April Carolyn April Carolyn 8:41 am 05 Sep 19

    Geoff Briggs a HHaha I am.. friends help friends declutter

maxblues maxblues 1:33 am 04 Sep 19

It’s going to take FIVE years to roll this out? In Adelaide (Marion Council) you can already get TWICE yearly bulk waste pick ups. (And LOWER rates).

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 8:02 pm 03 Sep 19

The timing and sequencing of this is, of course, entirely coincidental – nothing at all to do with the date of the next ACT election.

We can only imagine what goodies the London Circuit Soviet has in store for the 2024, 2028 and 2032 elections……

Nathan Lofthouse Nathan Lofthouse 6:34 pm 03 Sep 19

Charnwood is already a dump, they need a daily curbside collection more than Tuggers and Gungas need yearly

    Nathan Lofthouse Nathan Lofthouse 6:35 pm 03 Sep 19

    Need a weekly pick up of burnt out cars too

Elizabeth Chen Elizabeth Chen 6:08 pm 02 Sep 19

Great...when will we all get this?

Lexi Monaghan Lexi Monaghan 5:22 pm 02 Sep 19

Sign down the road up Troy Harper

Amanda Evans Amanda Evans 9:58 am 02 Sep 19

So does that mean there'll be junk out on the kerb for months before and during pick up? I love this idea, but yearly?

Peter Hurdis Peter Hurdis 1:48 pm 01 Sep 19

Jenny Price we don't want to rush them.

Chinmoy Misra Chinmoy Misra 10:20 am 01 Sep 19

Great way to stop illegal dumping!

Kim Tiffen Kim Tiffen 9:42 am 01 Sep 19

Perth have been doing this for years! Not only that they give you vouchers when they send you your rates notice so that you can take things to the dump and NOT have to pay!

Grant Tobias Grant Tobias 9:35 am 01 Sep 19

So 22% rate hike this year Baar?

Joel Byatt Joel Byatt 8:28 am 01 Sep 19

It’s a trick! Put your rubbish on the nature strip and the ACT government will fine you under the new laws to keep your nature strip clean lol Leon Konkoly

    Leon Konkoly Leon Konkoly 8:33 am 01 Sep 19

    Joel Byatt they're always one step ahead in the revenue raising games 😂

Peter Richmond Peter Richmond 7:13 am 01 Sep 19

We don't have a frontage big enough to put all our seemly hoarded large items.. having said that "Bring it on"... 😀

greensareliars greensareliars 7:03 am 01 Sep 19

According to the report in the CT the gov’ wants a booking system to discourage “pickers”. Since when do we want to discourage reuse of waste?

Maatt Brouhaha Maatt Brouhaha 11:28 pm 31 Aug 19

Remember when they briefly brought in a $40 fee to drop off a TV at the tip and Canberra was inundated almost overnight by thousands of dumped CRTs?

Those were heady days.

Shavina Tredinnick Shavina Tredinnick 11:06 pm 31 Aug 19

About time. Can’t believe how backward Canberra is!

Kriso Hadskini Kriso Hadskini 10:53 pm 31 Aug 19

That's what every other city in Australia has twice a year. How groundbreaking for Canberra!

Susan Allin Susan Allin 10:38 pm 31 Aug 19

Mitchell fml Adelaide has had this for decades 😂

    Mitchell Jon Chapman Mitchell Jon Chapman 10:42 pm 31 Aug 19

    I think woden is like 2022 or something

Neenie Baines Neenie Baines 10:13 pm 31 Aug 19

But you have to call them and book it in. Which seems like a half-job. And how will I find cool stuff on the curb? 😂

Leon Konkoly Leon Konkoly 10:04 pm 31 Aug 19

This has been the norm in Qbn for some years as well as red, green and recycle bins.

Not sure why you need a trial it's pretty simple.

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