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Beyond the expected

Frustrated ACT iiNet customers struggle to connect

By Charlotte Harper 9 January 2017 22

iiNet complaints

Have you come home from the holidays to find your internet is down? We did, and spent much of the first morning back at work for 2017 getting it sorted. The recorded message that answered calls to internet service provider iiNet this morning immediately alerted the listener to the fact that there were iiNet NBN outages in Canberra and that technicians were working to get everyone back online, but with no end in sight, that information doesn’t help much when you have work to do.

Dozens of Canberrans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the service being down and about frustrations in their dealings with tech support staff. Others have pointed out that iiNet’s Twitter account appears to be unmanned. The account has not tweeted since January 3. Why not tweet the same message that is recorded on the answering service? Communication is preferable to silence, even when the news is not good.


Back to our phone call to tech support … as we’re not on NBN, we held on to speak to an operator and immediately explained the situation i.e. that the service was required in order for our business to continue to operate. Jason in Cape Town managed to solve the problem within 45 minutes. After ruling out a fault in our area, with Telstra, with the modem or the line, he ran some tests at iiNet’s end and managed to find the issue and fix it.

Having switched to iiNet from Telstra late last year we’ve been very happy with our service, which provides more than six times the download speed and four times the upload speed we’d had with the Bigpond ADSL service. However, there have been a couple of dropouts in the past week, and we’ll be watching closely in coming weeks.

iiNet complaints

IT specialist media has reported widely on iiNet issues in Sydney, blaming technical and support issues on the fallout from the acquisition in 2015 of the ISP by TPG as well as teething problems for the NBN generally. Perth-based iiNet had an excellent reputation for customer service prior to the takeover, Lifehacker reports in this in-depth examination of the business, but has since laid off hundreds of staff and closed its Sydney office.

Have you been affected by iiNet outages today or in recent days? How have you found customer service?

iiNet complaints

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Frustrated ACT iiNet customers struggle to connect
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RocketRodd 9:53 pm 02 May 17

Currently getting just 340kbps download and 850kbps upload here in Gowrie. The TransACT Supersonic is supposed to be giving me upward of 8mbps. This is garbage!! iiNet don’t have a clue what the problem is and can’t see anything wrong with Telstra’s infrastructure. I’m wondering if the road work on Ashley Drive, between here and the exchange in Monash, is causing issues. Either way, I’m looking for another provider. Any suggestions?

tardis 11:19 pm 20 Apr 17

I’ve recently had very slow NBN speeds in peak times around (8pm to 11pm) in March ( on 100mb download plan usually get 94 mbps out of peak) down as low as 5 mbps on a few nights then around 15 to 20 mbps. I suspect its congestion ( more specifically a high contention ratio issue)

Now in May peak time downloads have got somewhat better, up to between 25_45mbps

Over easter break and school holidays peak time speeds have gone right back up to near speeds as per my plan probably because of people away on holidays.

I will have to wait til next week to see if speed in peak is consistently better( after Anzac day when term 2 school starts)

Customer service has deteriorated to the point that I don’t recognise iiNet as the same company that I signed on to over 3 years ago. It is really sad. I along with many Gungahlin residents had to put up with miserable internet and service from Telstra before NBN and it was refreshing to change to iiNet back then anyway with much better service and pricing.

Firstly email query about slow speeds was ignored and on their toolbox I saw my email case closed without any communication with me

I knew I would be waiting ages on the phone after a voip problem around 6 months earlier and reading about iinet service going pear shaped. I was also quite angered at the email request to investigate slow speeds so I submitted a TIO complaint along with my 1.5 hour wait on the phone only to be told that the fibre team in Australia were the only ones that could help and they would pass on the problem.

A few days later a received a phone call from a iiNet customer relations person ( I am sure the TIO application was the only reason I got the call at all or at least within a reasonable time). He acknowledged the speed issue on my connection and upon my request even offered to apply some credit to my account.

Unfortunately after this everything went pear shaped. It seemed the more the iiNet rep talked to his superiors the worse my support got.

Now they tell my they will not do any testing themselves but I would be required to do a range of tests myself which I’m confident most people would agree were way over the top

These were a multitude of tests over three days morning noon and night, too bad if you had to be at work. There were a range of technical tests that would be beyond many people but my point to iiNet was I shouldn’t have to give up my precious time to carry out these tests and I couldn’t do them during the day because I would be at work anyway. it was like taking a TV to be repaired but beforehand being required to buy a technical manual and equipment to test and diagnose what was needed to be repaired before handing it over for repair.

All this on top of them previously admitting that I had a speed issue and then denying it later.

I’ve spoken to the TIO and they have escalated the issue. Not sure how this issue will pan out but the main reason I’m posting this is to alert people to the atrocious service iiNet now offer if you have a problem and dare to stand up for yourself.

I’m not sure if any other providers are much better but I’m dismayed with how I’ve been treated. It takes time to change providers and I also have all our mobile plans with my children, myself and my wife so its a conundrum about the best way to go; I’m at least hoping that the speed issue will clear up consistently.

If you are deciding on an NBN provider I would recommend that you avoid iiNet. They need to get the message that customer service should be a high priority and not fog people off with ridiculous testing requirements required by the customer and no ability to get help when poor performance is experienced; to the point of aggressive rudeness when you try and question their poor customer service and rigid procedures designed to suit them and the obvious cost cutting within their organisation.

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