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Gallagher’s bump of joy

By Kerces - 27 July 2005 14

The Canberra Times is carrying this heart-rending story of Katy Gallagher’s pregnancy, announced at 17 weeks.

Ms Gallagher’s now-8-year-old daughter’s birth was surrounded in tragedy, with her fiance being killed while cycling in Merimbula (nicely tied in with the death of Amy Gillett in past weeks). Ms Gallagher was 13 week pregnant with Abigail at the time.

Interestingly, ” Ms Gallagher no longer listens to the radio in the car, knowing news reports about accidents can bring on crippling attacks of anxiety”.

She credits the Labor Party for helping her to keep going after her fiance’s death, and said she ran for election as a way of returning the favour.

I don’t doubt this will be a hard time for Ms Gallagher and will bring back many tough memories, but a small cynical part of me can’t help but wonder why she has chosen to announce her pregnancy at this particular time. It couldn’t be because of the warm and fuzzies pregnant women get, even if they’ve just revealed plans to shut down schools, could it?

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Gallagher’s bump of joy
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bulldog 12:14 pm 28 Jul 05

Fair call; MEGA it is, but it has to be in caps.

Thumper 8:50 am 28 Jul 05

ULTRA takes longer to type than MEGA…

Okay, I’m a lazy bastard….

bulldog 8:40 am 28 Jul 05

Didn’t we decide to call it the “ULTRA SCHOOL”? or was that just me….

Thumper 8:37 am 28 Jul 05

Yes…. After hearing reports from the meetings held at Ginninderra High, where the natives were most definitely restless, it does smack of a PR/ distraction campaign.

Apparently Holt and Higgins Primaries are both to go. Thats a hell of a lot of land to build high density houses on, especially if you take away the school playing fields, which will be conveniently, no longer needed, as the schools won’t be there.

1400 students will be at this new mega school.

The whole things is screaming out, “We blew the budget and have no idea how to fix it, except this is a major money spinner so stuff the community and we’ll do it anyway.”

johnboy 7:56 pm 27 Jul 05

Great timing to deflect attention from the dismemberment of the education system as we know it.

Congratulations and best wishes to Katy.

But the Canberra Times piece looked like a PR concoction to me.

Indi 5:28 pm 27 Jul 05

thumper – we do have a decent world to live in, the grand Principality provided for by Stanhope!

Thumper 5:17 pm 27 Jul 05

Labor? Social conscience?

Ah my friend, remember Foskeygate. Social conscience only when there is something to gain.

Anyway, good on her. I hope the little tacker is healthy and finds a decent world to grow up in.

kimba 5:10 pm 27 Jul 05

I notice that the Labor Party and Union Movement funded K-K-Katy’s “legal costs in a lengthy court trial which saw a 86-year-old, yes 86, female pensioner narrowly avoid a jail term”. So much for Labor’s social conscience.

bulldog 4:59 pm 27 Jul 05

miscarriage of justice (?)

Maelinar 4:43 pm 27 Jul 05

LG, Stephen and RG, but what about the baby ?

I thought you were talking about the school closure being a miscarriage..


bulldog 4:42 pm 27 Jul 05

Strange. Slow news day?

RandomGit 4:22 pm 27 Jul 05

Yep, the first 12 weeks is a real danger period for miscarriage. Till thats well past it’s premature to announce it.

stephen 4:19 pm 27 Jul 05

Or because most miscarriages happen in the first 3-4 months so after this time it’s pretty safe to announce the news without fear of something going wrong? When did you want her to announce it? When it popped out? At 17 weeks it’s starting to become a bit obvious and hard to hide.

LurkerGal 4:18 pm 27 Jul 05

Most likely she just wanted to announce it before it became obvious.

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