Gazza asks just what the hell was Kate Lundy doing yesterday?

johnboy 18 October 2012 20

Some needed hard questions from Liberal Senator Gary Humphries over yesterday’s odd paediatrics announcement:

An eleventh hour pledge from the Federal Government of $5m for paediatric services – available only if ACT voters re-elect a Labor government on Saturday – was announced yesterday.

However, it was revealed in Senate Estimates last night that the Health Department knew nothing about it – even senior health officials admitted they only learned of the decision on the 7 o’clock news!

“A promise to fund a paediatric care unit on the proviso of a Labor government being elected in the ACT is blatant bribery”, Senator Humphries said today.

“This is the federal Labor government saying: if you don’t vote Labor, children’s health misses out – that is just pathetic.

“In over 20 years in politics I have never heard of something like this occurring.

“To make the provision of Federal taxpayers’ money conditional on people voting a certain way is, in my opinion, corrupt.

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20 Responses to Gazza asks just what the hell was Kate Lundy doing yesterday?
Thumper Thumper 7:11 pm 19 Oct 12

No. It’ all okay folks.

I heard Katy on the radio saying that it was a lie and that it was simply Gary Hmphries verballing Kate Lundy and that she never said anything like this.

So there.

Even though you may have heard it said, she didn’t say it.

housebound housebound 4:31 pm 19 Oct 12

It verges on the corrupt.

Are we allowed to be shocked but not surprised?

poetix poetix 4:04 pm 19 Oct 12

harvyk1 said :

harvyk1 said :

….rather than the solider standing there with an AK-47 “suggesting” which way you should vote like they do in SOME other countries….

PS there really needs to be an edit button for posts.

There is if you pay for a premium subscription, she said, smugly.

gazket gazket 3:41 pm 19 Oct 12

Shouldn’t this be illegal and couldn’t it be considered as child abuse

watto23 watto23 3:18 pm 19 Oct 12

Look its dodgy at best, but the uproar over this is ridiculous. Government “bribe” voters with their policies all the time. So what a federal government was throwing money in if Labor won the election. Not a huge amount difference if say Local labor made the announcement and said they’d do it, then got federal funds to pay for it…

Tax cuts and cash handouts are all bribes of sorts. More annoyed its about health rather than say something like money for a road.

miz miz 1:44 pm 19 Oct 12

Perhaps blatant more than underhanded, but it sure sucks.

Chop71 Chop71 1:40 pm 19 Oct 12


Just imagine if this voided the election and we had to do it all again.

It really was a stupid move….and what was more stupid was listening to them try and defend it.
They still think they have done nothing wrong… that’s just amazing

NoImRight NoImRight 12:24 pm 19 Oct 12

Its not really “underhanded”. I think blatant is more the word we are looking for. Certainly a clumsy attempt.

HenryBG HenryBG 12:06 pm 19 Oct 12

What about figure-fudging fraud? Do we get more of that conditional only on re-electing the nincompoops?

SnapperJack SnapperJack 11:40 am 19 Oct 12

Absolutely staggering. The only thing that compares with it is when the Fraser (Liberal) government promised a motor racing circuit before the 1980 election and then – when voters turfed out the Liberal local member John Haslem and replaced him with Labor’s Ros Kelly – the re-elected Fraser government reneged on the promise.

At least this time Labor was upfront enough to put conditions on a promise before the election.

Tetranitrate Tetranitrate 10:02 am 19 Oct 12

“vote for us or watch the children suffer”

miz miz 8:53 am 19 Oct 12

Appalling underhand tactics from Labor. Sick kids are sick kids. I am aghast at how far Labor has gone from its ideologies of fairness and integrity.

Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 19 Oct 12

Except that Lundy said this, you could hardly believe it.

Is this what we have to look forward to moving towards a federal election?

It’s not even pork barrelling, it’s donating a complete working pig farm.

chewy14 chewy14 8:14 am 19 Oct 12

Surely the Canberra Times will be able to put a good spin on it for the ALP.

steveu steveu 7:56 am 19 Oct 12

Very disturbing. Our democracy in action? Interesting take on it.

PantsMan PantsMan 8:31 pm 18 Oct 12

This is what we’re getting another 4 years of?

bundah bundah 6:59 pm 18 Oct 12

Opportunistic,albeit ostensibly deceptive,manoeuvring by Lundy although the promised funding is not a done deal and would only come out of 2104/15 budget.

pezza pezza 6:16 pm 18 Oct 12

Clearly I wasn’t paying enough attention and missed the original announcement, but just read back over it and it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Quoting from Senator Lundy’s statement according to the ABC:
“We’re certainly not in a position to be able to follow this through with any government other than a newly formed Labor Government.”

The rest of the statement seems to be indicating that they put together an agreement with the current ACT government that if the ACT do certain things, the Commonwealth will also do them – but if a Liberal ACT government did those same things, surely they should get the same deal?

harvyk1 harvyk1 5:26 pm 18 Oct 12

harvyk1 said :

….rather than the solider standing there with an AK-47 “suggesting” which way you should vote like they do in SOME other countries….

PS there really needs to be an edit button for posts.

harvyk1 harvyk1 5:18 pm 18 Oct 12

I do have to admit, I prefer this sort of corruption when it comes to bribing for votes, rather than the solider standing there with an AK-47 “suggesting” which way you should vote like they do in other countries, that said, making money available, but only if people vote in a certain way, in an election which she is not running for?

Surely she didn’t think that the fed libs where not going to tear her apart over such things?

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