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Kramer 20 January 2008 35

The ABC reports local male prostitute, Hector Scott of Kingston (hello Google), has appeared in court on charges of knowingly infecting someone with a STD. Allegedly, even though he knew (or should have known) that he had a STD he continued his “service”, and he was also operating without being registered.

According to this CT story the respective maximum penalties are 6 months jail and a $5000 fine, and 12 months jail and a $10,000 fine. I can understand that a gigolo has to earn a living, but considering he could be effectively ending someone’s life, shouldn’t the penalties be higher? Perhaps the same penalty as manslaughter, and maybe also castration?

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35 Responses to Gigolo spreads the man love and more
Contrast Contrast 6:54 am 04 Aug 08

My mate was pushed off a bridge to his death by a mate in a drunken argument that went way too far. In reference to your query of whether or not sentences should resemble those of manslaughter? The mate that did the pushing was convicted with an 18 month gaol sentence, with merely nine mandatory.

The issue is not with a lack of strict punishment in any one area of the law. The entire justice system is weak, flawed and easily bent at the will of members of the court and jury. However, this then raises the question as to how far you will go to ensure security. you heighten the sentence for one thing, and the rest must follow. Who would ensure that human liberty is still adhered to?

What this man did is inexcusable and sick. To act without any consideration for human life is, in fact, one aspect of the definition of manslaughter. But as we can see, that doesn’t help us anyway.

he_whore he_whore 4:10 am 04 Aug 08

The health departments attention seeking actions with the Hector Scott issue, and the baseless, sensational headlines and stories in the media have succeeded in the victimisation of this guy and perpetuated the beliefs and stereotypes people have of HIV and sex workers.

The health department considered this incident to be a public health issue, which excused the department from following the communicable diseases procedure. The knowingly infecting charge was misleading and eventually (should be)dismissed when there was no evidence or victims to support the at risk behaviours Hector was accused of engaging in.

The previous postings on this case discussing knowingly infecting, castration and lynch mobs should have people questioning their values and beliefs. Considering the latest data and studies, 10% of people with HIV are undiagnosed, and responsible for 40% of new notification every year. People need to start taking responsability for their own sexual health and choices. The number of clients seeking “natural french services”, oral without a condom is out of control and should be addressed appropriately in legislation.

Special G Special G 7:46 am 31 Jan 08

I’m sure there’s about 250 people who’d be quite happy to form up a posse and go a lynch’n.

Davo111 Davo111 2:38 am 31 Jan 08

It looks like he’s been charged with knowingly infecting someone with an STD

Correct, And the fact he is not registered as a sex worker.

fhakk fhakk 1:51 am 31 Jan 08

(looks at charge)
It looks like he’s been charged with knowingly infecting someone with an STD.
The fact that he has HIV in the first place is not in question. Why hide the illness if what’s in dispute is the fact he’s spread it around?

Danman Danman 9:20 pm 30 Jan 08

Not really odd, thats how courts work. Usually they have governance over allegations/facts until the case has been completed and there is not a shadow of a doubt that the allegations are fact.

fhakk fhakk 7:34 pm 30 Jan 08

Mate of mine in the local media says they knew about it on the 18th when this guy was first up in court, but were told not to report about it because of ‘privacy regulations’.
That’s a bit odd…

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 4:55 pm 30 Jan 08

Knowingly spreading HIV should, in my opinion carry a charge of attempted murder. If he has spread it, then those affected are facing a death sentence.

Bludger Bludger 4:50 pm 30 Jan 08

What I don’t understand is how are they going to gauge if the person they are phoning is a previous client from a business or even a wrong number?

I don’t see how they’d bring up the subject?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:17 pm 30 Jan 08

So much for practicing safe sex!

Bludger Bludger 3:13 pm 30 Jan 08

My mistake, so he does have HIV…

Bludger Bludger 3:11 pm 30 Jan 08

I’m sure I read in the CT when the story first ran that it wasn’t HIV and they are unsure if he was servicing male clients. They also had a photo of him, I can’t believe people actually paid him money.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:01 pm 30 Jan 08

Re: initial comment on this article:
Charged sex worker has HIV: ACT Health

Article body:
ACT Health has confirmed Canberra sex worker Hector Scott has HIV…

A hotline – 1800 678 805 – has been set up for anyone who may have had contact with the man who advertised under the names Adam and Josh.

Apparently up to 250 people may have been affected. 😐

simbo simbo 10:58 pm 21 Jan 08

If you can’t get a 41 year old man for free, you’re really not trying…

howdy howdy 1:06 pm 21 Jan 08

I thought that was the idea of paying for sex though – you can’t get what you’re after for free : )

Crikey Crikey 1:00 pm 21 Jan 08

LOL he’s 41 and people pay him for sex – his clients must be desperate!!!

Ari Ari 12:51 pm 21 Jan 08

… or is he still being held?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:41 pm 21 Jan 08

So, has he been “discharged” by the Court?

Sammy Sammy 12:29 pm 21 Jan 08

A slap on the wrist? That’s a bit limp.

Perhaps a slap on the wrist with a carton of viagra.

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