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Goulburn set to become a bigger hole.

By S4anta - 23 November 2005 22

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has given conditional development consent for a fireworks factory and storage facility to be set up within the shire, according to ABC on-line.

Sweet a shitload of explosives next to the depository for NSW’s worst crinimals. How’s the serenity boys…

[ED – All they need is a giant kiwi behind the giant sheep (apologies to TSSH)]

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22 Responses to
Goulburn set to become a bigger hole.
Maelinar 8:16 am 24 Nov 05

Lol, you chaps are funny…

Hate to plug the steriotype, but bloody typical of an Aussie to agree to the venue and then chime in with ‘your shout first’…

Yes I’ll buy you a beer, but (in your slang) it’s a boomerang, you have to buy the next.

My comment about the Durham isn’t an offer of violence. I see how it can be taken that way, however it’s actually an offer to come and say it face to face (violence comes later).

I have found with personal experience, people are substantially more polite about Kiwi’s in my presence than they would usually be, I’m not countryproud, however if all an aussie can come up with is a sheep joke, then perhaps it’s time to stop the one functional brain cell in their head bowling overs between the ears and coming up with something new.

Fuck! it’s not that hard, we’ve got the ugliest prime minister in the world for goodness sakes, and what do I hear? fucking stupid sheep jokes.

A peculiarity of accents is the Jimmy Barnes lyrical mondegreen, to a New Zealander is “Cheap wine and a three legged goat”, which is where I think the whole sheep joke thing came about in the first place.

I could say more sheep jokes about Australians than you lot could combine to rustle up, however I’d probably begin to be deleted, they’re that offensive… (They would scare aussies because they’re true, it’s like watching Deliverance – scary because the problem is in your backyard)

Now all that stated, I don’t mind a sheep joke, because internally I’m laughing my ass off at the teller of the joke, but really, what the hell does a sheep in Golburn have to do with firecrackers and prisoners ?

I think the real joke is that Australians built a statue of a sheep, what is that all about ?

Statue to your sex god ?

I will remind you JB that velcro gloves and gumboots are an Australian invention. I will say no more…

Dirty minded little greebly individuals.

bloodnut1 7:50 am 24 Nov 05

Durham at 6:30 Maelinar – btw you’re buying.

Seriously – you’re buying – have a pint of draught ready for me and I’ll take that as your apology big fella.

Look forward to it.

Is there precedence for an internet pissing contest to actually lead to a serious physical brawl. This could be not only an RA but a world first. How exciting.

Mr Evil 7:36 am 24 Nov 05

If I was you Johnboy, I wouldn’t go near the Durham for a couple of months! 🙂

johnboy 8:25 pm 23 Nov 05

I’ve done some research and it would seem the town of Levin is the closest kiwi equivalent to Goulburn. So they need the Giant Kangaroo with the Giant Aussie standing behind to achieve equivalence.

And will we care? Not a bit!

Now Maelinar, just because the man with a sense of humour faliure can beat people up at the durham seems to be neither necessary nor sufficient proof he’s never owned velcro gloves and oversized wellies.

FB 5:12 pm 23 Nov 05

Mr Evil, I won’t take that bet.

But if Helen is the ugliest then Macedonia must have the best looking PM

Ok, so she’s only deputy PM but it’s close enough.

Absent Diane 4:56 pm 23 Nov 05

I pick my moments…. mostly when my mates are rev’ing up about kicking arse!!!

Mr Evil 4:37 pm 23 Nov 05

I’ve given up on betting on NZ teams: it was costing me too much money and pride! The only thing I am willing to bet on is that Helen Clark IS the ugliest Prime Minister in the whole world.

Absent Diane 4:11 pm 23 Nov 05

HAHA f*ck yeah…. and maybe we could put up a plaque with the amount of money I have won betting against kiwi mates on various sporting events in the last 5 or so years (excluding the last 12 months)… my two faves are the 2003 world cup rugby semi and that cricket series where the kiwis were competitive but rain wiped their chances out

Thumper 4:10 pm 23 Nov 05

Chappell that is….

Mr Evil 4:02 pm 23 Nov 05

Good work, AD; and while we’re at it lets add a giant Chapple underarm bowling to a giant McKechnie!

Absent Diane 3:56 pm 23 Nov 05

Well we could balance it out.. make it a fair fight have a giant roo next to the giant sheep with a giant aussie behind it…… this way kiwis wouldn’t feel so bad when aussies make jokes about sheep preferences… and it would give them a chance to have a dig back!!!

In the spirit of taking the piss out of everything humanly possible….

Maelinar 3:19 pm 23 Nov 05

Durham arms… Friday night… from 16:30…

Fact is, just like your sheep jokes, well we’ll leave it there insignificant one.

Mr Evil 3:19 pm 23 Nov 05

Hey, I’m a Kiwi, and I have never rooted sheep: goats are much more my cup of tea.

ixnay_on_the_illpay 3:01 pm 23 Nov 05

Aren’t fireworks illegal in NSW?

As is rooting sheep.

But who’s going to argue with a giant Kiwi.

Maelinar, Kiwis root sheep.


Maelinar 2:46 pm 23 Nov 05

What’s a giant kiwi got to do with Australia’s infatuation with sheep ?

To cite the obvious, they make bloody great whopping statues of sheep over here, no point in trying to place the blame on a kiwi, it lies squarely on Australia’s shoulders.

Besides, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with a heap of explosives right next to a heap of prisoners, so shame on you for even thinking it.

Dirty fucker (that wasn’t directed at ssanta, but whoever edited his comment)

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