Grab Your fork goes over My’s

johnboy 26 October 2010 13

Weston Creekers get very funny about My’s Vietnamese restaurant. They’d really rather outsiders didn’t know about it.

Today the restaurant has picked up a review by the queen of the food bloggers, Helen from Grab Your Fork.

The review is as self-indulgent as only a Fairfax employed food blogger can be, but she seemed to have a good time.

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13 Responses to Grab Your fork goes over My’s
taninaus taninaus 7:29 am 27 Oct 10

My folks are regulars – I love the campfire beef there. The only problem I have had with the new spot is it was incredibly noisy one Saturday we were there and you did feel cramped as they sqeezed tables into every space and had a few large groups – maybe it has changed somehow since those early days?

+1 for 3 Jane – make a booking if you want to eat there.

helen@grabyourfork helen@grabyourfork 10:13 pm 26 Oct 10

I’m flattered that my post was mentioned but I have to make a correction. I’m not a Fairfax-employed food blogger and never have been. I’m not sure whether this is supposed to be taken as a compliment or otherwise!

I don’t tend to consider my post as reviews – as a food blogger I am much more interested in promoting good eats, highlighting different cuisines or simply justifying my gluttonous appetite for all things porcine.

Tainted Tainted 7:09 pm 26 Oct 10

Pretty sure the prices are the same as before they moved. My’s is fantastic, we eat there fairly often and have never had a bad meal. The staff are fantastic, the owner is very friendly and the salted prawns are amazing! Best to book a table, they’re always very busy.

3Jane 3Jane 6:47 pm 26 Oct 10

Fiona said :

Anyone been there since the move?

Yeah, there was a monster queue to sit down (fortunately I had made a booking for an early time). Now it’s going to be bloody impossible.

Fiona Fiona 3:12 pm 26 Oct 10

Anyone been there since the move?

chewy14 chewy14 3:11 pm 26 Oct 10

Fiona said :

I must admit I haven’t been in since their move, when the prices went up 😉

I used to like My’s when it was on the old dingy side of Cooleman court. Cheap and fairly good food.

The only thing to have changed since their move is the prices, which have gone up markedly.

Snarky Snarky 3:10 pm 26 Oct 10

Mrs Snarky and I visited the new premises for the first time on Sunday night. The food is still wonderful, the service is still attentive and the dining environment much improved – the room is bigger and you don’t feel like you have to crawl over your neighbour’s lap to get to the table, and the carpet means it’s a bit quieter too, even if it’s a full house. If the prices have gone up, I didn’t notice – it was still excellent value.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 2:51 pm 26 Oct 10

I really like My’s. I haven’t been for a few months, but when we have gone the food has been interesting and tasty, but without the pretentiousness and price that comes with many other Canberra restaurants in the snottier locations.

Erg0 Erg0 2:34 pm 26 Oct 10

Given that it’s a blog, I’d have thought the self-indulgence would go without saying.

Fiona Fiona 2:32 pm 26 Oct 10

I must admit I haven’t been in since their move, when the prices went up 😉

KateKarnell KateKarnell 2:26 pm 26 Oct 10

That was not a review…

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 2:09 pm 26 Oct 10

People pay her to write like that?

Creekgirl Creekgirl 2:08 pm 26 Oct 10

I have to say that I am one of the creekers who loves My’s. The food is amazing, especially when it is just basically a local takeaway.

I would recommend the fish hot pot, the salted pork and the flaming chicken (not sure what the real names of the dishes are, but they know what we are talking about).

I would also recommened just asking them to bring you dishes. We did this the first few times we went and tried things we would not ordinarily would have. Now they are some of our favourites.

So I would like to say thank you to My and Paul and everyone at my favourite resturant.

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