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Jazz 27 August 2007 14

ABC Online has coverage of an interesting proposal currently before the ACT commissioner for public administration to allow up to 12 months leave for grandparents to care for children under 2 years old.

The plan, in theory will attract more seniors to public service and alleviate the burden on already stressed parents who are struggling to work full time and raise families. I’m not so sure, as i think in some instances it would mean grandparents from say, age 50 onwards may never have to work again as long as they have a large family.

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14 Responses to Grandparental Leave
sepi sepi 10:38 am 28 Aug 07

It may seem meaningless now, in a time of high employment, but if we go into recession again, the opportunity to retain a good position will be valuable.

I don’t think long term acting opportunities are a bad thing either, to fill vacant positions.

noodle noodle 10:12 pm 27 Aug 07

Twelve months UNPAID leave? Meaningless. Agree it will clagg up the system with unfilled positions, with no one doing the work for a local government no one wants to work for anyway. The feds already offer better pay, and a whole heap of depts flexible conditions too – way better than what’s on offer with the ACT.

ant ant 8:50 pm 27 Aug 07

Would oldies really want to take a year off to mind tiny screeching kids? I can’t imagine that, at all. A year off as a sabbatical, now, that would appeal to a lot of people.

boomacat boomacat 6:59 pm 27 Aug 07

I think measures aimed at keeping older people in the workforce are a great idea, improve workforce participation.

S4anta S4anta 4:44 pm 27 Aug 07

weird. Clagging up places with vacant positions is just a bit silly. Dont think the pimp firms around town, will care. Mgrs and directors best start honing interview, facebook and google skills!

sepi sepi 3:50 pm 27 Aug 07

I think it’s fine in theory, but I can’t see many grandparents taking up the option.

I think Kevin Rudd was more on the money with suggesting 2 years of ‘parental leave’ so Mum and Dad can take one year off each.

Thumper Thumper 2:29 pm 27 Aug 07

It also could lead to a block in promotions as the position vacated could not be filled on a permanent basis.

Sorry, I just think it’s PC gone mad.

emd emd 2:26 pm 27 Aug 07

You can ask for unpaid leave for any reason you like. But unless it’s covered by something like the Maternity Leave Act or a Certified Agreement, you’re not guaranteed of getting it.

This form of unpaid leave might allow older workers to just take a break from paid work when they want to spend time with their new grandchild, instead of retiring altogether.

It might also enable more parents to stay in the workforce after having kids. Childcare is expensive, hard to access, and some people would prefer grandparent care.

Mind you, Stanhope still needs a kick in the arse for making Canberra less pleasant to live in. He who planned to build an arboretum in a drought, commissioned a statue to a controversial politician, closed primary schools in suburbs where there’s a baby boom, and introduced pay parking at public hospitals.

Jazz Jazz 2:24 pm 27 Aug 07

you’d still have to ask for the leave though.

LG LG 2:17 pm 27 Aug 07

whats the point though. Anyone can take unpaid leave by just quitting their job or asking for Leave without pay currently. Does it really need a special name?
Comment by Jazz — 27 August, 2007 @ 2:04 pm

True – although I imagine that the difference is that you have to ask and receive permission to go on 12 months unpaid leave, where as this will be an entitlement that you don’t necessarily have to ask for??

bonfire bonfire 2:14 pm 27 Aug 07

crazy as a coconut

Thumper Thumper 2:08 pm 27 Aug 07

It’s all getting a little silly methinks…

Jazz Jazz 2:04 pm 27 Aug 07

ha, i read that twice and missed the unpaid bit each time.

whats the point though. Anyone can take unpaid leave by just quitting their job or asking for Leave without pay currently. Does it really need a special name?

la mente torbida la mente torbida 1:45 pm 27 Aug 07

It’s UNPAID leave!

Anyone who has raised kids would never call that ‘never having to work again’.

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