Greens call for drop in Northbourne speed limit following bus interchange works

Lachlan Roberts 6 August 2019 28

Alinga Street between Moore Street and Northbourne Avenue is now a no-car zone. Photos: Lachlan Roberts.

The ACT Greens are calling for the speed limit on Northbourne Avenue to drop to 40 kilometres per hour around the light rail and bus interchange in the City after the Government opened its expanded bus interchange.

Alinga Street between Moore Street and Northbourne Avenue is now a no-car zone, with the extended City bus interchange open only to pedestrians and cyclists.

The city bus interchange now extends on Alinga Street across Northbourne Avenue towards Moore Street and West Row, closing the road for bus and local traffic only.

Minister for City Services Chris Steel said the works will improve access to public transport for residents while also improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists, buses and motorists on Northbourne Avenue.

As part of the works, two new bus shelters were also installed on platforms 1 and 2 as well as new bike rails on Alinga Street west of Northbourne Avenue.

“Expanding the city interchange across to Alinga Street west will ensure better integration with the Alinga Street light rail stop for customers interchanging to bus services,” Mr Steel said.

“The work also complements the upgrades to the road verge on Northbourne Avenue and the Alinga Street light rail stop.

“As part of these works, Alinga Street is now open to bus and local traffic only between Northbourne Avenue and Moore Street and West Row.

“The changed traffic arrangements have brought the western side of the City Interchange in line with the arrangements in the rest of the Interchange.”

bus interchange alinga street

There are now calls to reduce the speed limit to 40kmph in the area.

ACT Greens Transport spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur, who called for upgrades to the extended bus network including shelters, a pedestrian-only zone and reduced speed limits last month, said she was pleased to see the works completed.

“It is really good to finally see the shelters up,” Ms Le Couteur said. “I think everyone was disappointed that we moved the buses and didn’t give any shelter for the bus users.

“I am very pleased that after waiting for a few months, that the ACT Government has finally given the travelling public what it deserves.

“Even more importantly, the Government has stopped the cars from coming in here. If you spent any time here, you would have seen someone nearly being killed. So I think it is a great move to stop the cars in this bit of Alinga Street.”

Ms Le Couteur is now calling on the ACT Government to decrease the speed limit around the congested area of Northbourne Avenue.

“There is only one more thing that I am suggesting for around here and that is 40 kilometres per hour speed limits along Northbourne Avenue adjacent to the interchange,” she said. “There is so much pedestrian activity with people getting off the light rail, they are going from one side of the bus interchange to the other.

“It’s just not safe at present. 40 kilometres per hour will be a lot safer.”

Under these new traffic arrangements, vehicles leaving Odgers Lane will still be allowed to turn left onto Alinga Street.

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28 Responses to Greens call for drop in Northbourne speed limit following bus interchange works
Mac John Mac John 7:51 pm 09 Aug 19

There needs to be better signage at night: those not familiar with area may enter interchange area by mistake.

Adam Allica Adam Allica 10:50 pm 07 Aug 19

Carpet the roads so people dont scratch themselves if they fall over, put padding on the gutters to avoid nasty bruises. Maybe reduce speed limit to walking pace. Go the nanny state

    Alec Millett Alec Millett 7:29 am 08 Aug 19

    Speaking of congestion, Adam: has anyone seen or read a reason why the bike lanes fronting the Sydney/Melbourne Buildings were elevated to the same level and the sidewalk which now means oblivious, headphone wearing, mobile phone distracted pedestrians just saunter in front of cyclists who then (now) have a curb drop off to the vehicle lane to deal with? 🤷‍♂️

Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:46 pm 07 Aug 19

Trev Astle, you are a legend.

Trev Astle Trev Astle 9:20 pm 07 Aug 19

Best way is to avoid Civic once you're retired. Never go there. Goto Goulburn, Queanbeyan or Yass instead.

Julie Coker-Godson Julie Coker-Godson 8:11 pm 07 Aug 19

During peak hour you'd be lucky to do 40kph I reckon. Still, it's something I agree with as we are talking about a small compacted area.

Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 4:31 pm 07 Aug 19

I’m at a loss to understand why the bus interchange needed to be bigger, with less busses but more platforms the interchange is empty most of the time, now we just have people trying to rush across northbourne to get a bus as it’s at least 10 minutes to the next bus

Cat Cat Cat Cat 9:04 am 07 Aug 19

Why on earth have you made it even harder and more dangerous to catch the nearly non existent bus network by forcing people to cross a major road just to miss their commuter bus as it’s full and have to wait another half hour in peak periods?? These muppets and cronies running the place.

rationalobserver rationalobserver 8:40 am 07 Aug 19

All part of the greens lead government policy to discourage private car usage in the ACT. Reduce available parking, increase the price of what parking is left, shorter time limits, bias traffic lights to favour pedestrians and toy trains (and bike riders who can’t make up their minds if they are pedestrians or vehicles). Who pays when there are no cars left on the road?

Peter Major Peter Major 7:13 am 07 Aug 19

Can we cut the greens instead of the speed limit

maxblues maxblues 3:45 am 07 Aug 19

The Greens saying it is dangerous to have the tram stop in the middle of the road……hilarious.

Simon Argall Simon Argall 12:09 am 07 Aug 19

Why not it's only a small stretch and would be much safer.

David Brown David Brown 10:30 pm 06 Aug 19

I would love to be able to get up to 40 Km/h

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:44 pm 06 Aug 19

Urban planning at its finest. Let’s build the thing. Ok now let’s work out what to do with existing traffic.

Zac Pye Zac Pye 4:20 pm 06 Aug 19

How about no

Nick Hart Nick Hart 2:33 pm 06 Aug 19

And should consider to put the workers in the new LuminAuz® illuminated Hard Hats.

Perfect for road workers and visibility.

Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 2:12 pm 06 Aug 19

I am at a loss why the interchange needed to be extended onto the western side of Northborne Ave. The same result (shortest distance between rapid buses and light rail) could have been achieved by using the stops closest to Northborne Ave in the existing interchange for the rapid bus services.

As for lowering the speed limit on this stretch of Northborne no issues between Barry Drive and London Circuit. In reality it is hard to get to 60 anyway especially how now the lights are not as well synchronised as they once were.

Grimm Grimm 2:00 pm 06 Aug 19

How hard is it to cross a road without getting run over?

Probably best we stop pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Iaian Ross Iaian Ross 1:19 pm 06 Aug 19

Thank god. The car trap on that stretch of Alinga was a cruel joke. 4-way intersection and only option is to turn right. But the warning did not specify this and was placed at the Alinga/Moore street intersection, which causes drivers to stop and think about how to solve that problem if they wanted to turn left at Northbourne, which is a crazy situation to be in regardless.

Paul Hannelly Paul Hannelly 1:10 pm 06 Aug 19

Why not do something about the zombie smartphone users that are only looking at there phone and not traffic when crossing the road and expecting the traffic to stop for them

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 12:22 pm 07 Aug 19

    Paul Hannelly and what is your suggestion?

    Paul Hannelly Paul Hannelly 4:48 pm 07 Aug 19

    Do something about the zombie smartphone users / jaywalkers like education on there responsibility or just give them a fine

Rick Reeks Rick Reeks 1:00 pm 06 Aug 19

If people and card obey traffic lights there is no need to change speed limits.

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