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Kerces 19 February 2007 12

Australia’s foremost sex blogger (as JB hath dubbed her), Desci, and her boyfriend came to Canberra this weekend past in part to view ancient Egyptian thingumies but mostly (or so I tell myself) to meet their adoring Canberra podcast audience.

Desci’s take on their trip can be seen here.

It was intriguing to meet up with someone whose voice you know so well and whose life you feel like you know a bit. It was also bizarre to spend the evening being called “Kerces”, not a name I usually hear spoken aloud.

Anyway, the pair seemed to have enjoyed the day and a half they’d spent in our fair capital before JB, Random Git and I (and Enny — hi there, going to come out of lurkerdom?) met up with Desci and Bob for drinks, podcasts and dinner and to find out what outsiders think of Canberra.

The highlights for them were apparently the Civic sheep, Goodberry’s/Rubee’s, Kingsley’s, the Civic sheep and the ears on the mummified cat in the Egyptian exhibition. Desci also praises our taxi drivers (! but I don’t think they tried the phone booking system) and berates an unknown shop assistant for not being able to direct them to a particular street. The lack of people, dancing and dreadful music on Toast was a sore point (although JB and I went on to the Phoenix afterwards to see Dahahoo and it was packed and fabulous) but we did try to explain about Canberrans and their general aversion to dancing.

A good night was had and putting faces to names was (perhaps) nice to be able to do, as well as finding out what amuses people about Canberra.

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12 Responses to Grogpodding with Melbourne sex blogger
RandomGit RandomGit 12:54 pm 20 Feb 07

I apologise edlang, I didn’t realise it was ‘some repetitive kind of electronic music with no layers or sound feature or other appreciable features of usual electronic music’ genre night. Maybe Toast can put up a website to advertise these bland and mindless evenings and save me a walk across Civic and embarrasment in front of my out-of-state friends.

edlang edlang 4:55 pm 19 Feb 07

That said, some pieces were presented in such a ridiculous fashion so as to be sublime. All praise the baboon that’s actually a god whose head is that of a baboon!

Other pieces — for me, the brooches — were beautiful and did seem to be produced entirely for their aesthetic quality, rather than their practical use or religious significance.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:18 pm 19 Feb 07

I felt the same about egyptian display…. I left feeling a little disappointed.. although the mumified cat was pretty cool.

johnboy johnboy 3:47 pm 19 Feb 07

The museum doesn’t have jackson pollocks to bribe the Louvre with.

edlang edlang 3:40 pm 19 Feb 07

Uh, what day did they go to Toast? Saturday? If so, it was a genre-specific night and I fully understand the DJ not giving into some random punter’s demands.

(I wish I could ask live bands to play songs without words! Lyrics just get in the way of conversation.)

Also, I wasn’t that impressed with the Egyptian exhibition — it was exquisite craftsmanship but it wasn’t art. It would have been better placed in a museum than the NGA.

RandomGit RandomGit 3:24 pm 19 Feb 07

Never going back to Toast, what a debacle.

Thanks for the dutch pancakes Kerces!

bonfire bonfire 2:47 pm 19 Feb 07

i think the whole live music fight sort of sucked energy from them.

of course being sneered at by a fat goth chick (who still took my dough) to get in one night didnt impress me.

johnboy johnboy 2:43 pm 19 Feb 07

for a while, it was…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:40 pm 19 Feb 07

when I moved back to canberra people told me it was the next gypsy bar.. how wrong they were…

Enny Enny 2:21 pm 19 Feb 07

Um – why, hello there.

bonfire bonfire 1:51 pm 19 Feb 07

definitely – not cool anymore.

threeze threeze 1:36 pm 19 Feb 07

Toast really does suck more and more doesn’t it?

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